Street Yoga – Yoga You Can Do Anywhere!

– What’s up everyone,
Welcome to Yoga with Adriene! I’m Adriene, and today
on the channel we have on the go yoga, or street yoga. Take your yoga off the mat
and into your everyday. This is something that I thought fell in line with our Back to Basics month just remembering that yes,
the yoga’s about the poses, but we can take the principles of yoga and our experiences and the tools of yoga and all those yummy things
that we talk about all the time off the mat too and so you can do this video in your street clothes, yay! You can memorize these little things and let them inspire you
to do things off your mat. Maybe you’re waiting in line, maybe you’re waiting for class to start, maybe it’s a study break for you, maybe you’re super pissed
off and you exit a room to cool off and so you have
these things at your fingertips. What you do with it is totally up to you, but this is just a reminder
and a little play time for us all to remember that
you don’t have to always have 15 minutes, a yoga mat, and
some shmancy tight pants on. Dang it, I’m wearing tight pants! But you can do this in
your street clothes. Alright, let’s hop on the mat, or not. Let’s hop into our bodies
and learn some street yoga. (folky guitar music) The first pose we’re going to learn today or practice today is mountain pose. This is definitely a situation where there is more than meets the eye, more always available. This is the number one pose that I think I’ve taken into my everyday life. So I take off the mat and into my world. We’re going to practice it together. This may be a beginning
mountain practice for you, so you might just start slow and begin to connect to the feet. If you’re deepening your practice or you’re reminding yourself
of these principles, really start to breathe deep, even here, even in this quick little sequence, nice full breaths. Everyone, let’s come feet
hip width apart to start. Go ahead and lift your toes, press into all four corners of the feet so you’re going to press
into the ball joint of the big toe then the
ball joint of the pinky toe and then really shift your weight back into your heels. Then release your toes down… and then we’re just gonna rock front, rock back, rock front, rock back, and you might close your eyes once you know what you’re doing and just feel where you’re carrying your weight. Then, we’ll soften the knees
and see if we can spread awareness out through all
four corners of the feet. So you might not close your eyes and rock front, rock
back anywhere in place, but you can connect to your feet even if they’re in shoes
and just draw energy up from the earth as you spread awareness throughout the whole foot. Then to keep drawing energy up the body we’ll just take a couple of
breaths here as we loop the shoulders forward, up and back. Big breath in, soft knees,
and on a big breath out tack a little weight in
your fingertips here, begin to open up through
the ears, the shoulders, Open up through the ears? You know what I mean. A couple more loops here on your own. We just tackled the feet, we
drew energy up through the body we looped the shoulders,
we found a little energy in the fingertips, now draw energy up through the crown of the head. See if you can grow a little bit taller and longer through the torso. Now this is something you can do anytime anywhere, I think, within reason, so don’t get all fancy
on me in the comment box. Tuck your pelvis, let
your tailbone grow heavy. Imagine the crown of the head is like the tip or the top of the mountain. The fingertips, the arms,
gently down at the sides. Take a deep breath in,
and a deep breath out. Deep breath in, long breath out. Cool, to finish mountain pose today, this is a great thing I can do in line, waiting, or any time really. I’m going to interlace the
fingertips behind my tailbone and draw the knuckles down and away as I open out, just opening the chest. A lot of us do this naturally, so if you do this with a little awareness of your feet, a little
softness in the knees, and an openness of the chest and heart, I think you can really
turn your day around. So take a deep breath in
here, lift your sternum up towards the sky and then release. Shake it off. Next thing we’re gonna do, we’re gonna keep the feet hip width apart so you can build this
off of your mountain. We’re gonna take the
hands to the hips here loop the shoulders, open
the chest, lift your heart. So coming out of this un-crumple, we tend to go into our habitual selves when we’re waiting or just on the go, sinking into one hip, hunching over, of course, the cell phone back. We’re trying to give ourselves
a little stretch here to come out of that and
re-program, hopefully. Hands come to the waistline here, we stand up nice and tall, then I’ll take my right fingertips, reach them up and over, nice and easy. This is something you
can do in a public place. You can either really embrace it, or you can just close your eyes or soften your gaze and get a
little side body stretch in. Take a deep breath in,
and a long breath out. Relax your shoulders,
one more deep breath in, and then we’ll come to center and switch. Nothing fancy here, nice and easy. Stretching through the left side body now. Again notice that the shoulders are starting to creep up
here so relax them down. Find a little movement,
find what feels good, and then we’ll take a deep breath in, and then use the exhale to shake it off. The next thing we’re gonna
do is a nice quad stretch, really connecting to the lower body and really doing it in a mindful way. Chances are you’ve done this
stretch before naturally, especially if you like
to run, walk, or jog. We’re gonna do it with
a little more intention, so really spreading awareness through your left foot as you
shift your weight over. So we’re not just
collapsing into that leg, but we’re really keeping that lift that we connect to in mountain pose as we grab the right ankle,
connect to our balance to hold onto that stability
and focus you might find a little point on
the floor, or on the wall, or something in front of you, around you, to place your gaze upon. When you’ve caught up with me here we’re going to connect to that center channel of energy as it draws up. You can do this inconspicuously, or you can just go balls out. I tend to go balls out a little bit more. I think this channel has opened me up to blammin out some warrior
II at the taco stand, but you want to be true to yourself, you don’t want to be
annoying to other people. You want it to feel good, but also, just be mindful of others. Whatever, stretch! Do your yoga, be bold! What’s that quote, that
Marianne Cummings quote? That Nelson Mandela shares? Anyway, rambling, quad stretch. Hug the right knee into the center, lift your heart, stand up nice and tall and then just notice if you are rolling,
this is a hard core tendency onto the outer edge of your
standing leg or the inner arch, and see if you can really spread awareness through all four corners of the feet just as we did in our mountain pose. Then breathe deep here wherever you are, just be where you are
today so if your heel’s not coming into the buttock, no worries, in time that muscle
will get nice and long. If you’re feeling adventurous, reach your left fingertips around to interlace with your right, then loop the shoulders
and lift the armpit chest. So we’re here. Breathe deep, bring a little
energy to your right foot, so you might flex that right foot strong, or you can point the toes, but
nice full body connect here. Take one more deep breath
and then exhale, release. Awesome, same thing on the other side. Super easy here as we spread awareness through the right foot,
catch the left ankle, squeeze that left knee
into the center line, and then find the energetic
body, super important. For me that’s what makes
it yoga on the go really as opposed to just
stretching when you’re bored or trying to use your time wisely, whatever that means to you. It’s about connecting to your breath and your energetic body as well. We give it a stretch here, again, reaching the right
fingertips around interlace, if it feels good. If not, keep that hand on the waist or on a chair, or wall, or window sill. Take one more deep breath
in, full body experience, and then exhale, shake it off. The next thing we’re gonna do is a little neck and shoulder love. I do this all the time,
any time, any where, I’m a neck and shoulder whore. Can I say that? Ok, drop your chin to your chest. This one you can sit down for, this one you can do in the car, this one’s a great one
for your yoga tool belt. I’m gonna stay standing in mountain, drop my chin to my chest,
I’m gonna lean front, lean into the toes, I’m gonna lean back, and then I’m gonna try to
square off through the feet. If you’re seated, just
see if you can stack… neck over heart, heart over pelvis. Close your eyes here,
trust, take a deep breath and breathe into the back of the neck. Feel this line from the
crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone all the
way down to your two heels. Then we’ll slowly rock right
ear over right shoulder stretching through the left side, also connecting to a longer breath here if it feels good, and then through center chin to chest, and left ear over left shoulder, and I just don’t know how you don’t connect to a longer breath here. This is one of those
things that’s so simple, but it’s like… okay, calm down, or be patient, or… Okay, chin to chest, and then
we’ll lift the head back up. Fingertips come to the
shoulders elbows squeeze in. Inhale, lift your heart,
stand up nice and tall, exhale, ground through all
four corners of the feet. Here we go, drawing big cirlces elbows reach forward, up, and back, taking your time here,
finding what feels good, careful not to lock the knees. These can grow larger and larger if you feel inspired to move
the head and the neck here, please do, and you might here some… crackles with this movement,
a little soundtrack, and I don’t know if
this is right or wrong, but what I do in my personal life is, I do these things, same
with the neck rolls, I do them nice and slow and mindful, but I do it until the sounds stop. If you think that’s bad and I need to stop then let me know in the comments and tell me why, but it’s nice. I work out all the kinks,
that’s how I know when to stop, and then I’m like, okay, all that cartilage soundtrack is gone. Release, mountain. Okay, last thing we’re
gonna do is Uttanasana, a forward fold. This is awesome, I can’t
tell you how many times I’ve taken the liberty to do a
forward fold in a grocery store. So, apologies to the person behind me, or your welcome, anyway. Okay, so we are going to keep
the feet hip width apart here for now, of course you can
bring your feet together. If you’re wearing heels
and you’re doing this, I think of everything, you need to be super mindful, okay. You need to close your eyes and visualize your anatomical body and maybe slip your shoes off if you’re
in a place where you can, or bend your knees super generously, and keep the palms on
the tops of the thighs. Alright, you know what to do. Deep breath in, big breath out, deep breath in, and diving in. Some of these yoga on the go poses we blast through in class so it’s nice to remember you always have the tools of yoga at your fingertips. I’m bending my knees
super generously here, bringing the belly to
the tops of the thighs. You can grab your ankles. If you’re in a festival
setting it’s always nice to give your ankles a little massage and take, even if it’s 30 seconds here, to release the weight of the head and shake it no and yes and maybe so and you can be here as
long as time allows, or come out of course nice and slow, you don’t want to get a crazy head rush, and we press into all
four corners of the feet. We do have the opportunity to really pay attention to the foundations
of yoga even off the mat. It’s really gonna help with foot pain, hip pain, back pain, emotional stress, all this stuff, so it’s super great. Then when you rise up to that Uttanasana you’re literally at a place
to repeat this cycle over. So if you’re practicing this at home, just to get these in your yoga toolbelt, you can repeat all the
poses that we just did now, rolling up, so doing it as a sequence. Rolling up, finding your mountain, swimming the fingertips behind, opening, side body stretch… Sorry, I had a little itch. Quad stretch, Uttanasana. Awesome, you can always take a second to ground to the big
picture, and we’ll do that to sign off today. So bring the palms together,
take a deep breath in, and we lift the sternum to the thumbs. Take a deep breath out and
we bow the head to the heart, surrendering to the big picture, connecting to the big picture and also honoring ourselves and one another. Thanks for sharing your practice with me. Take your yoga off your
mat and into the everyday! Good luck, Namaste.

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