Top 10 Fact’s About JJLM’s World

Everybody, how’s it going? So my name is Joshua Morris and welcome to my channel. It’s called JJLM’s world So the JJLM stands for Joshua Jaime Luke Morris That’s actually my name. The Luke piece is my confirmation name. So for those of you who are Catholic That’s where that comes from So again, welcome to my channel. Thanks for tuning in. This channel really is a video blog of my life. So it’s gonna talk about different type of food that I like, the traveled I’ve had and planning to have My reactions to culture, politics, will talk about some serious stuff Also gonna be talking about some public health stuff – that’s my educational background. So again, thanks for you know, checking out my channel it’s been a passionate passion project of mine for a while so really looking forward to building out this channel and really just Providing my input and my insight on life that’s pretty much what this channel is going to be about so To kind of kick off the channel. We’re going to talk about 10 things about me So it’s kind of give you a little more insight of who I am. And why did you click this random dude’s channel? So number one I was born in New York in the late 1980s I don’t remember much of the city. My parents lived there for some time before I was born and we moved from there when I was a little kid Wonderful city wouldn’t necessarily want to live there right now in my life but I’m actually going to go soon but I’ll have a video about my experience there. but great city! So number 2, my parents are actually from Belize, I wasn’t born there was from New York and But I lived there for about 11 years. So definitely beautiful wonderful country, big part of my identity So I’m obviously a Belizean American So if you are interested in Belize, this is definitely the channel to look towards of me talking about my experiences that I’ve always had in Belize and also some great travel tips. It’s a wonderful place to visit. Number three, random fact I don’t know why I’m mentioning this, but I’m 5’9. People always think when I meet me in person that I’m a lot taller But I’m not I’m only 5’9. Number four So I a goal of mine is to take my parents to Wimbledon I was there a couple years ago. I had a wonderful experience I’m a big tennis fan and I would love to take them as well too. Number five, again big tennis fan! Also love playing tennis. So if you love to play tennis and live in San Diego. Please message me as I am always looking for new tennis partners. Number six, this is a random fact So I love Vancouver, it is like literally my favorite city. I would move here tomorrow if I had to. It’s a great city. I’ll have a video talking about my experience when I traveled there couple years ago And you’ll definitely see why definitely top city, I mean I have visited other cities. None of them have come close to Vancouver. Number seven, my two biggest fears is earthquakes and Flying in a plane. I know that’s really random I live in California, which is not very smart, but I am very scared of earthquakes. Like if there is a big truck passing by I freak out Um and flying planes, again not very smart. I love to travel But I do not like flying. If I could just teleport there to my destination that would be perfect I like going to the airport and that whole experience going to the airport, going through security, eating airport food Shopping all the stuff that, I enjoy that. I do notlike flying and I also have this weird Fascination with airplane crashes. But anyway, we’ll talk more about that on this channel as well too. Number eight, I’m a UCLA grad, from the Masters of Public Health program at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. So go Bruins! Got to represent . Had a great experience at the school. I will be talking more about my experience at UCLA. In my Masters of Public Health if some of you are interested in that program. Um and also we will be talking about public health. We will have a whole channel, playlist dedicated to public health information. The number nine kind of along the same lines as public health. I’m super interested in societal and cultural and economic issues that impact different countries and societies and how its change over time? I watched whole hour-long documentaries Those types of things and history so big nerd when it comes to that kind kind of stuff. That’s from of my dad. He His background is in anthropology, archaeology, history and sociology. So grew up around all that type of stuff so Definitely will have some videos some nerdy videos about that type of information. Big nerd when it comes to that. And Number ten. So I am NOT the best cook, but I can make a bomb quiche So I will have a video about a quiche about quiches that I make and I’ll have somebody taste test the quiche in the video so you can see how good these quiches are So, yeah. So again, thanks for visiting my channel Those are the top ten things about me. We’ll learn more about me as we go to the channel If you have recommendations on how I can make my channel better Please leave them in comments or just send me a message Thanks for visiting my channel and again “Never Stop Exploring!”

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