Tips and tricks to improve your portfolio in 2020

21 thoughts on “Tips and tricks to improve your portfolio in 2020

  1. Vote POLICY not PERSONALITY. Like him or hate him. Trump is the greatest American President in decades. He loves AMERICA, ITS PEOPLE and the ECONOMY. More jobs – White, Black who cares, he’s fighting for all the colours of humanity, improved security, tax cuts and a THRIVING STOCK MARKET. Go Trump Go

  2. Help!… we are being held against our will in California and forced to support illegal Sombrero people who break into our homes while we are at work. Help! Tell the UN!

  3. The weed sector is high risk in my opinion. I think I'd only hold it for a couple months.
    It's similar to the vaping market.
    Look at the beta.

  4. Do you ever get the feeling that Trump is the Whistleblower and has mastermind, land of OZ level control over this entire game?

  5. Hey that camera took more than 2 dips cruising through under the table and still it was low light. Those are the tips and tricks? What's BeyondMeat?

    Why cameras are automatic operations based on voice recognition and light on the glass? But during night it's no sunlight then in those situations what's the remedy?

  6. I have always wanted to be successful investing in the financial markets, in 2018 I came across a portfolio manager feature on your news bulletin, EMILY REBECCA BAKER. On the roll she sounded proficient, so I decided to look her up and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in 2018. Now I have up to a million dollars in portfolio managed by her. Long live the stock and crypto market.

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