Wellness Minute – Vasectomy

My name is Steve Mindrup and I am a
urologist here at Crossing Rivers Health. A vasectomy is an outpatient procedure
for, basically, sterilization in men. The idea is there’s two tubes that
connect the testicles to the outside world that carry the sperm and in a
vasectomy, those tubes are divided. It’s done pretty simply in the office – meaning you can drive yourself in and drive yourself home. Some men prefer to take a
little bit of a relaxer beforehand and so we can sometimes give guys an oral
medication to help them just relax – in that case they need a driver. But, some
men will drive themselves. So, we basically just numb up the skin
overlying those two tubes and then we’re able to isolate those, identify them,
divide them. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes. The guys tend to do
pretty well, provided they can have a day or two to get some some rest
afterwards and some ice and compression to the area – they generally do real well. Thank you for tuning into this Wellness Minute. Crossing Rivers Health, your bridge to wellness.

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