Unboxing Wellness

keeping you well is so important not
just for your own sake but for everyone who depends on you and that includes
your employer and even your insurance company making smarter healthier
decisions today can help you prevent dangerous health events and expensive
procedures down the road but what is a wellness program well think about the
series of choices you make on a daily basis that may or may not be the
healthier way to go now you probably already know what the healthy choices
are but stress lack of time and other priorities sometimes make us forget but
what if you had a friend consistently reminding you that you have better
options well your wellness program is that friend making sure you get up and
move eat right and even try some healthy tricks you may have never thought of how
the idea is to make it easy and fun Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island
for example is working with virgin pulse so our members can have access to an app
that counts steps tracks healthy habits gives ideas
through digital cards and lets you compete on health goals with your
friends it can even connect your wearable devices once you start
participating with a wellness program you’ll start building points because
while a healthy lifestyle is its own reward another great reward as well
being rewarded wellness points can score you incentives like gift cards or
sometimes even money to help pay for medical costs and the amount can really
add up a lot of this depends on your plan you should check your benefit
details to learn more to learn more about all the different ways that Blue
Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island can help improve your well-being go to rhodeahead.com/unboxing for more videos like these be sure to
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