– Everybody, it’s Phet. – Yes. – He’s my trainer right here. How do you feel man? How do you feel? – Yes, I’m good. – You feel good? – Yes, I feel good. You feel strong? – Yes, strong. Yes! (grunts) – Hey! (“Henny”- Alter Ego) (crowd murmuring) (“Henny”- Alter Ego) – Hi everybody, it is Brad again, and Robsy, 3rd of December, 2018, We’re at Suwit Muay Thai Training, Muay Thai Stadium, actually, here to watch our trainer fight tonight, I want to say that if you ever develop a connection
with your own trainer, you decide to do Muay Thai here, you’ll probably end up going and watching your trainer as well. Our trainer hasn’t fought in four years, and we’re here to support him, so you don’t have to watch
this if you don’t want to, but, if you want to, stick around, ’cause I’ll give you the highlights for tonight’s fight, with our trainer. Let’s go, Robs, after you. (“Henny”- Alter Ego) All right guys, check this place out. Check it out. (music blaring) Everybody, it’s Phet. – Yes. – He’s my trainer right here. How do you feel man? How do you feel? – Yes, I’m good. – You feel good? – Yes, I feel good. – You feel strong? – Yes, strong. Yes! (grunts) – Hey! (laughs) – Whoosh! – Ooh! He’s gonna win, this guy. – Yes, I know. And you’re gonna win, yeah?
– Yes. – He’s gonna win! He’s gonna win. (exclamations in foreign language) Ready to be trained together? – (foreign language) – Dragon! – (foreign language) My other trainer. – Yeah, woo. (people murmuring) – [Brad] You look beautiful. – Yeah, I am. – [Brad] You look beautiful. (laughs) – Almost. (laughs) – So Robsy, your trainer, one of your other trainers. – Yeah. It’s so funny, because when you’re down here, I was just taking photographs of him, teaching me, – See? Protection. One. Come forward a bit. Two. Three. (“Arcade Love”- Ny Alkemi$t) (grunts) That’s it! Come on! – Woo! – Be the killer! – [Brad] There we go! – One, two, bam. That’s good! – So Rob’s trained with Chon at Dragon Muay Thai, in a previous video in the series. We didn’t know until like, literally like a few minutes ago, that he’s actually fighting tonight, and then our other trainer, Phet, is fighting tonight. So, hopefully they’re not fighting against each other. – [Robyn] You got to notice, just stop it! (laughs) – (laughs) I don’t think they’re fighting against each other. I hope they’re not fighting against, what would we do? What do we do? Both of our trainers are fighting against each other. (“Henny”- Alter Ego) (crowd cheers) – Are you ready? And the winner… Pak Chen! (crowd cheering) (“Henny”- Alter Ego) – Anyway, Chon just lost this fight, he stayed behind me with a big ache under his eye, but, he did really really well, like, he really performed well. Amazing. Amazing fight. Really impressed. Amazing guy, I love this guy, I really do. One of my favourite trainers. (music blares) Ooh-whee! (laughs) – Old man! – All right, so it’s just a quick update. Phet, my actual trainer is up next, in the next round, he’s just getting oiled up at the moment in the next booth, it’s so weird because these are the little booths that the guys that are fighting are getting prepared in, and literally like, check it out, this is what it looks like. He’s getting prepared on the other side of this wall here. And next fight, my
trainer, as I mentioned, has not fought in the
ring about four years, so. I wish the guy all the best. But yeah, just to give an idea of just how raw this is, you know, here in Thailand, coming to a boxing stadium which is, I mean, there’s not many foreigners here. Just me, Robyn, myself, and like, a few other foreigners and that’s it. So yeah. (laughs) Crazy place. Are you ready? – I’m ready. – [Brad] Ready? (imitates punching) – [Brad] There we go. (crowd cheering) Boom! So I’m with my trainer, and like, we actually get to meet his family, meet his wife, meet his little boy, that’s his little boy right now. You’ll probably do the same here if you come to Thailand
and do Muay Thai training, and develop a relationship
with your trainer, and you’ll like, meet their family and everything else. And you’ll start to feel like, a bit of an emotional
bond with your trainer, and that’s why we’re here tonight. We’re here to support him. (“Butterfly”- Alter Ego) (“Burning”- Chelsea McGough) Just a quick update to the vlog, our trainer, Phet, has been badly injured in his foot, I don’t know if he kicked
his foot into the elbow or the knee of the other guy, I’m not really sure, paused the video to replay but he’s pretty badly injured, his foot is really, really massive, like, really really swollen. So now we’re just putting some ice and keeping ice on his foot
for as long as possible. And he’s in a lot of pain, so I really feel for the guy. His wife’s there, his little boy’s running around, so we’re just trying to, you know, help the guy out, and be supportive for him. It’s very real, like, when you see someone like Phet, who’s a machine, literally, just take an out like that, it puts Muay Thai in
perspective, you know? Maybe I should take up yoga, give up Muay Thai. Anyway. (snaps) (“Burning”- Chelsea McGough)


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  2. Thanks for your videos! I like them very much. I am myself in Chalong at the moment and trains at Dragon. Very happy about that! In your opinion, which gym do you prefer in the area?

  3. Hi Brad, have you ever trained at Banchamek Gym or Samart Payakaroon Gym? I would love to know what those gyms are like, and if you get to train with Samart or Buakaw. I'm planning on training at tiger next year for two months. I've also seen videos of Dieselnoi training people at Muay Thai gyms, I can't seem to find if he has his own gym, but I'd love to track him down and get some training from him too. Love the Tiger vlogs, keep them coming.

  4. Yo Brad I’m thinking of going tiger mauy thai for a week, do you think it will be worth it as far as how good the experience will be? Or do you think save up longer and go for a month? Cheers man.

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