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If he is not eating no problem One can build muscle eating vegetables I am a school student I am having less time Because I have to go to tuition everyday I am not gaining weight Gym trainer has recommended a good nutrition plan They have also given supplements I don’t want to use the supplement I want to gain weight by eating food How can I do ? How old you are ? Currently I am eighteen At this age hormonal changes happens You are not gaining weight because you are consuming less calories. May be your activity level is high because you are studying You are going to school or college Or you are indulging in any sports activity Moreover, you are going to gym. May be you are doing extra-activity That means you are consuming less calories. You got to fix your diet You should know the proper ratio of protein and you will start gaining weight Their are also hormonal changes in the body like you are growing In such case your body needs more calories Accordingly focus on their diet and you will gain weight What should be the rest period You should sleep at night at least six hours Human anatomy is same But people have different bone and muscle density So we need to design a diet plan accordingly In how much interval we should change workout plan When you go to gym your trainer design a workout plan nutritionist gives you a nutrition plan too follow that for ten to fifteen days and note down the changes in body how much weight you have increased check weight increase in kg or pounds If your weight isn’t increasing consult them and they will make necessary changes specially regarding workout or nutrition Then you will start seeing changes in body You should know that whether you are eating in correct time or not sometimes we eat at wrong time digestion doesn’t happen properly, body isn’t able to absorb nutrients Sometimes due to stress level, we don’t gain weight Sometimes due to insomnia , people are not getting sound sleep So everything should be proper How many meals should a person consume to gain weight I can’t tell you number of meals You need minimum 2600 calories to gain weight If your body weight is 70-75 kg Accordingly you have to consume your meals Like how much protein intake etc If you are 70 kg then at least you need 140 gram protein from your calories intake subtract the calories from protein. The remaining calories you have to consume from carbohydrates How can vegan bodybuilders gain weight what are sources of vegan proteins for bodybuilders Non-veg people can get eggs and chicken etc Vegetarian bodybuilders have less choice what do you suggest for vegan bodybuilders It depends If someone is vegetarian then convince him to get protein from eggs If he is not eating then no problem he can build good physique by eating vegetables will take time but finally one can build a good physique Those who are non-vegetarians their body responds very fast because they are consuming good quality protein I have noticed that I have stopped growing I have been training a lot Working out six days a week still I am not seeing any results I have been consuming whey protein since seven and eight months now Do you think I should increase the number of days in gym ? Or how to do it You should make changes in your daily workout If you are following same routine then you won’t see any results Workout equipment is very important If you change those, you will changes in body too You mean I need to change the daily workout routine ? let’s say a new bodybuilder enrolled in the gym Let’s say weight is around thirty eight kilogram Say the hormone balance is weak Say testosterone levels are weak If he wants to gain muscles naturally then how can they do Ask him to focus on nutrition first To boost testosterone levels naturally , nutrition should be on the point If they are doing weight training , then there will be hormonal changes they should do yoga Yoga can help a lot Hormonal glands are affected by yoga These hormonal changes are good Then the person should focus on weight training A person weighing thirty eight kilogram will have weak bones muscles will also be weak. Chances of injury is high There are people who consume huge amount of calories but they don’t gain weight What should those person do ? Their metabolism may be high so as their activity level Let’s say someone is playing or running due to these metabolism is high and no matter how much a person consumes still will not gain weight Consider people who are joining the military So their cardio is very high so their metabolism is also high If they want to gain weight, then what will you suggest They may need extra calories because a person is running to much So surplus calories would not get stored in the body They will get burnt up during the process so you need to consume extra protein

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