yes sir there is no circulating nutrients in your bloodstream you wake up and you do the cardio cardio is activity that uses fatty acids is a few I aerobic activity that subset of utilization is very acid right here is your fat burning face every day you do this for sure you're going to burn somebody if somebody is ripped and you don't need it you don't need it so okay Ronnie Coleman will do it at nighttime and Jay Cutler sometimes it like three times a day right you can just do more fat-burning phases if needed but usually if you do everything right if you don't need it okay so now this is now catabolism but the table is moving back tissue which is good as soon as you're finished let's say 7:00 a.m. right immediately you have to have a first meal to stop the catabolism and what do you need quick amino acids intermediate long-acting so insulin can be a best friend or your worst enemy if you want if you take it when you don't need it di you can make it fat so every time when is insulin is in the blood it's not selective everything that is there it's going to be stored so bodybuilders okay some of us use even injectable insulin which bring super physiological amount more than your body would ever release very strong storage hormone it's beneficial if only you have a good nutrients but if you have a you know triglycerides right it's going to store intramuscular glycerol a lot of the self can actually have a triglycerides in it so a lot of bodybuilders do have a bloated stomachs inside it's from combination of your hormone you know they say but also high intramuscular glassware content because if the bag is high fat and then you trigger you know with the injectable or endogenous insulin so if I do your diet for example heaters in the body face meal before would be protein and carbs zero fat here you can have your protein and fat good fat meal after would be protein and carbs zero fat later again you can have your fat Amelia I'm twisting okay this is clinical nutrition then they're not only for Genesis conversion to appetites into that it's very inefficient in humans in the create electricity teaching it happens very very minimal if you have a couple hats and fat simultaneously we have a glucose and fatty acids glucose sugars insulin release insulin and becomes a primary fuel and therefore insulin can store fatty acid as a number one preference of the body's energy if you use carbs and fat this is then carbs make you fat if you meal like every three hours right it's as many calories as you need it's probably not going to happen but for people that eat maybe just two meals a day and that nobody really wants that okay just protein just grabs when you have a combination you know this can happen so Cubs can make you fat you just change the energy either case or fat that's the easiest every time you do the cardio on empty stomach fatty acids are being utilized as energy you're losing body fat so you lose fat okay and in between you just need to maintain for maybe as we talked about if we're going to talk more about supplements I don't talk directly but my supplements they're all connected to this is we understand I was discussing with Luciana what my line is going to be my supplements that's anything that I would recommend to the pro bodybuilders to use I would he'll have to have in my mind yeah the best of what we want to accomplish this throughout the day as I was saying chicken but their chicken takes four or five hours to be digested to get the minnow acids from the ship if it's like beef and egg whites and fish incidentally it different time of absorption I give in between essential amino acids that maintains the influx of amino acids and last time you always have a session in Isis needed I was two thousand four hours in a burn center I protein is the only building nutrient any catabolism accelerates aging well what is the first rule in anti aging men claiming SMS my formal again I took eight essential amino acids and histidine in in a exact proportion there is in a passage fiber so it's more directed exactly for muscle tissues not for any fishy okay as I told you earlier today you're not eating protein for the sake of protein be eating for content especially no acids of that protein so you remember everything in your body is made out of essential amino acids combined it non-essential to create different tissues essential you have to take non-essential body can make but for me this is absolutely number one most important product for everybody for athletes for bodybuilders for for regular people as I mentioned earlier I would do it in between meals I would use like 5 grams for a woman and 10 grams for men yes for if you have a vegetarian friends for them this is like absolute must woman in other ok not necessary interval immunization they can use only essential amino acid matrix you know one of the things that I do I talked earlier I add carbohydrates to my during workout before okay I only use simple dextrose dextrose is glucose your blood sugar is glucose right before I use Gitano Gitano Gitano because science you know it looks like it's very good it's instant – you can tell so what do you use you know you can try it's a small alligator is different my product I have a copper mix I'm going to touch it leather it's combination or method extra in dextrose ribose is a combination of it and I have a athlete's report much better control you know gastric control than the D target if you take glucose any kind in three minutes is in the bloodstream and in five minutes is maximum so you know if you are hypoglycemic and if you anybody has felt happy to see Mia it's a panic mode if you take any kind of glucose tablets or drink orange juice whatever it takes about three minutes to get out but glucose is a dextrose it's involved you can take motivation you can take em out back pain anything anything it doesn't really matter because glucose is what is in the blood and you're going to get the glucose okay so now as I said why do we need this it's two different things one is a row set to the punch how much you're going to spend for muscle contraction but also to release endogenous insulin so endogenous insulin is going to take anything in the blood into the cells so ya branch chains and we have it with the in a capsule form and the tablet form as well okay as I said before I am a very big on amino acids much more than proteins so there is a different formulation I add lysine to the bench and – Lucy Lucy valium and lysine and many many many many companies already have it with glutamine now Lou Thurmond is most abundant amino acid in the body it is not essential but it can produce but in a stressful conditions like weight training and illnesses it's no way that body can replenish you know that that amount so I would always say that glutamine is conditionally essential for the athletes if you do not use three during post you can use essential amino acid matrix you can use three Amina you can use BCA we say dilute them in any amino acids for me is is a you know the best product you can use so if you don't use the molasses use protein hydrolyzed protein is the next best thing okay hydrolyzed what does it mean it's you know Hydra it's it's it's broken down so hydrolyzed whey is very very rapid it's it's very good it's high-quality I would use it immediately after workout okay and you can use it anytime when you need a quick amino acids so if you didn't eat for a long time six seven eight hour like today yeah you you should have some immediately you know so you can have scoop of whey protein together with the you know your meal now one thing that the weather father supplement market remembers about 15 years ago way was the boom and a lot of lot of body builders would take wave a wave away and take a lot of 60 70 80 90 grams per see them until they they came up with the studies that because it's so rapid you know there's so much amino acids it's hyper amino acid Enya in a blood a lot of amino acids are converted into glucose so though you need to prove you know they had a go studies you know the public publicize that if you have a too much way at one time its converting into me or the glucose so it's better to combine it with a slower protein like egg albumin or mr. Caxton then take like three four scoops overweight a regular way you guys know there is you know whey concentrate they isolate hydrolyzed you know we made this commercial because a lot of people cannot afford it's a way cattle is a is expensive so we have a formula there is a combination of isolate fedora sedan concentrate okay this is this is one thing that I didn't know when I came car Feliciana and he says in little bits when the standard in the industry is that a lot of whey protein has like almost 50% not reduction so I insisted we use only protein low carbohydrate sedative to it whatsoever breakfast in the system that we take at night time any time when you want to have a super slow release and I like to do it in a last meal at night or in the middle of the night if you wake up for whatever reason yeah because you have a prolonged influx of amino acids you have a prolonged on the Baltic phase so yeah six different proteins you know put it together as you can see a way isolated and bicycle casein a government protein concentrates sorry isolate roll it looks like you you can eat for me the biggest problem in bodybuilding career was forced feeding this is the protein powders and the supplements come very handy okay this is product you know that I usually don't recommend you know but a lot of countries you know that's the best selling product I mean I created it's a great nutrients and all that stuff but I would always say if you just want to increase the caloric intake just eat eat some carbohydrates and you're going to get it right a lot of people always think a hardgainer muster gainer you know we need know you need a increasing muscle mass not wait calorie is easy to get it right the nutrients are hard so for those of you that have this project I mean a lot of people like it they're popular but this is something that I usually don't recommend myself


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