The Employee Wellness Center at P/SL & RMHC

(calm music) – The lounge opened November 2016. It’s based around a resiliency format. The services that are
offered in the lounge are free to all employees. We offer fitness training, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, health coaching. – Over 500 employees use this every month. And the staff of the
employee wellness program actually also go out to the departments and they might do chair massage, they might do 10 minutes of exercise, something that’s rejuvenating
and creates that resiliency that’s so critical for our employees. – One day I walked into
the wellness center and it was like a little utopia. Wonderful people there, great resources, very calming and inspiring. – I feel so supported by having access to the wellness center here. I think as nurses and providers we absorb and witness a lot of suffering, and so self care often
times falls by the wayside. – They give our staff an outlet, whether it be the employee
gym or the wellness center, where they can go even for 10 minutes, can really make a difference
in how they approach the rest of their day, not just for their patients,
but for themselves. – I find that it’s a
great way to really manage my stress levels and keep
a more positive outlook. – We also have an app that they can use. Go to the App Store and download
Progressive Health Center. – [Woman] I come in here
and what I really notice is the peace and the quiet. – Definitely improved my work-life balance and helped to make work a much
more enjoyable place to be. – The wellness lounge
is right on the hallway down from the cafeteria. We also have an office. It’s in Professional Plaza West. It’s unit 3025. You can give us a call at 303-788-9399, or our website at We’re just happy to help you. – When I leave I feel centered and calm and I feel supported and cared for. – You just need a place for
employees to chill and regroup, and they love it. – Open that door, open
yourself up, go check it out. You’ll be thankful you did.

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