The Innovative Health Care Leader: From Design Thinking to Personal Leadership – Short Version

One of the great challenges in medicine,
especially in the modern era, is the health care leader is
trying to balance big data, cutting edge research with a fundamental
sense of caring for the patient. How do you deliver the sense
of care in caring, while still delivering
cutting edge science? [MUSIC]>>The Innovative Healthcare Leader
Program is a new offering here at Stanford University, that’s offered
jointly between the School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Business.>>The Innovative Healthcare Leader’s
tremendously exciting for me, because really capturing a synergy that
is everything that Stanford is about.>>One of the goals of
the 21st century leader is to remove the impediments to creativity,
remove the impediments to innovation. And this course is really about
understanding what elements in your culture or
perhaps even in your own personality or in your work place are actually preventing
you from allowing innovation to happen.>>I’m leading a program that has grown
dramatically over the past two years. I really hadn’t thought about
some of the challenges that would come up in that process. And I feel like I’m going back with some
tools to better manage that change now. And to help my team better
be a part of that process.>>A bit of compass resetting is
an important part of the week here. It does represent an investment in time,
but the return on that investment is the chance to rethink the direction that
you’re moving in in your institution, one’s hospital or workplace. [MUSIC]

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