Well Being with Ashley Adkins

my name is Ashley I am a mom I'm a wife I'm a nurse and I run the YouTube channel ashley adkins RN and i am an msn flexed a student at capella university to me being a nurse means being a part of some of the best and worst parts of patient's lives as nurses we get to being that little bit of light in someone's life it's giving them that little bit of hope that little bit of encouragement I've always been a loving nurturing person and I love to be hands-on I wanted to be the one that was pushing medications spiking IV bags taking care of patients to me well-being it means not just taking care of your physical health but also your mental health your emotional well-being it's really making sure that you're taking care of yourself and taking those little moments to fill your tank back up so that way you can give back to your spouse your kids your patients all these people that you're taking care of some of the things that I like to do to help support my well-being are to take a nap when I need to or go to bed early I love ordering Chinese takeout and sitting on the couch and watching Netflix with my husband or maybe spending a day at the park with my daughter and husband as a family the Flex path format offers so much flexibility to where I can fit school into my life rather than being stressed about having school to do in the background I can do assignments when time permits and when I'm busier or when I want to just enjoy my family life I can focus on that getting my master's degree is important for my well-being because it gives me something that I can accomplish for myself I love when I receive messages from fellow nurses like for example when the message me saying hey I watched your video on how to answer interview questions and I interviewed at my first nursing job and I got the job and that's such a great sense of accomplishment and pride for me because I know that something that I'm so passionate about has influenced someone else and has helped them accomplish one of their goals you

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