What is Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy? | Weight and Wellness Center at Tufts Medical Center

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy has probably become the number one procedure being done worldwide for weight loss and I really do enjoy this procedure. I think it’s one of the best ones for patients who are trying to lose weight. How it works is basically that we just operate only on the stomach, so we take the stomach, which is you can think of it it’s like the shape of a football and we take that shape of a football and make it into a skinny banana and in doing so we remove about 85% of the stomach and patients with that loss of losing like eighty-five percent of the stomach and also hormonal changes, can they eat less? They feel less hungry. They have to eat slower and that’s how patients lose weight. Comparing the vertical sleeve gastrectomy to the other procedures that we have for weight loss, the way I like to describe to patients is really twofold, one is that you’re going to lose a good amount of weight, keep it off, and the second thing is that it really is probably the less complicated of all the procedures that are out there. And the third thing Iactually which is really important and I think it’s important for patients to understand is quality of life, right? So, you know, there’s sometimes a stigma of weight loss surgery and it’s all it’s dangerous, I know it’s gonna change my life, but I tell my patients that at the end of the year I really want them to forget that they had weight loss surgery. I want them to be able to take this weight loss and really kind of live their life to the fullest and and not even think about the fact that they had weight loss surgery and I think that’s one of the benefits of the sleeve gastrectomy. Comparing this to the other procedures. They don’t have like these severe nutrient deficiencies, they don’t get something called dumping syndrome where they really have to keep a strict sugar-free diet they don’t have any, you know complications such as having bowel issues in the near future. So I think because of all these reasons the sleeve gastrectomy has many advantages compared to the other procedures that we have right now currently for weight loss.

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