The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga

and you could see it featured
right here on the show. (soothing music) – Hey, guys, it’s Jackie, and in today’s
Motivation to Move, I have a workout for all the
expectant moms out there. I am at CocoonCare
here with Diana and were are talking
prenatal yoga. And Diana, I think
that the first thing on every expectant mom’s
mind with any workout is just is it safe for me? Is it safe for my baby? – I say absolutely. Of course asking your doctor
is appropriate as well, but everything that we do
in there is safe for mom, safe for baby. – There are a lot
of health benefits to the mother and the baby. Let’s run through what
some of those are. – Yeah, sure. It’s great for low back pain, which is a big ailment that
happens along pregnancy, upper back pain,
swelling, digestion, and it really gets
everything going in the body and it just keeps blood
flowing in general. – Now, a lotta people might be more familiar with
traditional yoga. How is prenatal yoga different? – You’ll see many
of the same poses. That won’t change. It’d be more of the
speed, the language. We encourage you to
listen to your body ’cause you’re the boss. So women just feel
really great after class. – I know a lot of newly
pregnant expectant moms are always concerned about how much
exercise should I be doing? How much exercise
can I be doing? – [Diana] I would ease into it
and see how your body feels, ’cause ultimately
you’re the boss, and then of course whatever
your doctor recommends. – So you’ve got three exercises that you’re gonna show us today. Should we check those out? – Sure. (chillstep music) Place your bum up
to the bolster, and then go ahead
and hold on tight to the bolster
before you lie back. So how does that feel? – Good. – This is called Queen’s Chair. You can let your arms open up. This is a chest-opener as well, and then it releases low
back pain or tailbone pain. – So what’s next? – So we’ll come onto
hands and knees. We’ll come into what’s
called Table pose. Come onto the blanket. We always have extra
props in prenatal class to support the knees, the
extra weight on the knees. Make your knees about
baby distance apart, so a little bit wider. Look straight down
towards your mat and we’re gonna take
some Cows and Cats. What Cow pose does
is open the heart, open the chest, and it allows
the spine to start open up. And then Cat pose is
another sort of fancy word to stretch our spine up, just
like an angry Halloween cat. – What’s the next exercise? – So we’re gonna stand
up and we’re gonna go to the wall for a Tree pose. – Today we’re
against a wall just ’cause balance is
a little bit off sometimes when you’re pregnant. – Right. Press your bum against the wall, and then on your inhale, you’re gonna walk your
feet a little bit closer to one another and bring
your right foot up. And if all that feels good, you can bring your
hands to your heart or maybe straight
up over the head. – I think the main takeaway is that prenatal yoga can relieve a lot of those physical
aches and pains, but it’s also great
for stress relief. – It just helps the whole body, the low back, the upper back, and this is the one place where you can ground down
into your body, feel balanced and connected. – Well, thank you
so much, Diana. – Thank you. – And if you’re
practicing prenatal yoga, we wanna see your favorite pose. Tag us on Instagram
at livinghealthytv. (upbeat music)

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