Walk On Clinic, Annual Wellness Exam at Work with in Network Physicians

Who on earth likes using their vacation time to go see a doctor for their wellness exam I mean you’re not even sick right not many people like doing it Well that is why Walk On Clinic has created a private secure and convenient process of bringing in network physicians to you at your place of work keep those precious Vacation days and save yourself some time and if your company chooses to utilize Walk On Clinic services it can save a lot more than vacation Time it could save a life we all know somebody who could have caught a medical issue earlier and often times the earlier you catch a medical issue the easier it is to address through simple lifestyle changes and Getting advice from a medical professional in fact It’s during that one-on-one time with a medical professional or that routine blood work that more serious conditions are discovered Issues like sleep apnea blood sugar blood pressure or cholesterol problems or even some types of cancer Once your company has scheduled a date for wellness exams or other services to be delivered right to your Organization all you have to do is pick a time for your appointment and fill out your medical questionnaire online Beforehand and don’t worry any personal information that you put in is for you, and the on-site physicians But now instead of spending an hour with a clipboard and a pen You get to enter your information into a HIPPA secure portal for nearly any device with internet access Walk on clinic hopes to see you soon!

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