Wellness: Reiki

Reiki is beneficial to you if you
suffer from anxiety, depression, mood swings. When you’re under stress and you
have a lot of emotional issues or a lot of trauma you tend to store all of that
stuff in your body and it has no way to escape and then you get a lot of knots
in your stomach or in your shoulders or you get a lot of muscle cramps, so Reiki
can help with all those things. I’m going to start by showing you some of the
basics, hand positions for a self Reiki treatment. So you start off you put your
hands on top of your head and you close your eyes and just hold it for a few
minutes and just think loving peaceful tranquil thoughts. Then you cover your
your eyes and your temple area for a few minutes. Over time you’ll feel the warmth
of your hands penetrate your skin and your body. And you cover your ears.
Hold it there. And then you cover your throat. Then you do your chest. This
covers your heart and your lung area. Then you go between the base of your chest
or breasts and the top of your belly button area.
Hold that. You take some deep breaths. Let’s say you have an argument with somebody
you like, why my stomach hurt? Because you just stuffed those emotions into your
stomach. So you gotta let that go. Then you move down to your womb area or
below the belly button in a diamond shape. So now I’m going to do my knees
and then you point towards your feet and when you go to your feet you’re
basically working from your toes to the back of your heels. Focus there for a
minute. You close out with a good old namaste or a prayer or a mantra
or affirmation and you’re done! You’ll find yourself smiling and not knowing
why you know so that’s what I really like about the practice. And it’s fun! Cause
it’s just you and you loving you.

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