What's Wrong With Healthcare – The Bill Mallonee Story

that's a healthcare and district look like I do the pricing certainly isn't transparent its opaque at best you know it's like number one it's already an embarrassing sort of procedure to go through dear Facebook guys anybody know somebody who does the whole that procedure you know it's like I've been a fan of Bill melanie's for 25 years I'm an artist and a musician I'm not not huge by national standards but not small either I make a living as a songwriter I write about 50 songs a year that's my bread and butter he's a bit of a nomad at this point lives in the desert of New Mexico and doesn't tour and prolifically writes and produces his own albums and plays all of his own instruments last year in July a problem that I've been treated for for about 17 years actually is a prostate related stuff I had an emergency situation with it he asked the provider what the cost was gonna be multiple times before he went in for the surgery and they said hey we don't know you know there could be some complications or we don't know what we're gonna find we had tried fearlessly to find out what that number was gonna be that bottom line number I've gone in to see my doctor how much would it cost if I want an x-ray today so I would have the procedure done you would be ordering the procedure but neither one of us have any idea what it's gonna cost I don't know if it was malevolent intent but it definitely covered their need if they were if they were definitely trying to veil a figure it worked we didn't know until literally 30 minutes before I was supposed to be under anesthesia your gracious saying you don't know if there's any malevolence or not because I would say there definitely was and how can they tell you 30 minutes beforehand when they couldn't tell you the multiple times that you called them but now they know 30 minutes beforehand yeah and it was signing your life away or get in your car and leave it was my understanding yeah obligation yeah that's a that's a great word really the unit that the hospital uses to develop their prices is a mystery that has yet to be cracked because they don't need to be transparent most people look at what what is my copay what's my deductible what's my own pocket after that they really don't care I think we were stunned I think my wife was near to tears and I think we were just in a state of shock we didn't have a plan B at all so I don't know they're continuing to sort of bang on the ceiling we would have gotten any response if the end of the matter is for them to keep figures veiled about what surgery procedures really cost so I don't know I mean I think we could have you know driven there and camped out on the front lawn a scream you know but I don't know that we would have gotten any response again it seemed like the trajectory was to kind of keep things hidden I think you found out about it through the newsletter didn't you I did then it was hey we had some unexpected medical costs and they were way more than we thought they could be and that's that's the kind of stuff that gets me excited so I sent him an email I said hey this is this is the industry I work in I might be able to help you just share some information with me if you want and he sent me the itemized bill and the doctor was 1,500 bucks reasonable and a physiologist was $3,400 that was at least double what it should have been probably triple and the hospital was north of 40 grand which was the first thing I saw on the itemized bill was a sodium chloride solution which is salt water and the salt water was one thousand three hundred seventy two dollars and eighty cents that's expensive but you know that's that's my long-winded story on how you know the emergency went into a procedure that wound up being just astronomically expensive at least to my mind and the depression that followed this like you know you just said copy Jack I can't pull rabbit out of the head here I don't know what to do I'm a big advocate of the free market Medical Association and let's tell us what it's gonna cost and let it be the same price for me as it is for you as it is for Bill is it is it we don't care what what card you happen to have in your pocket we don't care if you're in network if you're out a network you know if you go to New Mexico and want to buy gal in the milk they're not gonna charge you eight dollars because you're from Minnesota it's it's the prices the price of you're providing a service it should be the same cost to everybody it seems reasonable to me it's the outcome the surgery procedure was wildly successful so I'm grateful for that what I haven't done again yes would I now I know the questions to ask I think a lot of people feel awe bewildered by the the conduits they have to go through the hurdles they have to get over the obstacles they have to navigate I think a lot of people just feel overwhelmed so there's there's still a lot of education that can happen and it's like yeah well fifty thousand dollars sure I'll start the promise the problem day in and day out is veiled billing practices you know just a broken system a third-party payer system that needs to be entirely overhauled I really do think it's it's almost a form of harassment and intimidation but I don't think people see it that way is because it's it's coming from you know adult fishel person and so therefore I must do this one you know price is certainly you know that's been the whole focus of this is the price and the price being I made a price and a percentage off of a made up number and not disclosing the price and hard to find out the price and masking of all of that but there certainly laters we haven't addressed you just gotta walk a mile in somebody else's shoes and if the people that are involved in the bureaucratic nightmare that it all is could actually do that more and more is there's transparency in what something costs and a provider understands that consumer has options to go elsewhere and there there is somebody who doesn't operate behind a veil with with their pricing model there's hope for us yeah I'm driving these back roads yeah let's all of these doubts you

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