The Physical & Mental Benefits of Bodyweight Exercise

Bodyweight exercise allows you to
create a fit lifestyle by narrowing down your workouts to the most essential and
functional bodyweight exercises that develop an impressive strong and lean
physique. You can train anywhere anytime either
it’s a nice sunny day and you feel like training outdoors either you’re having a
busy day working from home or even if you have a short break during
work and the gym is a convenience next-door location Instead of just counting half-hearted
reps, learn how to make each rep count. Maximize results and eliminate injuries
by learning how to increase muscle activation and how to execute each
exercise with perfect technique. And most importantly it’s not just about muscle
we all have our own obstacles to overcome. Increasing our physical fitness
and gaining control over our body develops confidence and a sense of self
mastery. This empowers us to also take control of our own life and make more
positive changes day by day…

56 thoughts on “The Physical & Mental Benefits of Bodyweight Exercise

  1. The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to redefine and mould this project into what it really means to me. After quite challenging year that led to a lot of personal-growth, I’ve finally have a clear picture what I want all this to become.
    I hope you enjoy this video and you keep on walking (or start walking if you’re new here) aside me as my fellow warrior on our path of getting stronger and kicking ass in life!

    PS: I’d really appreciate if you clicked on the share button below this video (right lower corner of the vid) and help me grow this channel the coming months!

  2. This is awesome! You have come so far in the three year's or so of me following you 👊

    Still my favorite channel 👍

  3. Just want to thank you! I train calisthenics for almost a year now and yet your video is extremely inspiring! Also you and many others on youtube encouraged me to buy rings and they feel great. Keep up the good work!

  4. Great to see you back loving the new project i would like to share this on my own fitnesd page on facebook Calisthenics & Conditioning if thats ok keep up the good work its inspiring stuff!

  5. It's awesome that you are back !!! You are the reason for me beginning bodyweight training! Can't wait to see the new content

  6. It's up to you, whether to unsubscribe or continue subscribing. I am still used to and prefer the name "Homemade Muscle".

  7. Great work, you are a true inspiration. You inspired me a couple years ago to get off the couch and onto a pullup bar, and you keep inspiring me to this day. Cheers and thanks

  8. This channel needs more attention. Keep up the good work!

    A question tho if I may ask. Would your free downloadable program be okay for under 18 students? If not how can i adjust them? Thanks in advanced!

  9. Great video Anthony, glad you are back. At 67 years old, you inspired me to get on that pull up bar and move forward with my exercises, Thank you.

  10. Just awesome! You were the first guy that showed me it's possible to build muscle without using weight & machines. It completly changed the way I train and brought great results. Thank you thousand times <3

  11. Nice! I am super excited about the direction this channel is headed. I've already learned so much from you. Can't wait to se what's to come.

  12. AWESOME trailer buddy. this really communicates the intensity and empowerment of your seemingly simple programs and how they go much further than just body optimization

  13. Good trailer, really liked the trick of using the basketball hoop as part of the creative, enjoyable workout philosophy. I liked the dramatic music and showing a student as well…great trailer

  14. Love the trailer and message. Excited to see what you have to follow this. I have the same belief and practice body weight exercises so you have peaked my interest.

  15. Hey. I will follow you because you have awesome info but you shouldnt have changed your name. Homemade muscle was a very cool name. to me its name meant that a person created a greek like body own his/her own with nothing special. Most people have "bodyweight somewhere in their description already. Anyway do you still have some shirts with homemade muscle on them. I would like to buy some.

  16. I'm trying to lose fat. I'm also thinking about competing in boxing and Muay Thai. My bro and others always tell me to lift because muscles is good for fat loss. I know that, but I always tell them I don't need to lift. There is bodyweight exercises. It's good for me if I want to compete. They just don't know that. They don't understand bodyweight exercise is also resistance training. It annoys me. The only thing stopping me from proving them I can build muscle with bodyweight exercises is starting to do them. I'm just confused how to start. I've only been doing HIIT on the heavy bags, and it has worked so far.

  17. This is a very good video, and I'm surprised to discover you're from Kastoria, that's where I was born, very small world my friend.

  18. Hey, Anthony… I have a question… I was trying to do a single leg squat, but i can't do it yet. Can i use a door frame for support while doing? Where could i find a good reference of posture and form for this kind of exercise (using the door frame as support)? Thanks!

  19. I find it amazing that you decided to incorporate rings in your regime, as I believe, for some time now, that they are simply AMAZING! Keep up the challenge, bro!

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