The Wellness Center at NCCC

Wellness Center The Wellness Center at NCCC takes care of immunization records, clinical clearance, health services, emergency care, personal/crisis counseling, and much more! Have you submitted your immunization records? Students cannot register until the Wellness Center has received your records. If you were born on or after 01/01/57, then NYS requires you to submit! You are also required to submit Meningitis immunization proof or sign a declination. Make sure you do this BEFORE your READY session! Clinical clearance for high demand programs is overseen by the Wellness Center. They need to have a physical on file BEFORE you participate in clinical classes. A clinical clearance still will be granted when all requirements are met. Health Services provides the College community with: emergency care for illness/injuries. over-the-counter medications for self use. physical health/wellness counseling and literature on health and social issues. Emergency Care Registered nurses are on hand for emergency treatment of injuries and illnesses. Students will be referred to a local hospital, their family physician, or community/social service agency when necessary or upon request. Need to Talk? It’s normal for college students to have personal doubts and /or experience personal challenges. Licensed Counselors provide confidential short term personal counseling at no cost Other Counseling Services include: individual and group therapy crisis-interventions/emergency sessions consultation and referral services. Health & Wellness Programs Check the Unschedule for helpful workshops on: stress reduction, substance abuse awareness, and more!

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