Welcome to MedCram.com – Medical Lectures Explained Clearly

Hi I’m Dr. Seheult. well over the past
four years we’ve produced top quality videos explaining concepts in medicine
clearly these courses are the product of years of experience and preparation that
includes only these things number one you either need to know for the test or
number two you need to know it to become a great medical professional before I
became a physician I worked for a national test prep company and I taught
the MCAT and the USMLE now I’m board-certified in internal medicine
pulmonary diseases critical care medicine and sleep medicine I still have
a busy clinical practice and actually treat the diseases that I talk about it
it is this experience that separates med cram comm from all the others I know
what kind of questions show up on the test because I write the test questions
for medical students I know what’s important and now you will to join us at
Makram comm

4 thoughts on “Welcome to MedCram.com – Medical Lectures Explained Clearly

  1. A true blessing to have this forum. Thank you for your contribution to continued education for thousands (I'm sure going on millions) of healthcare providers. A unique capability to explain patho and translate understanding into practice. Luv ya!

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