University of Michigan Medical School: Doctors of Tomorrow

– Doctors of Tomorrow gives young students from minority groups that
are interested from medicine from the Detroit area an
opportunity to explore the field, and see what life as a
physician might be like. – The idea initially sent from Dr. Finks, our faculty advisor, and he basically was looking around the OR
saw the lack of diversity, and wanted to do something about it. – It started out as a
means to bring in students from a high achieving high school that were not necessarily
having the exposures that other students were having into the allied health fields. – My best experience is
definitely my mentors, because they are very fun
and I can relate to them on every level. – It was definitely challenging
being a new medical student at the University of
Michigan and I’m still trying to figure things out
myself, and another freshman looking up to me was very
hard in the beginning, but we ended up learning from each other. – I have never really
felt like a mentor myself, but I think this program
has made me realize that I do have valuable
information and insight to give that I didn’t
even realize I had myself. – What U of M does a phenomenal job at is recruiting people to come
here who are passionate, passionate about medicine,
but most importantly passionate about something
else in the world. For some people it’s global health, for some people it’s research, but for many students here
their passion lie with children, and for even more with education. – It’s very easy in medical
school to get caught up in the day-to-day kind
of grind, so it’s good to kinda get out of the classroom and see the bigger picture. – Knowing that they’re going
through something similar to me I’m not really alone. I can talk to someone about
what I’m doing as a freshman. It’s just an amazing thing
to be able to connect with someone who’s just also
on the same level as you are. – Medical school is hard. Many people need outlets
when they’re stressed, and for me Doctors of
Tomorrow has been just as much about helping me get
through medical school as it has been about
helping those students. – My perspective has changed,
because when I came into this program I just wanted
to be an obstetrician, but now it has opened me
up to new opportunities such as even becoming a pediatrician. – I think everyone leaves
with this new energy and this sense of urgency that
leaves Doctors of Tomorrow as a kind of a social justice issue. We need to change the
landscape of physicians, we need to help these
students realize their goals. I was having so many mentors
come up to me and say, “This is the most meaningful
experience I had.” – It’s going to be huge if we can actually address that disparity. It’s something that people
have tried to do for years, entire institutions, and entire
networks and universities have tried to address,
but it’s challenging and so I think that as a
medical student to know that you have an active role
in that and to see the future of the high school students from Detroit leading towards the direction
of a career in medicine is really exciting.

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