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puberty so we're assembling a caped deodorants I like that mini face wash that's good actually a C and E good morning tOA's money okay we've got a teenager number two here well and we I need to do some shopping today and I think I think we need to do what do we need to do oh no this topic is not fun to say out loud can you guys comment down below and guess what I'm stop talking about puberty it's just that time in their life and we are going to get lots of random stuff for a hygiene kit tell me awesome and amazing because puberty is not only one thing it's many different things for a girl or a boy so we are assembling a kit let's hit the road all right we arrived at Walmart mom's getting some tips I almost got ran over by a car now we are going to get some stool we have our little wallet here alright let's see we're going to the Hodge instruction we're really excited to have this mother/daughter date we're gonna go shopping for a hygiene kit now hygiene means basically just being like clean and taking care of our bodies so we're gonna include like puberty items even like pre period items but kind of just keepin like your whole body clean so let's find some fun things all right we found the Travel section and we love the Travel section because we're gonna be traveling we're still traveling but I thought it'd be great to get right Kel like a fun little baggie that she can keep with her luggage and stuff so let's get going deodorant I like that mini face wash that's good we need soap I like this bar so this is a great one we need a soap containers okay oh look here's head in shoulders this is a good one let's do mouthwash let's get toothpaste okay we're in the pad and period section so if you haven't started your period yet totally okay but you might be at this stage where you need to be wearing like panty liners so I have got some panty liners that we're gonna pop in our basket part of here buddy is what the a C and E just getting gay so some of my favorite things to get for the teens and the tweens is moisture is um Neutrogena stuff or clean and clear stuff always good like clean and clear and the Neutrogena stuff great for like acne stuff so we got some cleanser for her and we got this little like he's facial facial scrub and now we're gonna get some moisturizer because you can't just like clean your face you gotta make sure it's moisturize because if you don't put on lotion then your oil but your body put some more oils out to help moisturize your skin so we're gonna put on this one and it says helps dry skin treats dry skin and prevents pimples so let's do it did you find anything I found stuff containers awesome because we're traveling a lot where you keep all our hygiene stuff inside a bag you guys would probably keep it like on a shelf or in a basket in your bathroom so this is what we're looking for and just to make it really really fun we're gonna get right how something kind of extra fun and girly do you want lip gloss or nail polish there's some cute things here this is amazing guys so it's the base color so you put on the base and then you put on the gloss there she is I spy okay we got a lot of awesome things for our so exciting kit for puberty so one thing we've been talking about is acne but before we get started we found some or we got some amazing face masks from face story so that's FAC eto ry and it was totally not sponsored but they sent us some cool things and I actually really like face max we're gonna put one on and then tell you about what's in our hygiene kit here we go I'm gonna do a skin tone up which one should I do or maybe the marine cloud mass which one guys should you the papa okay I'm gonna do marine she's gonna do office where you put this on and then tell you about our scale time oh my gosh this is so weird Curitiba give me a paper towel no mom you don't want to you wanna the essence back onto your face if there's an essence what's so cool okay guys here we go we're doing this full-on mask style cuz it says to keep it on for 30 minutes so we wanted to first look for a bag so we found these sweat bags at Walmart it's kind of cool so Bradley sweat glitter so it came with in this bags I like it because gets wet you just wipe it or wash it out came with these bags and they're like laundry bags look at this so look it says like sweaty stuff I thought that was cool because as teenagers you get well stinky stinky but for puberty you have an increase in hormones so you're gonna get stinky so we have a lot of hygiene stuff to help keep me clean so I thought this bag was cool because in your room you can put all your really stinky sweaty things like your workout stuff here and then maybe some other sweaty stuff in here or even just like more haircare or stuff like that but this bag is where we're actually gonna put all of this stuff so hygiene begins with deep teeth so we have the toothbrush with the case then we have some flossers and then we have some more toothpaste mouthwash is right so everything you need so when she goes to the bathroom and I got a lot of this stuff because we're traveling a lot and this way she can keep all of her special stuff together not special stuff but like things that she would use that the other kids don't hygiene stuff and so this fits perfectly in this loose bag like super easy next is gonna be keeping your face clean because what happens with your faces when you get back one months you're gonna want to acne and you can get and the reason why you get acne is an increase in like oils on your face so if you're not either cleaning the oil off or moisturiz then your body produces extra oil thanks Vash morning burst so she got clean and clear face wash moisturizer even if you wash your face every day you should also moisturize because your body over reduce oil if you don't put moisturizer on but this is clean and clear it says like treats and helps prevent pimples and dry skin okay we want to make sure hair is always yes so I got heads inch so even if they like you wash your body and sometimes you don't wash your hair every day but sometimes heads like your hair can get stinky and greasy and oily yeah henna shoulders is actually getting really good so a good soap I want to make this very clear some soaps have perfumes in them and smell they actually make you stink more because the perfumes do something with your natural body odor Sam's gonna make sure it stink more so if you find that you have a stronger Bo you should go for some basic like dove is really good does soap but other good ones are lever mm zest anyways those are really good if they're like perfume E or a body wash that has a lot of Smiths I know it can make your Bo smell bad so we got dove this regular bar soap not expensive at all but it has really good cleaning stuff in it k we're gonna put it in our travel sized container so we don't lose that you're not fixing your nicely and then you're gonna make sure after you wash your body you always wash your eyes nobody do I have a special message for you o do buddy day you need to shower almost every day next you need which is most important you get really stinking so this again like with the soap I have a good friend who says that they have a stronger Bo and she says that this kind the dove is actually one of the best ones that she's ever used keeps her not stinky and we have to add in some as you get ready with like as you're growing before you start your period sometimes you can have what's called discharge and anyway it's just feminine stuff it helps your body is preparing to have start a period and all that jazz panty liners are great saves your underwear and it makes you a less stinky so we're gonna need all of us we're gonna shove in a few in here so one of these is it has the color la face would you put on first and then it has the gloss and even though it looks really dark it's actually like it's like a sheer yeah it's really close so let's zip it up ray keys see how your bag works and then you can put that in your luggage as we're traveling guess what guys we have announcement khana means family and family rocks behind these are on our website togeer calm if you want something you can get one they're really cool so this is on our hygiene kit if we missed something comment down below or tell us like we're gonna do during you use or face wash cuz we're noticing like even myself we're getting acne as we travel between like humidity and roy places yeah our faces are going out of control that's my work size use these face story stuff and guess what you guys they are giving you a code two free masks when you purchase the first kit or four masks because he purchased this seven last kick whatever I will put it in the description if you want one of these cool masks no pressure totally not promoting them because I just think they're cool this is amazing thank you I've needed this cuz I had a different one but that got put in storage yeah a lot of things got lost or even like driving around so hey comment down below what other fun like teen topics or period things or puberty cuz this puberty hygiene is gonna help right chef and guess what if you guys don't hang out with us enough we go live every Monday at 4:00 p.m. and Evie's birthday's coming up soon as she turns eight and what that means she gets the top keep watching for that because we're in TV on a special date and she's giving it to learn about that talk so that'll be interesting alright thanks for watching everybody we love you

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