Tapping into Vibrant Health – EFT with Brad Yates

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  1. Hey Brad, Rob here (Tapping For Teens)…. I just wanted to let you know that I am going to share this vid with my friend Dave who is recovering from cancer. I think this is the perfect time for him to implement the powerful effects of tapping. I will join him over the phone and start a daily regimen of your excellent tapping videos. What a blessed gift you've so generously shared with so many. Thanks Brother!! Rob

  2. Thank you for all your wonderful work Brad. I have a request plz, do you have a video where you tap on attracting a car? I need to get a new car. All the cars I've owned have always been old, cost me heaps of money to fix continuosly and broke down all the time. I'm sitting with an old broken down one now! I want to EFT my way to a brand new car now and would appreciate a guiding video from you to help e do that. I'm sure it would be very popular with many people! Please….?

  3. I did this video 2 times a day for a month and a problem that bothered me 2 times a month now bothers me once every 4months with no medication….. It's almost unbelievable. Thank you brad!

  4. Yes – there are a number of videos you can download here: bradyates(dot)net/laurus/videostodownload.html

  5. Thank you so much for another awesome tapping…and the fantastic words. I felt a shift at the end 🙂


  6. Brad, I came across your videos recently. This morning, I woke up with a terrible migraine…the kind that is so out of control, you can barely move without feeling the searing pain. For some reason, I thought of your EFT videos…and recently have begun to listen to my own intuition. Though I didn't feel much like grabbing the laptop, I found the strength to do so. First experience, the migraine is gone!! There is still some lingering tension in neck and shoulders. Gonna do it again Thanks

  7. Hi Brad, I came across this video and it it exactly what I need to dissolve my internal hemorrhoids, I tried the download link you gave above, but it doesn't work. Can you give me the correct link?

  8. Thanks Brad for these session. I have been suffering with a migraine for the past 2 years even though have been admitted at the hospital for 12 days it is still the same. I now allow myself to release it and accept to be well. Thanks again Brad.
    How often should I practice Vibrant health tapping and what is the best time to do it ?
    Thanks again and God Bless you brad.

  9. I am a fellow EFT Practitioner. Due to all of my tapping I rarely get sick anymore. If I do feel something coming on I tap along to this wonderful video 2-3 times a day. Any symptoms usually disappear in a day or two. I recommend this to family, friends and clients. I have even gotten my daughter to do it, although she insisted the dog tap along. I need to get a video of that. 🙂 Thanks again Brad!

  10. This worked for me! I had some chronic pain in my feet. The next morning, after tapping to this vid in the evening before, the pain was gone!!

  11. this is the best tapping video I have come across so far.  Covered so many bases that I needed and I could literally feel myself getting more lighthearted and easing up as the tapping went on.  Thanks!

  12. I just love your vídeos, they are so helpful, and do so much good to everybody! Thank you for your generosity in helping people who suffer… God bless you!

  13. I'm just about to host my first ever online class as part of the new school I am setting up – the Academy of Miracles – and I noticed I was feeling sick and yucky. Thank you Brad for helping me release the need to be sick. Good to tap into those unconscious thoughts – literally 😉

  14. Thankyou for posting your briliant videos, they're all awesome. This one is especially great for me……feeling much better now!!

  15. We really do ALL deserve perfect health and wellness at all times! A lot of us simply can't afford to go to a professional EFT coach so, it's really generous of you to provide these videos for us. It's a great thing that you're doing, Brad. You've donated a lot of your own free time to helping the public in this way. Thanks so much for being such a caring and selfless example. ♥

  16. Hello Brad. I was wondering if there were a couple of topics that I wanted to tap on, should I wait from one session to another, like a different time of day, or can I perform them back to back. How often do you personally recommend that I perform tapping on the subjects of interest to me. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to post video. 

  17. I thank you Brad for sharing your time and intuition for our well being. May you be continually blessed! And thanks to all who post and share what you believe to be of help to others. You deserve a big thanks as well. May you all be continually blessed!

  18. I want to share with other this blessings from You Brad, I have been help in many areas of my life, but someday I will translate it to spanish for my family and friends. God bless you and all yours!! With love and compasion. Laura Felix.

  19. Thank you SOOOOO much for all your videos. I push like on all of them. Know that you are helping me, and I am helping others by sharing your videos. Many Blessings to you & yours.

  20. This was helpful. I do have an injury, but to trust my body is healing, I am doing what I can, and my immune system is getting stronger than its been in the past. I am getting the medical care I can afford, so it's time to relax and trust more, fear less!

  21. Thanks so much Brad. I do this when I don't feel well and I love it. You're so easy to follow compared to others and are clearly very generous to do these for everyone for free!

  22. Brad❤you are the best….the very best….can't find words to express how thankful I am to you for coming into my life…
    Bless you…bless you…..

  23. Hi Brad, you are a smart man, I love your taping sessions, just heard you read the Whizzard's book love the idea, fabulous, bought it and will receive it soon. Tank you so much.

  24. Brad Yates Our family love your videos
    Even my grand kids
    I have a unusual UTI problem sometimes due to infection
    But other times due to bladder
    What is the best video I can use to tap as passing urine is painful and always feel irritation as

  25. Thank you from my heart for videos, I've done with you tapping every day for a month, it was all bad long time like hell for me ,had no money to pay the Bills, and for eat.and for debt, couldn't walk and sit,, in the last week were such aches and pains that I could not do other than to lie down and tapping with you all day .. and now – 3 days ago opened all,…Im very positive and doing this all without tapping anyway, but with tapping and with your help its quicker ., So – health, financial matters are for now all opened, I´ll got new amazing friends and the bills are paid almoust all , the health is better Ill work all day and working and its OK., pain that wos my guest every day 6 month is almost gone. Your speak is very interesting , and you smile is so beautiful , and every time I´ ll go deeper inside. I've been using half of the years many methods to heal. Life is a miracle for me , but with pain is so difficult to joy that miracles life :), in additionI feel that my health is restored becose the tension is gone, money-fears are deeply and compleatly gone.:D . I feel that all is for now okay and becoming day by day more and more ok. All thanks for you and my own inner wisdom, thanks for a god or everybody else how helped find your videos 😉 Really and deeply blessing you, and send you light each day, if will do tapping. Be happy!

  26. Brad. Quite often I watch your videos and you look like you're unhappy about doing them sometimes. I wish I could send you a big fat check so that you would be properly compensated for this marvelous work. However in this particular video you're so radiant balanced kind and with no apathy . Only that great professional vision that is most intimate to your purpose. I wanted to acknowledge that so that you would have that to keep in your heart always. When it comes time to have money I will contact you with that big fat check. Your work in this video is superlative. Thank you Bill Zimmermann and Zimmermania health YouTube

  27. I choose to feel vibrant health and well-being. I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself and anyone else who may contribute to my physical issues. I deserve to feel good. I am grateful to be alive in this moment!

  28. The tone of your voice and your words for each video are right on …thank you…I even giggle at times because your saying exactly what I need to say or exactly what I'm feeling at the time… you're so dam awesome …thank you 😘

  29. Sir, thank you so much for sharing all these useful videos. The tapping system is easily applicable, relatively painless and swift in use. I love tapping along with you. Thank you for your kind guidance. You're a hero ♥

  30. Thank you Brad Yates for all of the amazing videos that have helped me at times to overcome some pretty rough stuff! I am so grateful for you!

  31. Brad, I have only recently discovered you and just have to say that your tapping sessions are THE BEST! Thank you for sharing with us all!

  32. You are definitely the highlight of my day….when I take the time to tap with you…and come
    away from a session feeling renewed, restored and filled with joy…No matter what my
    mental state or physical state when I begin tapping with you, I always feel so much better
    afterwards…I am profoundly grateful for your wonderfully generous nature….for sharing
    so many videos for people like us who need to feel empowered by learning to support
    themselves. I've "tapped" with many different facilitators…You are truly the very BEST~!

  33. First ever video I’ve seen by you, and wow! I love the combo of LOA in there with the traditional tapping stuff. You chose the best words! Definitely subscribed and looking forward to more of your work! Thank you

  34. Thank you so much Brad. I have struggled with my health a lot, but these videos have really helped me and I am getting better and I will be healthy for sure.

  35. Thank you Brad, I'm very grateful for your videos, I do a few of them and I yarn thru them so I know there clearing stuff. blessings to you <3

  36. Definitely feeling a little better after this one. First I did the 'Healing' tapping for my head cold and then this one straight after. Thankyou 😊.

  37. thank you Brad. Stay blessed. Happy, healthy holidays and a huge thank you for all you do- pre workout getting my head together :)-

  38. Dear Brad, you are an angel on this earth. Be blessed. You are helping people beyond their imagination. Thank you so much. I have one question. Can I do tapping as many times as i want till i see good results?

  39. Namaste! a very happy and prosperous new year greetings to you. You are being showered with blessing from people all over the world. I really have no words to express and praise you. Wish I too can something for this world like you are doing. Healing people in all aspects of their being.

  40. Hi brad,

    I have a central nervous system disorder called acute conversion reaction and I wonder if you had a tapping video to help calm the nervous system so the brain signals are more efficient? Of one you feel could serve me well instead.

    Thank you


  41. Even my lab mix Ruby D benefits from EFT-
    Headed to my annual physical this morn- :((- :)) I choose to feel really good;)xx

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