What your poop shape, size, and colour says about your health

we're gonna start with brace wild right up introduce the topic is all about excrement so I didn't want to say here with poo oil it's a crappy topic but someone's got to do it right it's a hole up a stool we use a lot to discuss ha ha not bad well you know we start our lives as children or with our parents talking about poo all the time absolutely you're always checking in you're figuring out what's going on with their digestive system and then at some point in your life it becomes one of those things you're not supposed to talk about anyway right it's taboo yeah so we're gonna talk about it um the sort of bowel movements you want to have right and how they should look that's absolutely right yeah so and it's funny how no matter how old we get it's a once we do actually end up talking about it it's something that is funny it's jovial and listen we should actually why not yeah like come on it's okay talk to your doctor about this as well I like to think that the eyes are the window to the soul but I'll tell you sometimes the toilet bowl is – no we gotta learn to look more this a really is a window to your health you have to look at what's going on ah thank you know what's going on that's right absolutely why don't we talk about what it's made right so let's do that way so let you know so let's demystify this first for people so don't think of it as something that is so utterly disgusting really 75% of your poop is about two pounds worth of water okay that's on a daily basis right so I'm gonna get you to add a few things here this is called okay we're gonna start with this so that that there is basically fiber right so about nine percent of your stool is fiber okay and the other 16 percent is actually inorganic material and bacteria now there's good bacteria and bad bacteria fact there really isn't Jessica yeah that's that's not socially though it's just coffee grinds well I wish I think Chagas really made out that it's actually just chugga roofs you can mix that around in there Oh calm so so we have good bacteria and bad bacteria and the good bacteria is so cute well gets that more later on but good bacteria is ultimately represents 80% of your overall immune system so when that's not imbalance we have something called dysbiosis or imbalance in good and bad bacteria and that leads to a whole host of health issues okay from immune breakdown to you know as mind some folks skin eczema all kinds of things it contributes to and the fiber if you don't have enough fiber well that's the biggest issue as it relates the of your stool because it's not moving through somebody you don't have the right amount of fester so let's start from that and what's happening there we've all seen the sheep turd once or twice in our life okay so this stuff here those little pellets and they fire off into the toilet bowl and splash up and it's a it's a disaster if you can even get them out well you're you're just you're you're happy that you know two or three plop out after three or four days of constipation so that's no good that's usually dehydrated and too little fiber this is all made with modeling clay by the way this guy's a magician I made this fresh free all this morning okay in studio by the way key price so this is also a little constipated you see how there there's kind of like the sheep turd kind of clumped together so you don't want to see that either by the way if anyone want to look this up it's called the Bristol stool chart this is a validated bonafide chart that I show my patients when I'm referring to and often people don't even know that they're constipated and we're having to Lucia so I asked them to find their normal and they do and then we have to have a discussion okay these two here represent normal that's what you want that's what you want and you know it size is all about the difference in anatomy all of us you know are different in shape and size but I want you to notice one thing in particular it's kind of got a bit of an s like shape it's in both cases this one being a little thinner and smoother that s like shape that represents the sigmoid colon on the way out your bowels twist and that holding tank before the colon the rectum is where stool sits before it ultimately then evacuate so when it sits there with the right amount of fiber yeah and the right amount of water it's going to then come out with a look at that bingo and that's what you're looking at where every day when you look in the bowl that's that's the that means you're good and it should dive into that bowl like an Olympic diver right just without much of a splash without much of you know mess okay this ultimately is all broken up and uh certainly when you don't see color in it brown by the way is just basically bile which comes from your holding tank in your gall bladder essentially and vials recirculate red blood cells when bile gets emitted and you have enough digestive enzymes going on then you get the brown color this is not healthy listen you want to talk to your doctor about anything on this side or anything on that side okay so let's say you're on that side what might you do to get more looking like that usually more water and flight on this side it's usually more a lack of probiotic activity just had antibiotics antibiotics associated diarrhea this is the number one reason to bring in good bacteria coz the antibiotics kill the infection you might have but they also kill the good bacteria okay you're trying to up your fiber you can do things like this we'll add it to your watch so let's talk about fiber because there's soluble fiber yeah and then there's insoluble fiber so let's start with insoluble that's the stuff that just stays in your gut and does really break down now we need both we get this from fruits and vegetables we got any more of it but this is that sort of that gloppy gloopy mess right that's the that's that's more like the psyllium husks of the world okay so we get usually enough of that but where we're missing is soluble fiber it's so hard to get from our fruits and vegetables and this is an example of Sun called regular girl with probiotics by the way so it's a soluble fiber so watch what happens so when I'm gonna mix that together and literally in about five to ten seconds it's entirely going to disappear no looping floppy stuff right yeah that's called Sun fiber and this stuff is available you know widely and all kinds of different brands carry this the regular girl is available online regular girl calm but more of these good bacteria and fibers in your diet more fruits and vegetables more water folks you hear it all the time eight glasses of water day on average people differ person-to-person but yeah that's where we got to maintain ourselves okay good well now we know the benchmark uh now we know that yes you if you're not in there you got to sort of talk to your doctor or figure out what to do with your diet that's right get that good bacteria there

50 thoughts on “What your poop shape, size, and colour says about your health

  1. The only thing I care about after each poo is if I can find a girl willing to rim my poo hole clean. When I ate Chinese food it's quite easy because most girls like that taste.

  2. I thought diarrhea was just really runny and watery but I just realized that it can have different forms like a ball, or really loose or soft, and it made me notice that I have diarrhea like every day. It’s really soft and I haven’t had a good compact poop for a while now, I’m worried, cause they have been quite inconsistent over the past year or so of it being like this. A “normal” poo would be more compact than how it is now and fall in like 5-6 pieces the size of just over an inch. Help I’m worried I have some colon cancer or disease or sumthn

  3. funny how people have no issue picking up the droppings of their dogs, but get queasy at thought if even glancing at their own waste.

  4. I drink so much water in my day and get alot of fiber from spinach in my daily smoothies yet my tummy is bloated every second of every day and hurts. Any reason why? 😞

  5. 5:09 ahh thats waht it's all about…
    he forgot to tell you what you need to eat to get this stuff instead of showing off his powder

  6. It means that the moment something is taboo or made taboo, it therefore should be talked about, respected and addressed! All the more!

  7. Mine looks like the one that looks like a brown snake! 😂 lol being vegan makes my poo every morning 😅

  8. Somehow I ended up here… I don’t understand how it went from scenes out of peter Jackson King Kong to this

  9. I have a problem with not being able to get it all out at one time. It takes hrs just to clean all of the poop out of my stomach

  10. Just FYI, the soluable fiber that disperses (Sunfiber or Benefiber) is of no benefit to those with IBS.
    Instead, take 2 Tablespoons of chia seeds mixed into anything daily and your poop will be regular and well formed. This is great for people with IBS! (Personal experience! You might need more initially to fend off either diarrhea or constipation)

    If you have bladder pain, don't assume it's a bladder infection. If you have Interstitial Cystitis and start drinking cranberry juice, it will cause the worse pain you've ever felt in your life. Find a uro-gynecologist who understands IC!

  11. I am sorry, but it is what old old old boss would call.TO MUCH INFO☺️ although it is informative😉

  12. 8 glasses of water a day is A FALLACY, folks! It IS NOT TRUE.



  13. Ok I eat vegetables for breakfast,lunch and dinner.I eat fruit 3 to 4 times a day. I also drink a gallon of water a day. I take a probiotic and I have poop like the first one?

  14. Where's the bowel movement that looks like that huge ass juicy bug that just splattered on your windshield while cruizin' down the road 80mph!?! You know the kind! The kind you get right after leaving a chinese buffet. Like sneezing out your ass and painting the commode!

  15. I’m pooping while watching this. anyone else poopin with me? My turds are small and stringy right now how bout yours

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