Summit Impact Video – Sasol financial wellbeing programme

the average consumer spent seventy one percent of their income on debt payments meanwhile forty five percent of consumers are in arrears and attracting default charges while only six percent of the population will retire financially independent it's clear that South African consumers are under pressure and the average employee is likely stressed about their finances but unsure what to do about it fortunately employers like sasol are helping to turn the tide by offering financial well-being solutions to their employees any criminal would been distressed at not just wanna empower Scotland oh they lose on Koloa syndrome cerebellum and full of servants for the Weinberg Momonga who knows a little sick or distressed not a good mood since you were like okay attempt yo Bob I'm like ah Syrians I'm Martin Obama Marcus Chaplin so in jail she illegally learn and janabu Putin since Google and say we'd seen Assyrians I have a funny guy Scioscia Barbossa and jay-z song before Valen July 7 Zara been 70 total karate standing segments within VA the footing of oil Emily Bailey among whole impart an equality and then it was does not go right by them some people a besides this money for PC after single black expect everything as a kind of battle ax know what busy a smile doing is basically means I'm a-gonna left and right Robinson Abu team could not buy colorful time alone in event and financial stress affects more than a consumers cash flow it can have a devastating impact on personal relationships work performance and to consumers overall well-being as a result it's proven to be a key factor in workplace safety ethical decision making and healthy labor relations summits holistic approach to financial well-being equips consumers with the tools and interventions they need to become financially independent and focus on important goals like home ownership wealth creation and retirement our legal team has put millions back in SAS all employees pockets by targeting and challenging and lawful loans excessive garnished deductions and exploitative collection practices meanwhile our debt relief team negotiates reduced debt installments and interest rates for over-indebted employees allowing them to pay back their debt at an affordable rate and clean up their credit records for future wealth creation to date we've helped over 2800 sasol employees fuel their way to a brighter financial future and we're just getting started – ah – boom you know commercial work did you were born on the worst eleven denominator survey quadrophonic Americana is summit is the using two umbrellas as Jack been chasing the stress in the arena's quality African bank in able to prepare to situation design as akiva taught me in a long season I'm unpaid I don't wanna lie these people by potala in open Genesis all these people boxes they were here for us cats after did send America Chirico noble helper what color would you buy to me or Kennedy before but not going to move my confessor everything after reminding them of which are playing a routine by eliminating unlawful loans and ensuring that debt payments are affordable summit is helping sasol employees find peace of mind and take back control of their financial future and we're just getting started you

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