Top 3 Stretches & Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hi everybody! My name is Dr. Amy Nguyen with Airrosti, and today I’ll be teaching you how to do some exercises and stretches
that will help you if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Let’s get started. So the
first exercise I’ll be teaching you guys is for mobility, and it’s called the
flexors release. What you will need for this exercise is a table and a
lacrosse ball. What you will be doing is that you’ll be placing the lacrosse ball
on the table and putting the underside of your forearm directly on the ball.
You’ll be scanning back and forth to see if there is any tender areas, and once
you do find something that’s tender, you want to apply constant pressure, or do
little micro circles, until that area starts to dissipate in terms of
intensity and pain. You don’t want to do this exercise for more than one minute,
just to avoid any soreness or bruising that may occur. So for the second
exercise, I’ll be going over another mobility activity, and this is called the
anterior pathway stretch. To start off with the exercise, you will need to rest
your palm against the wall with your fingers pointing behind you. Once your
palm is resting against the wall, you also need to make sure that your elbow
is locked out so the whole entire arm is straight. Once you’re there, you will
need to take a couple of steps forward until you feel a nice and comfortable
stretch along the length of your entire forearm. If you feel a stretch along your
chest, that’s okay too. If for some reason you’re feeling numbness and tingling
while doing the stretch, you have a couple of modifications. You can either
step back a couple steps, just so that it will ease the tension along your arm. If
that doesn’t help, you can also try repositioning your arm. You can either move your arms a little bit higher or a little bit lower as necessary. If these
modifications do not help the numbness and tingling, you need to discontinue
this stretch. So, for this last exercise I’ll be going over, it’s for
strengthening purposes, and it’s called the extensors activation. For this
exercise, you will need a resistance band, a chair, and a table. As you’re
sitting down on the chair, make sure that your forearm is resting against the top
of the table. You will need to use the resistance band to secure it along the
bottom of your foot, and also wrap it around your fist. Now, in terms of a start
and stop position, you need to position your wrist so that it is bent all the
way down, so that your fist is pointing towards your toes. That is your start and
stop position. In order to strengthen up the top side of your forearm muscles, you
would then proceed to pull your wrists up so that it is pointing towards the ceiling. Once you’re there, hold it for two deep
breaths, in and out, and slowly control your fist back into the start position,
as if you are pointing down to your toes. For this exercise, we’ll do two sets of
ten. Thanks again for watching. I hope that those exercises and stretches were
helpful. If you or a loved one are dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, and
you need help with addressing your issues, please feel free to click down
below to schedule an appointment. If you’d like to see more great videos, feel free to click above, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down below. Thanks
again and see you next time. Bye!

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