– When you fly out on
the first of December, are you gonna come back to Fitness Street? – Oh absolutely, it’s a booster shot. – A booster shot. – You have to be able to
come back once a year. (upbeat music) (yelling) (upbeat music) – Good Morning world, it is the 14th of October, 2019. We’re back on Fitness Street,
slash Sutai Phuket Thailand This is take two because it
was raining so heavily before you couldn’t get the audio
properly, so we’re back here. This is day one of four weeks of our training adventures
here in Phuket Thailand. We are back in the house. This one dressed for the occasion. – Yep. – Huh. – I’m prepared for this rain. – Look at this. Not a bad idea. I didn’t bring one. – I didn’t actually think about it being one of the most rainy seasons of the year. – Yeah, October’s one of the
wettest months of the year, but we’re transitioning out
of the wet season apparently, so expect more rainy
days in the future videos over the next few weeks or so. – It cools it down when you’re training. It’s super nice. – Yeah, it’s been 12
months since we were here. We were here November, December last year, 2018, for a full series
three weeks of training. Some of you guys watched those videos, and those videos turned out quite well. Hundreds and hundreds of
questions have come through, emails and DMs over the last
12 months about those videos. It’s blown my mind, just how
much interest there has been. So we are back here just to
answer some of your questions and explore more of this amazing area. There are definitely more training centres we haven’t explored yet,
more fitness centres, things we didn’t get a
chance to do last time. We’re gonna do it this time. And I’m so untrained, so don’t expect miracles. I’m so out of shape. – Bradley, I think it’s
the same for me as well. Are there gonna be
videos of us lying in bed like ugh?
– Yeah, we’re so tired can’t get out of bed. But yeah, so today we’re
just gonna get breakfast now at Coco Ville, which that’s
the side entrance there, which is just off the main
street, Fitness Street. Definitely go to Coco Ville
and eat breakfast there. We love eating breakfast there. It’s amazing. Their oatmeal pancakes are the best. This afternoon we will go and start exploring maybe Rattachai. It’s a training centre here. We got in late last
night, around midnight, and we were so tired. This one did a 14 hour flight from the UK. I came from Aus eight hours
so we’re both quite tired. This ones more tired, but we actually had a late night dinner at Bamboo Hut on Fitness Street, which you must check out. I’ll throw the photos up. The food was amazing. It cost 19 dollars, 68 Australian, for a full meal for both of us, so you can’t go wrong with that. It was just absolutely epic. – And I can’t believe it was
open at that time of night. I mean it was like a ghost town, walking through a ghost town. – Yeah, it was almost 11 o’clock at night. – I guess they were the only
restaurant that was open. – You’ll discover that when
you come here for yourself if you haven’t already, so anyway lets go. (gentle acoustic music) Oh, there he is! Oh! Oh, look at him. Come here my friend. Good to see you again. There he is, muscles. Ah, here we are. Were back in the house. – Torture chamber. – He’s the best. (laughing) – It is so hot here. You know when you walk into, you go from a really cold
environment like England, and then you walk into this humidity. Whoa! It is intense. You have to acclimatise to this place when you first arrive.
– It is really really hot. – And because it’s the rainy season.
– Ah, it’s sticky. It’s even more. (instrumental music) – We are still on Fitness Street Sutai. We’re at unit 27 right
now, which is the CrossFit Training centre here, and
so if you love CrossFit and functional training,
then this is the place. We trained here last year. This one actually, well
she did one session here, and 430 bar. We’ve just paid for a one
off session for her tomorrow. Kalorie killa it’s called with a capital K for calorie and one of 430
bar session training here. This is what it looks like. And I love that. That’s really cool.
– Yeah, it is cool. – That’s really really awesome. Anyway, so this is half of it. There’s also an ice bath here,
which Robyn did last year. We might even clip that in. – [Man] You’re doing really well. (shrieking) It doesn’t get colder, that’s the thing. This is as cold as it gets now. So if you could just lie for a minute. (shrieking) – [Brad] A minute, a minute, a minute! No what are you doing? And they got a few other–
– Got to do it again. – Yeah I recon you should do it again. – Okay. – Yeah. – So do it after class? – Do it after the class
so they got like a little like a ice plunge pool thing. – Okay I’ll do it. It’s so hot that I would be willing. – I might even do it. – I’ll be willing–
– I’ll do it. – to drop into the ice. – I’ve never done that before. I’m not a very good, I’d wimp off. – Well it’s kinda like do
you remember hot springs, and you jump into that. – That was hard, that was very hard. – It’s kinda like that
but you’re in a bath. – This is Fitness Street
filled with protein shake bars, and training centres and
amazing food places to eat. Clean food, it’s clean eating. CrossFit, Muay Thai. It’s family right here,
it’s family right here. Best massage ladies
here on Fitness Street. So I’m not sure if you saw
the video from last series, but we were here constantly
after our training sessions at Wanissara here on Fitness Street. That’s it right there,
these ladies are the best for your post training massage needs. They’re just so lovely those
two, those women in there are just really really
lovely and friendly. – [Robyn Wale] I’m so
surprised they remembered us. – And they remember us so. – [Robyn Wale] Like really
like they really remember us. – Yeah, so if you ever come here guys, make sure you go and check these guys out. They do get– I almost hit you in the
head with the camera. They do get booked out
quite quickly so maybe come in the morning to book a
massage for the evening of the same day or the following day. But yeah definitely check them out. They’re right next to the Fight Zone. – [Robyn Wale] They really look after you. I think they remember me
because I had so many injuries. – How are you? (man yelling in distance) – Oh thanks man, I’ll come over. – I’m from the UK Encana,
I’m so sweaty I’m so sorry. – No, no it is so hot here
you’ll get used to it. – And how long have you been here for? – I’ve been here now six weeks. – All right Sonny from the UK. Biggest tip for anyone coming
out here for the first time? – Oh man. – For the first time,
they’ve never been here. – Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I am relearning all my
water drinking skills. You think drinking a bottle
of water a day is enough? You need to be drinking like
five litres of water a day. And your gonna need it, but yes, you’ll love it here, it’s amazing! – Yep, come come here, come! – Like change your life,
come change your life. It really is, I can’t say it enough. – Come! – When you fly out on
the first of December, are you gonna come back to Fitness Street? – Oh absolutely! It’s like a booster shot, it’s just like you have to be able to
come back once a year and just keep yourself in the grind, because there’s nothing like it it’s– – It’s an addiction! – Oh it is! It’s just brilliant. The community, just the
food, the atmosphere, there’s nothing like it. I don’t know where else you
could find anything like this. – No way. – This whole place is dedicated to making you a better person, you know? And it’s worth it no matter what. But yes brilliant, I
couldn’t recommend it enough. – Not sponsored or anything guys. – Ha no, no. (laughing) – Alright so it’s about
eleven o’clock in the morning, day one here on Fitness Street, and we just met Sonny from
the UK really nice guy, who is leaving on the first of December. And really nice to meet,
starting to meet people that watch the videos
from the previous series, and the videos before last year. But anyway we’re gonna continue to explore the changes here on Fitness Street. – We just flew in last night so. – How long are you in for? – Four weeks – Not bad, not bad. – And you’re from? – London. – All right here on Fitness
Street we have Trooper Eats, formally known as Muscle Bar
when I was first here 20– Well they own, they own that
so when I first arrived here in 2017 that was called the Muscle Bar. Another place that we
looked at booking at was the Cosy, another place with
a really awesome swimming pool and right on the street
here on Fitness Street. I’ll show you what it looks like. We could see this place on but I’ll show you exactly what it looks like. I’ll take you for a little walk through. Look at this area here. Straight through here. Look at that swimming pool,
but it’s pretty important, especially how hot it is, to be staying In a place with a swimming pool. And this place wasn’t too
expensive either on, if your looking for like
short term accommodations for a week or two weeks for training here on Fitness Street, nice little pool. Some of the rooms just there. And then also they’ve got an upstairs area Which I haven’t been to yet. Like a little sun baking
area, I’ll show you. This is what it looks like. Anyway lets keep exploring, come along and as we unwrap for this
amazing fitness paradise. Just past twelve o’clock first day here, Just stopped by… I’ll just get out of the wind for you. Just booked a one off group class here at CMT Muay Thai used
to be called Chak Chai, had a name change, ownership change. So used to be called Chak
Chai, now it’s called CMT. Off a side street here at Fitness Street, and yeah so that’s tomorrow afternoon. I’ll bring you to that
class and you’ll get to see me get hammered and
killed and shredded. Whatever else because I feel
like I’m so out of shape I haven’t been training
properly in terms of cardiovascular conditioning
in that for a long time now, so it’s gonna take me
about a week to adjust back into this climate and get
back into that Muay Tai, you know that cardiovascular
conditioning that I once had. Also got a calf injury which
is 95% of the way there, but I got some rock tape. I’m gonna put some tape on it. So hopefully I don’t
blow my calf out again But anyway this is CMT Muay Thai. So here’s another Muay
Thai training centre which I trained in last year,
and did a private session here at T&Y across the road from CMT. Did you get all that? T&Y is across the road from CMT, once known as Chok Chai. This is the main entrance
here to T&Y Muay Thai. CMT is just there. Titan Fitness is just there. The outdoor boot camp style
training centre ties in fitness is also quite popular here, if your into more boot
camp style training. They got complete
packages on their website. Let’s get out of this wind. They got compete packages
on their website, and this is the outdoor component
of their training centre. So like a little obstacle
course, a rope climb, monkey bars, rope climb just over there. They got a deck where you do
all your functional training. Rings, your heavy lifting
and that kind of thing is over in that shed. Then they got a kitchen next door to it, and the gyms just upon
the same street there. But I’m gonna try to
drop into Titan Fitness in the next four weeks. So stick around, I’ll try
and give you a proper tour of Titan for you if you’re interested in that type of training. Anyway, let’s get moving. All right our friends, one
o’clock in the afternoon, for our Fitness Street slash Suitai. Dropped into Pure Vegan which
is on Fitness Street here, The only vegan restaurant
here on the street. And I highly recommend this place. I actually would get lost here eating. And I know when you think
like vegan food you think it’s boring, it’s bland, but this is different level of awesomeness. Like right now, Rob’s
order the falafel bowl, that is friggen amazing. I had this last year when we were here. You have to try that,
you have to try that. This is the menu, I’ll show
you the menu real quick. That’s it there. I’ll show you what it
looks like on the menu. So by the way these are the
options here on the menu, I’ll show you real quick. Breakfast Burrito, Breakfast Ball, sweet potato pancakes, homemade granola. This is the best, the
falafel bowl is the best. I’m not eating because I got
a class in a couple of hours, so I’m not gonna eat before my class, I’m just having a coffee. All right so it is day one
of our adventures here, on Fitness Street we’re
just getting our supplies, getting ready for months of
training here, fitness paradise. And if you’re not already
familiar with this place, and how hot it is to train
here, you should definitely get these electrolytes right here. We cover these in a
previous video from the previous series, 250 baht for the box. You get 50 in a box and these
are electrolyte powders. Come in little sashays, and
there’s 50 in a box like this. And literally last time we were here we had like two or
three of these everyday. So one in the morning,
ya know one during lunch, and one in the afternoon. I had three, so they
last ya a little while, and they cost 250 Baht, which is about 12.30
in Australian dollars. Which works out to be about 25 cents each, so good value in my opinion. Spoke to a pharmacist
last time I was here, and they recommended the D-Lyte variety. Of course you can bring
your own from home, but when your drinking
your four or five litres of water a day in this
training environment here, when your doing CrossFit
at Unit 27, or MMA, or VHA or Muay Thai, doesn’t
matter what your doing, even if your walking the streets, you definitely need to make sure you keep your electrolytes up. In addition, we got some water here. Which probably last us a couple of days to be honest with you, you can’t drink the water from the taps here. Twenty to three in the afternoon, day one. We’re about to start our
Rattachai group class, one off session. Literally a street from Fitness Street so we can go straight in there, we’ll give you the
highlights of this class, and do some stretches, do some warm ups. Two hour class, four till six. (trumpet instrumental) ♪ Bitch I got problems on
problems on problems on problems ♪ ♪ on problems on problems
on I’ll solve ’em. ♪ ♪ I run through the money
the pressure be calling ♪ ♪ left all my blessing I
feel like I’m falling. ♪ ♪ The birdie is back tell me
garbage I’m going through ♪ ♪ something that’s why I ain’t calling. ♪ ♪ Phone in progression ♪ ♪ it’s all that I wanted
a foe in affection. ♪ ♪ I summon and dub it bitch
I got problems on problems ♪ ♪ on problems on problems
on problems on problems on ♪ ♪ I’ll solve ’em I ♪ This is day one, the first day here. Look at me, I can’t move. You know when they do
the police investigations and they have the people on the pavement. – [Robyn Whale] (laughs) That’s so true, I’m going to draw some chalk around you. – Draw some chalk around me. It’s a crime scene! ♪ Left all my blessing I
feel like I’m falling.♪ ♪ The birdie is back tell me garbage. ♪ ♪ I’m going through something
that’s why I ain’t calling. ♪ ♪ Phone in progression it’s
all that I wanted a foe ♪ ♪ in affection I summon and dub it ♪ (fast rhythmic music)


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