Step Aerobics Workout ❤ 32 Count ❤ Step Challenge 2 ❤❤❤ Step with Juliette

hi I'm Julian and welcome to my step format series today we will do very simple in fun to follow 32 counts step aerobic combination you can use it as a step form up or you can use it as a quick and effective cardio workout by itself so let's begin March it out March it out good marches guys good marches pick it up we're gonna have so much fun in one more time up top the beach top top top just waking up top top top top four three take one and give me basic up ready dump we have four more three more two more guys in corners top corner Thompson very good so we're gonna start beyond the 32 common combination very simple I will break it down in a few parts and then we're gonna put things together give me four basics four three two in corners top grade good so our basics it's John fuller basic every pervasive Anna start build it right here three take in corner top speed for three to four basics one more time just to make sure we good and then I will start to change from there and you know what's ask for your top or near top so next time I will replay first few basics with you lunges you stay the same let's go into basic fluff there's a good house in full effect coronary top good very good two more so let's bring together two lunches it says those two but you think auntie basics left as important as engagement corner top corner top two more two lines is back repeat into basics as it would – porn their top guys next time you say unlock see lasix and I will replace that your attorneys set a few lines maybe seem to basics I Detroit step corner top good so all I did I replaced my lusty basic for three steps you like this drink stuff come on C corner top good very good we're gonna do it top of more times that leaves you like this but turn step corner top let's go to other sites great Peter the guys freak eat in corner top so get ready in the home or college we're going to do this thing one for a couple times for the last lecture let's do it turn step guys corner top one good one more time for this site just to make sure to light it third step corner table very good 3 2 3 Peter knee let's go in corner top so what repeater need us it just changes the Cyprus mm-hmm very good I'm moving forward humans he likes extinct in one repeater need to basics one repeater you in corner topic so we start to build second part of the 32 common combinations please don't forget the first part in the fourth so it's basic for us few basics in repeater let's go do it one repeater you good higher retainer in the bloodstone be twice see great Peter corner top very good corner top corner top so we have four more we're gonna do is one more time with just to make sure our face right she's a 6-1 repeater he big one in basic one and two returning that was excellent job corner top I think we're ready to absolutely so those two basics will become talk over the base in back for the first time in say on the basis Thank You basics I look I get back freak leader let's go I woke I top go back and top repeater excellent corner top good so we did those do basic became book pull over let's do it together nice and quiet no arms this time walk over the bank up top go right beat aha on three side one two three four five six seven repeater excellent corner top lets out some cards a little bit forward by so while we're going to walk over we're going to use over xlg four four three two another four four three two get ready walk over be great piece aha anyone over pretty in public order basic rights leaders pulpit corner top guys very good so stay in your corner tops let's do it one more time nice and beautiful big arms it may be at the top let's go over little hop five six can repeat it or go over it a nice big bun free Peter corner tops these order top three top great let's before work just one more time to make sure let's go do it now go haha three Peter over that base three Peter cornered competences I'm so proud of you guys so proud of you with that we have four more I'm gonna start to modify a page that resets the journey you say what do you know over in that base all I'm doing I'm taking the we're back alternate that means in effect corner talk to Lucas so really nothing changes thing repeat Ernie I just visit on the side of the page in a Ford we're gonna try together three two strong guards over that van guys hop on the site three alternate over that page use those arms haha three to four inner top I think we're ready to add forward so what we're gonna do I'm gonna start to change those knees you do what you know in this voyage already that Bank you these three do you see it all I did I did the first and fourth second one between the top on the back corner top that's all I did so second me will become top of the bait big beautiful arms over the veins guys up AHA one knee up one open it up avoid open mac-11 top corner top excellent job hold up give this energy going so we have one more me to teach you do what you know place over the beige one knee up one top in beautiful our best look back while the is it was like that was me beautiful our man in Chinese became top beautiful cider that's for your top good job we're gonna do it one more time just to make sure we're good then we will go back to the first part remember it into the first thing together so this part we run over the page come back big one rich top our bus stop the corners fantastic work we do so in the form remember the license improve are you ready to Lines's turns my parentheses repeaters each corner top let's do the first part from the other side turn the corner happens give me a sign together if your minds alert I need your help each few lines is let's go turn step no guesses wake up wake up Oh versus babes regards let's go do like this in turn step all right that babe sweetheart very good in three two one corner top corner top corner top very nice corner top in afford when we begin slowly thanks insight are you ready turn over the face three guys three open our best few lines this turn step beautiful versus face flinch give me three one day is one of our best corner is happy or your tongue doing often corner top burner let's do it more tight nicely big nice and big – alright let's go turn step with me big steps over it the bass guys 3 B 1 B 1 top so let's go to Isis very nice over the base in three words I shall be doing top don't worry tight Joe and stuff right and Lux and then again each hope for two lines is go go go go go turn Stefan spits out aha over big one Jim you're a fool three offense let's go to key-in one turn step seat so let's take it up back and give me Smith top good job see lines its own stuff turn step keep moving over the base fake smile is loose guys see more defenders three open top three D 1 over the place keep that posture three stop the corners chop your corners top your harness top your corners top your corners in the board will close in age three to Martine oh it will excellent of everybody we had such a fun time breach hopefully you weren't up beside it when we're tight so come back soon great job

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