UNC Bears Campus Rec Center and Programs

Hi, my name is Chris Cobb, I am the director of Campus Recreation welcome to the rec center here at UNC. *music plays* The main focus I have as the head of Campus Recreation is to make sure our programming and facilities are fun and safe for the environment so that people can partake from beginner to advanced and have something to do. Yeah, students should take advantage of getting involved here at UNC because it’s such an easy and healthy way to get involved on campus. I know for me I was never really a person that would get involved on campus and student life, but as soon as I started coming to the gym, getting involved here, that stemmed into me working here and me
getting involved in so many other things on campus because everyone that comes to
the gym it’s such a hub for everything else on campus. So, people might be
involved in so many other programs that you could be interested in, but at the end of the day they’re all coming to work out. So, it’s super great
to get involved. The UNC Rec Center in particular is special to me because it comes back to that community that I feel when I’m here. Even though I’m in a very
different walk of life with my studies, I’m more of a scientist, I can still come
here, meet with anyone from any other walk of life, and we have this shared goal of
being healthy. For my college experience, in college stress, the Rec Center has helped me greatly. I mean when you are stressed out and you have been studying
for three hours at the library you need to take that break for a half hour and
just come in the gym and do something active it doesn’t matter what it is. Play
racquetball, or punch a punching bag, or play basketball, anything here is going
to help you relieve some of that stress before you go back to the library and
study more. So what we have to offer for students here are several programs. We have group fitness which would be like yoga or boot camp and then we also have personal training so we have personal training, so we have someone that can help you with your personal training goals, strength training, or whatever fitness goals you have. We have
intramural sports which can give you an opportunity to get involved with other
classmates on campus to compete in all kinds of different sports, you know,
basketball, football. But we also have other things like racquetball
tournaments, we have archery tag, that we would like to do more of. Club sports is
also a way to get involved on a team but also compete against other universities.
And then we also have our Outdoor Pursuits programming, which helps you get
involved more outdoors so you can just come and check out equipment that you
want. For example, a mountain bike, and go use it, and then come back. That’s all
included in student fees. Or we have guided trips where we have trip leaders,
and you can go with a group of students to go mountain biking, or go skydiving, or
scuba diving, or hiking, skiing. All kinds of different trips that we have
throughout Outdoor Pursuits. For people who are afraid to come to the gym I say, get over your fear come into the gym everyone here is not looking to judge
you in any way. We’re actually here to kind of support you and help. I have seen
plenty of people who are new to lifting specifically, who come into the gym and
there’s people around them that are willing to help them learn how to
actually do a deadlift correctly, or how to use a machine without any question.

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