UC San Diego Health’s Cardiac Rehab Center

on December 22nd I had a heart attack it
was a very close call I’ve had three stents put in then and then two later on
and I began to realize that in in in getting better
I had it had to be holistic I happened to go into a doctor at UC a cardiologist
and as I was leaving he said would you consider going to our cardiac
rehabilitation I said absolutely so the Step Family Cardiovascular
Rehabilitation Wellness Center is dedicated to prevention of disease study
after study has shown is when patients enroll in cardiac rehab they have much
less readmission rates they live longer they have in the future less incidence
of heart attack and other cardiovascular disease and I realized that all these
components and everything that I thought I need to change was available to me
through UCSD and I jumped at the chance and I’ve just been really thrilled since it’s very easy in our health care system to put band-aids on a lot of problems but there’s a lot of fundamental aspects of a patient’s well-being that we don’t address and that’s where a program like this comes in because there’s a lot of
time we’re able to spend with these patients and our staff and really work
with them and come up with a very individualized program to help them make
lifestyle modifications now it’s an excellent program and it’s a gift to the
community and I can’t thank you UCSD enough

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