Shaun T’s Insanity Nutrition Plan

>>DAVE: Hey, everybody. It’s Dave here,
and I’m here with my lovely wife, Monica and we’re gonna talk about the Insanity Nutrition Plan. It’s August 1st today, so we’re gonna be doing our fit test today and kicking it off soon. And, as we all know, nutrition is
the key to any fitness program, so we are going to follow the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan. And, Monica has it all figured out,
so she’s going to tell you about it. >>MONICA: Alright, thanks Dave. I just wanted to quickly tell you
that the success tips that I think are going to help you really, really knock this
elite nutrition plan out of the ball park. The most important thing is to read the Nutrition Plan.>>DAVE: Yes>>MONICA: You know, it is really comprehensive,
but fairly simple when you break it down. And, then, the second thing is thing
is to take the time to plan ahead. And, then, commit to whatever you
decide that, whatever meals you’re gonna plan. So, I wanted to show you how easy
and quickly you could put together your meal plan. But, let me explain to you a little
bit about how the Elite Nutrition is structured. So, basically, Dave and I are going
to have different caloric needs. He’s gonna need more, I’m gonna need less. The Elite Nutrition Plan for Insanity
is structured so that there are five power meals throughout the day. And, they run about 300 calories each. And, then, based on your caloric needs,
can add an additional 100 to 200 calories per meal. And, then, they even have additional
calories on top of that, but for the five meals, the basis is 300, and then
you can add…you can increase it to 400 or 500 calories. So, I thought I’d just show you very
quickly what I have committed to eating today… Day 1 of Insanity. Each of the meals in the plan are titled. They, you know, I mean, they…really,
really, really genuis-ly…”Cereal Bowl.” Meal #2 is…Deli Sandwich. Meal #3 is Shakeology. Meal #4 is Sashimi. And, the last meal for the day, for me today, is the Brown Rice Bowl.>>DAVE: Just take a second to talk to
us about this little book you got here and what you’re pulling out,
and how you can set all this up.>>MONICA: Yeah. Yeah. Well, my background’s elementary education, so, in addition to laminating everything, I also took the diet plan and just for
the pages of the diet, I photocopied those pages and, then cut them into like kind of deal of meal plan, so I just put into this 4×6 photo album and then, so all Meal 1 is… Meal 1, Meal 2, Meal 3… and I literally can look through it
and decide what’s already in my pantry and what’s already in my refrigerator. I don’t need to go out buy and shop for all new things. We always have bananas. We always have apples. We always have cereal. We always have deli meat, so…>>DAVE: Alright, so what’s on for today?>>MONICA: For today, we are going with
the cereal bowl, the deli sandwich, our Shakeology, of course. We’re gonna have some sashimi and then a brown rice bowl. So, I wanted to just break it down for you. I already have Meal 1 planned in here. The ingredients are simple. It’s a cup of high protein cereal… …whole grain cereal. They give you Kashi Go Lean as an example. And, then…and, then, 1 tablespoon of flax seeds. So, they’re already in there. Now, just to show you, and then you
would…and, then I wouldn’t add the milk or almond milk or soy milk ’til the very end. But, my Meal 1…and, our Shakeology always calls for a banana in the meal plan for Insanity. So, I looked in the back, in the substitutions… and, the half banana that I would
get at breakfast, I’d get an apple instead. So that’s Meal 1. Meal 2 is the Deli Sandwich. Again, really simple. I’ve already measured out the 2 ounces
of the deli meat using my food scale, which I highly recommend having a food scale, your measuring cups, and, your measuring cup. Ha…that was brilliant. And, I already have my reduced fat
cheese and my slice of bread. So, that is very simple.>>DAVE: So, now you can just button
all of this up and take it on the road.>>MONICA: Absolutely! And, it’s tomatoes to taste,
so I’ve got my two tomatoes ready to go. So, if you can see them there,
I’ll put them there for you. So, Meal 1, Meal 2…Meal 3 is Shakeology. With Shakeology, I get to throw in a whole banana. And, then…>>DAVE: And, I get to add peanut butter.>>MONICA: Okay.>>DAVE: Because I get more calories, right?>>MONICA: You get to add flax seeds. And, you can add…>>DAVE: Oh, that’s the cereal.>>MONICA: Oh, I’m sorry…haha. But, really plan ahead, read. Uh, yes, you’re right. You get to add peanut butter. So, he gets to add peanut butter and he can
even increase his scoops of Shakeology. But, I don’t get to get that. For 299 calories, I get this. The milk, that’s going to go in. I think it’s a half a cup of almond milk, water, ice, and then my banana. There’s meal…>>DAVE: Almond milk. Go with the almond milk.>>MONICA: Yum! So, there’s Meal 3. And, now Meal 4 is Sashimi. So, I already have the tuna. Pre-made, we like it a little bit
cooked, but don’t tell anyone. And, you know, it’s that simple. You add the salad. You add the half a cup. So, I go, its always of brown rice, which I always have some precooked for me. Then, I get to add the two
ounces of dressing, which I won’t put on top until the time that I’m actually gonna eat the meal.
And, I’m done. But, you know…>>DAVE: Yum>>MONICA: …for us working
people having this prepared ahead of time… and, of course, I’m going with Missy Costello tempered glass… go green. No BPAs. But, you know, be realistic with the needs of your family. If it’s a Ziplock, plastic container…throw it in. And, then, the last meal of the day
for Dave and I is gonna be the Brown Rice Bowl. I get a third of a cup of peas, a third of a cup of corn. I’ve already precooked all of our chicken and chopped
them into two ounce…and, put ’em into two ounce bags. Or, actually there are two ounces
of chicken in a little snack bag. So, it’s very simple because when
it’s time to go for that particular day, I throw it in there. Again, I get a half a cup of cooked brown rice. And, I throw that in. This feels like a cooking show.>>DAVE: It is.>>MONICA: And, then, that’s it! And, then, for Dave’s caloric needs, all I would
do is add a little more rice, a little more chicken, depending on what the amount is. But, it is truly that simple.>>DAVE: Yeah.>>MONICA: Now I have my five meals planned and prepared. I am a 100% setup for success today. The only thing I have to do now is commit. And, allow…and, take each meal at a time. Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps.>>DAVE: Don’t forget to do your Insanity either, you know.>>MONICA: Yeah.
>>DAVE: You’re going to want to take care of that. >>MONICA: And, to get your workout in. And, log in to WOWY. >>DAVE: That’s right.>>MONICA: Anyways, we are so excited
to be on the 60 day journey with you. Your thoughts and your encouragement
is equally as important. We hope to offer you the same and
we’ll see you every single day for 60 days.>>DAVE: Alright guys, let’s get it done.

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  1. Thanks! That's very kind. If you follow the link in the description it will guide you to the spreadsheet, which is also helpful.

  2. So basically EVERYONE!!!!! BE PREPARED!!!!!! I think that this is VERY difficult for a lot of people to do. This is why so many slip up on diets/changing the way that they eat. By simply NOT being prepared. You've got to know WHAT you're going to eat and…. WHEN you're going to eat it! NO IF ANDS OR BUTS ABOUT IT!!! Thank you for sharing guys… You're awesome!!!!

  3. Sup, have you wondered about this program called the Fat Blast Furnace? (look for it on google). My sister says it helps people melt fat.

  4. I fucking hate nutrition… I hate how Nutrition is 80% of the results. I HATE cooking. I despise it… and since I'm on the Insanity program, I'm basically forced into cooking… 5 meals a day. I can't even cook! I'm not even the one cooking my meals!! Now I have to worry about what I have to eat every single day.. its fucking bullshit.

    But hey, I haven't even watched your video yet. I'll watch it first before I make any judgements. I should've watched first before posting this comment lol…

  5. Yeah, you should have. Sometimes I don't like the fact that coffee is acidic, or that eating too much food makes me gain weight, or that 2 +2 is 4. The thing is that it doesn't matter whether you hate it or not, this is the way it is. You can fight that, or you can learn how to eat and see your body change.

  6. Thank you guys. I just started with my mom a few days ago and I have to say that the meal planning and preparation is hard for me. But you guys made it seem easier and motivated me a little. So thank you so much.

  7. The nutrition guide is going to be the foundation of success. It would be great if they had more resources. We've tried to simplify things here and give you more resources on our site to make it easy, but at the end of the day, it's up to you to follow the guide for the optimal results.

  8. Just a tip for the meal planning for a busy work week….get the "Brown Minute Rice" individual microwavable cups for a time saver, great value pre made chicken breast, steamer fresh veggies, and fruit cups (watch the sugar and carb content)…this eliminates alot of the cooking process….then on the weekends try to cook new things…Sundays are always good so with any left overs pack them for the week.

  9. Thanks. An oldie, but a goodie. Just starting to shoot some updated stuff as I started a new round yesterday. If you are on Twitter, check out @insane_report.

  10. this is a horrible diet. kashi go lean is junk food. processed lunch meat is junk food. im stopping now but i suspect there is more junk food to come.

  11. Awesome. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with anything. We work with a lot of people to help figure out calories and meal planning. Keep an eye on our channel for more. Just filmed some new stuff recently about meal planning and a recipe of the Protein Pancake (added strawberries…yum).

  12. Kashi was part of the original plan (and this video) in 2009. It has since come out that they have not been forthright in their nutrition facts label and ingredients and use genetically modified wheat. I agree that should not be a part of anyone's diet. We didn't see that one coming in 2009. I eat a low/no grain diet, so that wouldn't be on my plate anyway. The point is really just to show you how to plan for the week. That sashimi is pretty good. 😉

  13. It's a pretty solid straight forward plan. Probably the least complex of the ones from Beachbody, and simplicity is good. There is always room for improvement with everything.

  14. You just have to buy reduced fat cheese. You can't reduce the fat yourself (at least not that I know of). The manufacturers do that.

  15. If you seriously want to get rid of fat quickly, you should search google for Trim Fat Maximizer. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  16. I wanna get Insanity but not lose weight! Just burn fat and increase muscle mass. So would I also increase calories? I wanna know what I'm doing.

  17. If you follow the link back to our site, you'll see a spreadsheet that will calculate your calories for you. There is a place where you can make a 500 calorie deficit, leave it at zero or even add calories. Easy.

  18. i'm doing the program now and i'm not sure when to do the upper body weight training? I'm done with month 1 and on the recovery week.

  19. Okay Is Insanity something to do after being released from an ACL surgery? I just had surgery 5 weeks ago, and by April or May I will be released to work out hard again. Should I do it right after I'm released? or should I wait like another month?

  20. how bout if i dnt eat what the nutrition guide tells me would it still work? and if i do insanity in the morning before breakfast would it be worse than doing it in the afternoon after eating?

  21. You are going to want to consult with your Dr. I had my ACL done in 1994 and it is fine now. I don't think I would have been strong enough to do all the lateral movement. Chat it up with your physical therapist and your Dr. and see what they have to say. Also probably depends on where you were when you hurt it. Athletes are going to recover faster.

  22. Nutrition accounts for about 75% of your results, so if you eat pizza and drink beer, you are not going to get good results. If you don't follow the guide, but eat a clean healthy diet that has the right mix of protein/carbs/fat, then you should see positive change. Make sense?

  23. Upper Body Weight Training is part of the bonus pack. It's not part of the base schedule. When you are done, you can use it for maintenance and to add some weight training if you want to do that.

  24. Not really. If you do it in the morning you can get your carbs in early, which is what Shaun does. He stops eating carbs at lunch.

  25. I guys, good job by the way, i just cant help but notice your wearing a p90x shirt, i see this name everywhere when i search for insanity, do i need to do this first or something before i try insanity? Thanks, James UK

  26. Thanks James. You don't need to do P90X first. Both P90X and Insanity are made by Beachbody, so a lot of people go from one program to the other. P90X is more strength training, while Insanity is more cardio.

  27. Thanks for your quick reply. I see, that makes sense, i really wanna get rid of my 'beer belly' (since it has caught up on me haha) would you say insanity is best? i don't want to lose weight so to speak. I go to the gym regularly for the strength. its just the nutrition side i'm a rookie on, i don't cook either but i want to, is it easy to follow, cook and prepare, is the food cheap and easy to get hold of? i know you guys aren't from the UK, i just need advise so i don't jump into the deep end

  28. Hey Jimmy – There are a ton of people from the UK doing Insanity. I can connect you with them. Shoot me an email infoATthefitclubnetworkDOTcom and I'll add you to the group we have. I don't think you'll have any problem finding the ingredients you are looking for, but they have worked out a lot of substitutions.

  29. Hey guys, I'm the same as jimmy, would you say it's possible to still be able to work out with weights and do Insanity ? I've read that it's best to do one and not the other ?

  30. I'm hoping to lose fat whilst maintaining muscle and maybe adding a little to my frame, I know it will be hard but my concern is overtraining, maybe I could fit in full body workouts split over two days ? I weigh around 180lbs and I am 5ft 8 tall, nutrition is probably my Achilles heel :0)

  31. I think it is fine to do a hybrid sort of workout and use Insanity as your cardio. I really don't think it is a good idea to do both on the same day unless you are already super fit and looking to get into single digit body fat. It's just a recipe to get hurt and burn out. Find something sustainable that you can stick with for the long term.

  32. Yeah I think your right it would be ok if I didn't work full time, but no ones gonna pay me to train ha ha thanks guys

  33. What cheeses are good for me when i do insanity? Or in other words what cheeses should i lean towards and which ones should i avoid? Thanks in advance…

  34. Well, my first recommendation is to follow the plan. It outlines much of that. Every cheese should be labeled. You can check the nutrition facts to see what the fat content of those foods are. You want to avoid high fat/high calorie foods when it comes to things like cheese. Honestly, I'd just cut it out entirely if you want to maximize your results. Treat it like a spice. A little parmesan on your food is ok. A whole slice is right out.

  35. You can, but I don't recommend it. Slim Fast really doesn't have very much in the way of nutritional value. I'm just looking at the Creamy Milk Chocolate shake and it has 25g of Carbs, 18g of which are sugar. At a 190 calories with only 10g of Protein, that's not something I would invest in. There are some vitamins, but generally it's just not worth the money. A protein shake would be a better replacement in my opinion.

  36. hi im about to start the programe ! thx a lot for your video ! i was just wondering between wich meals should i do the training ???? sorry im new to this

  37. No problem. If you can workout in the morning, that's usually going to be the best time. It gets your body's metabolism up and running and generally means you'll burn more calories during the day.

  38. It's designed to give you enough carbs to get through the really intense cardio. If you've been through a bulk phase that is high in carbs, you could probably cut that back during the first month and focus your carb intake pre/post workout for recovery and really lean out. What are you doing to bulk up?

  39. Thanks a lot for the video- very helpful! I was just wondering.. do you have to do Insanity to lose weight from the nutrition plan? Or can you workout on your own and still get results from this?

  40. That would depend on what workout you do and how many calories you eat on the plan. It's a very solid plan, but it is a little high in carbs if you are not doing the high intensity cardio that Insanity features.

  41. I'm in the the final phase of Body Beast now. Love the program, but I was happy to cut back on the calories. I couldn't eat all of them either. If you are in the Bulk phase, it will change when you get to the final phase. Just follow that and I think you'll find you really lean out when you cut calories and add in more cardio. Great program.

  42. hi, it was my fourth day of insanity today and my legs are so sore since the first day so should i take a little break until the soreness is gone ? and im eating well…also how much is that shakology stuff please ?

  43. Hey there. The first week is really hard. The whole thing is hard, but your body will adapt. Are you doing anything for recovery post-workout? If you go to wwwDOTmyfavshakeDOTcom, you can find the details on Shakeology. Great product. We do offer free samples if you are in the US or Canada.

  44. Thanks for this-really useful to see the food laid out so simply. Hope your Insanity journey went (or is still going?) well!

  45. Thanks! Yeah, weird to think it was August of 2009 that we shot this. Since then, over 150k people have watched it and we've done Insanity I don't know how many times (most recently last fall). Now, they are going to start Certification to teach Insanity. Can't wait for that one. Time sure does fly.

  46. great video I am planning on doing the insanity and was having trouble figuring out the meal plan…@3:15 she is rudely interrupted!! lol

  47. You guys have to give me a break. They didn't have Insanity shirts in 2009 and it was the program that followed P90X.

  48. Not precise times, but it explains how to space out the meals over the day. We have another video that does it as well. If you go to our site wwwDOTthefitclubnetworkDOTcom, you'll see the Nutrition Tab. It is under Insanity.

  49. Depends on the results you want. I think of it like a car. If I drive a normal road car, I just need normal fuel for it. If I drive a BMW M5 I'm going to fill it with premium. If I want to thrash a race car around a track, I'm putting race fuel in it. Shakeology is race fuel. It also makes nutrition easy because it ensures you get all the nutrients your body needs.

  50. Ok Great! Also is there an alternative drink I can make besides shakeology since it is really expensive and myself about to graduate college

  51. Recovery is about getting carbs into your system. Go to our site and search for the posts on recovery. They will walk you through what you need to recover from theses types of intense workouts.

  52. That's certainly your option. I understand that it can seem daunting and expensive. I suggest you look carefully at what you are currently purchasing and see if you can trim some of that fat. Don't cheat yourself out of this opportunity. I know a lot of people that aren't from California, aren't personal trainers, and don't make 6 figures that find a way to eat healthy.

  53. It 's just not as healthy. White rice is white because it has been basically bleached. Brown rice is a lot better for you.

  54. Nope. I don't like dairy either. Just the recipe. Easy to modify. It's a protein source, so you'd need to find some protein somewhere else, but that's pretty easy.

  55. So funny that this is the most frequent comment. P90X and Insanity are made by the same company and in August of 2009 there were no Insanity shirts. The program was brand new. So, I threw on my P90X shirt and shot the vid.

  56. If you follow the link back to our site, you'll find a spreadsheet that will do all the calculations for you based on your height/weight/age and activity factor.

  57. i really want to order insanity but i'm afraid of all the horor stories i hear about injurys after the 3 or 7th day.

  58. Have you thought about T25? It's a really good way to work into Insanity. It's from Shaun T. so it is very similar, but the workouts are only 25 minutes and they are a little less intense. Insanity is pretty tough from day one, but T25 works you into it. I'm doing it now and it is great. Love getting my workouts done in 25 mins.

  59. My only worry is that I can't eat that amount. I am about 30 pounds overweight and starting Monday. And I normally eat small meals anyways. But my meals would be three course meals and 2-3 snacks in between

  60. Have you calculated your calories using the formula yet? You may not need nearly as much food as either one of us did. We are going off of our calculations. If you follow the link it will show you the rest of the information and how to really calculate your calories. Do you have a Coach? Check the info on that as well.

  61. Crazy clip. Fine vid.

    My close friend had been an overweight bloke. He revolutionized himself from 290lbs of fat to 215 lbs of pure lean muscle. Everybody was astounded. I just joined personally coz I wanna beef up. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  62. I want to do the meal plan but I can't eat 5 meals a day because I only get 2 breaks at work and you can't exercise after eating and I don't really want to go to bed on a full stomach. Any suggestions?

  63. i want to do insanity to build muscle and be a stronger dancer but im worried that the food aspect will be too expensive for my parents to buy. help?

  64. Im doing Insanity yet again, this time following the diet plan… Its expensive, and i feel like all im doing is eating, i know nutrition is key, but is it really worth, all this? i start day 2 tomorrow, and this time im trying to actually push myself rather than just going through the motions. Hope i see results this time.

  65. Hello Dave and Monica. I have some questions for you about the nutrition plan.
    I start Insanity Workout and my 5kms routine just today and you talk about 5 food/day but my question is: Do you eat something before and after the insanity workout? If your answer is yes, what do you eat? I know that Shaun talks about the "results and recovery formula" but i don't have money to buy it. With what kind of food can repalce it? Thanks for the answers (Y)

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