What’s Missing From Wellness

Hey good morning. It’s Dr. James. I hope
you’re off to a beautiful start today. It’s so wonderful to see you. Thank you for
your time and thank you for your energy. This
morning I’m a little nervous about what I want to share with
you today because I hope I am able to make it land
where I’m desiring I’m literally I’m looking in your heart today I I’m
sincerely looking inside of your heart today into your soul so I can hopefully
help you to see what I’m seeing this morning you know over this last few days
I’ve been poring over research based on the failure of the Wellness movement
particularly here in the US and how wellness has been ubiquitous for like 20
years and it’s been out there and it’s exercise its eating it’s all these
different things that we think we should be doing and we’ve been thinking about
how we should be doing them so every year there’s a new diet program every
year there’s a new exercise program do exercise something nice this is
wonderful you know good food and movement are awesome but why is it that
according to this research we are sadder than ever we’re not any healthier what’s
missing so a night let you know I believe so strongly that this word
wellness isn’t covering what we really need to be covering because it’s
covering more of our brains and more of our heads and not enough of our hearts
so I was thinking this morning about what’s missing for me personally as I
think about this as a doctor as someone who actually owns a company called
optimum wellness which I created 21 years ago I believe we have to move from
wellness to well-being what does that feel like because it’s not a thinking
thing anymore I believe we need to be feeling well
being and what is well being feel like it feels like love it feels like peace
it feels like acceptance it feels like awareness it feels like when we’re
looking around our life and we’re feeling what’s inside of us and we
become more aware what’s missing and what we could be doing what is ours to
do and then we go about and take the heroic path to move from this sort of
how do I look in relationship to wellness to how do I feel and how
am I feeling about other human beings and how is my example making them feel
how is my demonstration taking me from this surah superstar how is it going for
me to a superhero and how am i helping to heal and encourage and can be
compassionate and inspiring others that’s well-being to me well-being as an
action where wellness can be sort of stuck in our minds about what we think
we should be eating how we think we should be moving well-being is a way of
leaving your life with your heart first as a soulful endeavor of action that
demonstrates to all the people but most importantly yourself that your
self-efficacy which is simply your demonstration of following through on
what you know loving is what you know being present is what you know being a
force and its seminal for peace is oh my goodness that is well-being and I
believe if we rose from a superstar to the superhero and fully embraced
well-being as a path oh my goodness yes we would lose weight both metaphorically
and on our bodies and yes our hearts would be healthier in relationship to
inflammation and power they would rise in power well-being is not to be taken
lightly to me it is the hardest and most beautiful work of our life why is it
hard because it begins with us allowing ourselves to have a deep level of
self-awareness acceptance love and compassion for us and being present with
the brokenness that may be here in the brokenness that needs to be healed the
brokenness and where it came from and then healing the brokenness by being so
heroic and how we accept ourselves and start doing the daily work of being
present being loved being compassionate well being is an action a heroic action
of action a heroic action of action so are we ready to rise from wellness to
well-being be the change by being the way that we know we need to show
in the world beginning with ourselves healing healing the great work that is
our lives being a demonstration of the possible for everyone around us you are
a pollinator for possibility your heroic example is the catalyst for everyone
around you will you lead a community for change would you leave a movement
transparent for transmission coming from you in transformation going on around
you the great work of our life may it begin today in you and as you I
believe in you much love and many blessings have a
beautiful day bye for now

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