Stretch limos sacrifice safety for amenities, inspector says

24 thoughts on “Stretch limos sacrifice safety for amenities, inspector says

  1. from what I have read , unless it changed recently but Chrysler does not recommend stretching a Chrysler 300 more than like 10 inches

  2. limos are no good, they need to be built without it getting cut in half. Plus they are only mainly use for special occasion, In this case people should just rent a U haul truck. Glue seat in the back which would have way more space then that narrow limos. Stop renting them for getting marry, rent a truck instead, or rent a car for everyone if you got the money, some might be dead by the time they get to your wedding but who cares. In the end no one give a damn about your wedding, they came for the food but in this case they came to die.

  3. I could bend this with my hand…
    Me:am waiting

    The fact that couple fatalities.
    We adding more authorities.

    What happened with driver taking caution.and capacities….ect
    We just go for more hiring.
    This country will have mlre authorities to a point when they will be no other jobs…

    We getting there…as we c

  4. A lot of things fall through the cracks when Chuck shumer. Is in charge just ask migrant children trust Mike pence ha ha ever feel like your being cheated

  5. I’m sorry for the lives lost. But I’m tired of people calling for more regulations and laws for everything

  6. a "U" turn … and you want to fxxxk the custom shops?
    what about the drivers? they hire people from countrys that dont have regulations, #Ban high capacity cars

  7. I drove several brands of luxury limo's in LA during the 80's and I can tell you the quality of these cut in half luxury cars was very poor both quality and ride.
    The big problem was the the weight of the car at the time 113 inches extended plus maybe
    8 passengers and driver the vehicle brakes over heated going down hills and steep grades.
    The original brakes were not meant for all that excessive weight.. At that time Cadillac was under powered going up steep driveways in Beverly Hills ect. The Lincoln Town
    car had the power then. All had electrical problems fit and finish. The nicest limo I drove and quietest and fit and finish was the O' Gara Cadillac, made very well but it was also a
    factory Cadillac limo. Hopefully they have improved a lot since then.

  8. Wouldn’t being an attentive and proficient driver have prevented this accident? The limo is road-safe. That’s all that matters. There are scooters, motorcycles, cyclists, and pedestrians also sharing the road. They don’t have armor surrounding them, and they’re simply at the mercy of drivers being competent to stay alive on the road.

    What a DUMB story (for dumb people). #NaturalSelection

  9. If you watched how they're built you'd never get in one. If it's not factory built then it's cheap hack.

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