This is my post-workout meal and It’s not a crime against leanness so get excited squadies Because these are about to go on my belly and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it in only 10 minutes Hello squadies, welcome back to a brand new episode of lean livin I am here in florida. The sun is shining Bodies are burning been working out and now my body needs a refuel. So we’re gonna do Protein pancakes today so get excited. This is one of the easiest recipes It is also super tasty very enjoyable And we’re gonna do a little lean twist with sugar free chocolate Chippy protein pancakes so get excited squadies cuz it’s about to get extra lean Alright, so first things first is we’re gonna need a blender. I’ve got the nutribullet This is my lean buddy. One of my best lean buddies super easy to use super compact and very affordable I’ve also put a link below or above there’s a link some are floating around where you can go to the leansquad shop and Actually get one of these it’ll show up to your door straight from Amazon. All our ingredients are going in here we’re gonna blend it up put it on the pan and we’re gonna have protein pancakes in a few minutes first step in is 1 cup of rolled Oats There you go. Step. Number two is one banana in the blender It’s all in the wrist the follow through 3 2 1 It’s time to get lean Oh Got half of it in okay two eggies Just like that and we’re following it up with half a cup of egg whites Just like that because These are going to be filled with protein now on the subject of protein. We’re gonna add one scoop of vanilla Whey Because you can’t have protein pancakes without protein powder plus it make them taste so good Next up is four teaspoons of baking powder, because we want these protein pancakes extra fluffy just a quick little pinch of salt And there we have it that is All we need for protein pancakes right there. Now. All we have to do is blend it up until it’s nice and smooth Oh, geez Might have over blended it Wow that was a lean explosion next up pan Spray with a little bit of olive oil. So pancake mix on the pan medium heat We’re gonna make them in an itty bitty perfect size pancakes. We’re gonna flip at about two minutes All right, so the next crucial step to any successful lean protein pancake is the lean flippy all in one motion all in the wrists there you have it squadies you build the perfect stack sprinkle a few more chocolate chippies Sauce it up in Walden’s zero sugar zero calorie maple syrup if you’d like I’ve also linked that to this video that you can buy these are all key ingredients to have in your cupboards because when you have these healthy Tasty ingredients. You’re more likely to cook lean and healthy all year round. So There you go squadies. These are the best fluffiest most perfect protein pancakes You can possibly make great for post-workout lean refuel If you would like to learn more about how you can eat lean tasty healthy foods all year round Tailored to you by me and the leansquad Please go to and you can sign up for your own custom 90 daily plan. You can also direct message me on Instagram @leansquad and similarly if you make this recipe Comment below tag me on Instagram I’ll share it because when we share the leanness we inspire more people to get healthier fitter and leaner

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