Simplee Overview – Take Control of Your Health Care Expenses

Health care has become a confusing mess of
bills, deductibles, and hidden expenses.You go to the doctor’s office, and months later
you get statements from different places for that one visit!You wonder, what are these
bills? Did i pay them already? How much did my insurance cover? Just making sense of it
all can be so frustrating and time-consuming that we just give up.
But the reality is, out-of-pocket health care costs are up 50% over the last 5 years. The
average family spends over $3000 per year beyond their monthly premiums. We can’t
afford to ignore this anymore. There’s a better way. Simplee gives you the
power to manage all your health care plans and medical bill payments in one place. When
you sign up, Simplee securely links to your health insurance information and transforms
it into a clean, easy to read dashboard. Your medical information is now available
in a way you’ve never seen it before – including your deductible status, health spending account
balance and total family spending for the last year. You can finally understand what
you’re responsible for, and what’s paid for by your insurance. What’s more, you can
pay your bill safely and securely right through Simplee, so when never have to wonder if you’ve
paid it or not. Simplee also reminds you to take advantage
of free procedures included in your plan, like dental cleanings, before they expire
and if you get charged for a procedure that should be covered, Simplee cross-references
your plan information and lets you know how to fix it. And this is only the beginning.
Simplee can help you save money, too. You shop around before any big purchase, why not
do the same for a flu vaccine or a root canal? In a market that lacks transaprency, you will
be surprised by how much prices vary for the same services. By analyzing the collective
information from thousands of users Simplee creates a unique personalized shopping engine
for health care, which allows you to find better care at a lower cost.
So take control of your health care expenses…it’s Simplee.

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