The Importance of Running Recovery & How to do it right

– Want to recover from your run faster and ready to go the next day? In this episode, we’ll
look at how important intentional recovery after running is and how we should go about it. Let’s dive in and find out. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Helen Clare. This is the “Run Better with Yoga” show helping you to run better injury free and move with more ease and more joy. So we’ve all been there. We have great intentions of
doing our post-run cool down. But for one reason or another,
it just doesn’t happen. We don’t always feel like taking the time to stretch straight after our run. We’re tired, hungry and having
a million other things to do. And yeah, if we can take
just 10 to 20 minutes then, or even later on that evening,
it can mean the difference between feeling sore and achy and rested and ready to go the next day. So here are my top tips
for feeling tiptop. Take a few purposeful poses to stretch out the key areas as soon as
you can after your run. That’s the hamstrings, hip
flexor, TFL, calves, quads. In just a few poses for around
five long slow breaths each. By taking a few static stretches post-run, we’re re-lengthening the
tissues closer back to normal, undoing the repetitive
contractions of the run, and avoiding a buildup of tension and a higher risk of injury. Now, I made a video on this so check out my quick post-run recovery yoga video. We’ll link to it in the show notes. Then, if you have the time
and inclination later on, slow things down with some Yin Yoga. This is when we spend around
three minutes in each pose. And although that might
sound like an eternity, this is valuable time to rest and recover and you might just do two or three poses. In Yin, we go for less
sensation with longer duration. This can release deeper
set tension in the tissues, rest the entire nervous system and it boosts our immune system. I have a couple of great Yin Yoga classes and we’ll also link to those in the notes. And although it can be
tough to muster the energy, if you’re committed to seeing
your performance improve and you want to enjoy running for longer, I do recommend that you make
the right type of stretches a non-negotiable extension to your run. If you’re inspired to start
more of a yoga program to support your running in
terms of whole body conditioning and recovery sessions that you need, check out Get On Track. It’s my online program that
will help you implement the right type of yoga into
the time that you have at home. Go and check it out at and to find out more. So I hope that was useful
and has inspired you to start or even commit more to a
post-run recovery yoga session. So let me know, find me in the Run Better with
Yoga community on Facebook. Leave me your thoughts,
comments and questions over on the blog at or find me and tag me on social media @runbetterwithyoga Thank you so much for joining me. Here’s to moving with more ease and joy and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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