Where Do We Physically Feel Emotions?

Do we all feel feels
in the same places on our body? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Do you feel emotions? Occasionally. If I have to. Do you feel emotions right now? Um…no, not really. If I were to ask you,
do you feel emotions… – Constantly?
– …in specific parts of your body, would you say, “You crazy!” Or would you say,
“Yeah, I relate to that.” There’s a right answer. – It’s the second one.
– Well, I’d say, “You are crazy, but, yes, I do feel emotions,
I think, in parts of my body.” Well, scientists have determined
that this is a real phenomenon. I’m talking scientists from Finland. You know about those Finnish scientists. – Basically–
– If they start it… (snickers) They have finished a study. The scientists have finished a study that has concluded that when you study,
700 people from Finland, Sweden, and Taiwan–I know why
they chose Finland and Sweden– – ‘Cause they’re close to those.
– And then they just reached out and grabbed Taiwan, and said, “Y’all be a part of this study, too.” 700 people were asked
to experience different emotions, and then they were asked to, as they were experiencing the emotions, to take a diagram like this,
and to draw on the human body where they were feeling
that emotion register. Seems a little crazy, but it turns out
that there’s a pattern. There was a correlation. Most people, there were
obviously outliers, but most people experienced emotions in the same places on their bodies. There’s a correlation across cultures of an emotion and a body part. – Mmm-hmm.
– Or a body region. – A body place.
– Body place. It might be a body part.
It could be a body place. That’s interesting.
Let’s explore that. – Personally.
– They demonstrated, using a heat map. The brighter the area on the body,
that demonstrates where more people drew it,
and the darker places are where more people didn’t say that it registered. So what we’re gonna do is
we have the heat maps available for each of the emotions that
we’re gonna be exploring today. We’re gonna go through
four different emotions. Me and you together are going to experience
some different emotions, and then we’re gonna say,
and draw on our little diagrams, where that is registering. And then we’re gonna compare
them to the global… – Right.
– …cross cultural average to see – who feels more–
– Human. – (Link scoffs) Okay.
– Who feels more human. Who feels more like a human! (exaggerating H’s)
Who’s the more human feeler? (over-enunciating)
Who’s the more human feeler… – Okay.
– ..between me and Link. This is a new game called:
Who’s the More Human Feeler Between Rhett and Link? – Let’s get started!
– Let’s do it. We’re gonna start with happiness, Link. – So we’re gonna go to our happy places.
– Okay. And then we can describe those
to each other in the people. Oh, I’m not going to color it immediately. I’m just gonna go there. Experience your happy place,
and then once you feel it and start registering,
you can draw it in wherever. (Rhett chuckles) Are you actually laughing
in your happy place? – Yeah.
– Okay. – What’re you talking about?
– I am back in fourth grade… when I won the county wide
anti-drug poster contest. I remember that. “There’s lots of fun things
you can do instead of drugs.” – Mmm-hmm.
– That’s what my poster said. You plagiarized it from
a pamphlet in your mom’s office. – I remember that.
– I did. And I was very happy
that not only did I win, but I didn’t get caught – for plagiarism.
– Okay, well tell me where that’s registering, and I’m
gonna go to my happy place. – Okay.
– Um…uh…I’m about 12. I’m deep sea fishing
with my dad and my brother. I’m getting sea sick.
I’m throwing up. I’m taking a nap now.
But then I’m waking up. I’m throwing an automatic reel
into the water. I’m catching a 55 pound amberjack,
and now I’m returning home. I’m the hero of Bouey’s Creek.
I’m in the Daily Record, holding my big, ol’ fish. Ha ha! I remember that because you
put the newspaper clipping on your bulletin board
for the next six years. I’m feeling in a very specific place,
and I’m not making this up. (scribbling) (Rhett) I am feeling it
in a very specific place. Whoo doggie!
55 pound amberjack. Okay. I got mine too.
Let’s hold them up. Okay, you’ve kind of drawn
a little bit of a beard – and the top of the head–
– No, like my smile, I felt the happiness here,
and the top of the scalp. And I felt it here in the chest. And then here is the actual diagram. – Oh, the correct answer.
– Whoa, look at this, Link. We are… I’m right! – We’re both right!
– We’re both right. – The chest and the head.
– The chest and the face. But people felt happiness
on their whole body ’cause it’s red, but they felt the most
happiness in their chest. – We each get a point!
– We’re gonna split the point? – No, we each get a point.
– We each get a point. Okay. – Moving on.
– Fascinating, really. I didn’t expect that to happen.
I’m a little freaked out. – We’ll see if–
– Well, we’re humans! I expected to feel like a human. I didn’t think you were human. – Okay.
– Let’s feel sadness. (deep breath) Where’s your sad place? (disappointed) Oh, um… I’m four. My mom has made a birthday cake
that I requested. I requested a Cookie Monster cake.
She brings out the cake. The cake is brown. I say, “Mom, the Cookie Monster is blue.” (whimper) And then what? She went and got a blue cake,
but I don’t wanna remember that – because I was at sad place.
– Right, right. – That moment.
– That moment, I’m thinking about – brown Cookie Monster.
– Okay. All right, I’m thinking
about a few weeks ago. I went to feed the hermit crabs,
my pet hermit crab. I pick him up and–foop!
He fell out, dead. He dead. He de-shelled himself.
My hermit crab died. – Okay.
– Okay, it was my kid’s hermit crab and I killed it because I forgot
that they existed while they were visiting
people in North Carolina. But that makes me sad. (Rhett) Okay, I’m drawing in. (Link) I know where I’m feeling this. (scribbling) Oh! You’re feeling it in the turkey area. And I’m feeling it in the face… I’m getting the turkey knife. …and my underarms. – (crew chuckles)
– I felt it in my underarms! Well, let me explain.
It’s like a lump in your throat. WHOA! Link, look, look.
Look at yours. You win, Link. – (bell rings)
– I got it! You drew the turkey thing,
and the turkey thing’s real! – But, also–
– Mine’s in my face a little bit, but I’m gonna give you the point because yours is
so similar to the sadness. All right, I am very in touch
with my emotions. ♪ You’ve got me feeling emotions! ♪ All right, let’s get angry, Link. ♪ Deeper than I’ve been dreaming of ♪ Get angry. You’re getting too nice. – Okay.
– You need to be angry right now. Okay, all right. Something angry. Uh… All right. I got it. I told the kids to not put the toothpaste, not let it drip, and leave it in the sink. We made a show about this. I came home. I showed them the GMM about it,
and I talked to them about it in the most polite but stern way.
And then what do I get? Even this morning,
when I look at the sink, there is a snail of toothpaste
growing up out of there. And I’m (imitates squeaking) trying to get the thing off
with my own fingers. I love my kids, but it makes me angry. How hard is it to not– I mean, what are you
brushing your teeth with? – I ordered–
– An empty toothbrush. I ordered food from a–
this has happened multiple times. I’m just gonna access one. I’ve ordered food from a fast-food place while I’m on a trip across the country. I get the food. I get back
on the interstate. (irate) And they forgot the nuggets. I wanted the nuggets as a side. I WANTED THE NUGGETS!
I WANTED THOSE NUGGETS! And then you’re like, what?
You’re gonna pull back in? Or you’re just cut your losses? (Rhett, irate) Oh, I’m feeling it really hard. Oh man, I’m feeling it right in there. (Link) I know where I’m feeling it. (Rhett, irate) I’m so mad
about those lost nuggets. Holy moley, what are you
drawing over there? Wow, you’re feeling it
in your fists and your mouth. I’m feeling it in my fist
and my mouth and in my butt cheeks. I’m feeling it in my gut. HOLY MOLEY! YOU’RE SO HUMAN, LINK! – I cannot believe– look.
– What? – Look at what’s happening.
– Oh, the mouth. – The mouth and the hands.
– No, the fists. Yeah. Holy moley, I’m feeling it
where no one felt it! (crew laughs) No one felt angry about
the nuggets in their belly. You feel it in your mouth and your hands. – Yeah, I’m human.
– I can’t believe how human you are. I’m a human feeler, dude. You really felt it in your hands?
You wanted to punch somebody? Or just at least clench. I clenched my butt cheeks,
my hands, and my teeth. All right. Finally, a–
I can’t win at this point, because you got three points in a row.
But I can be a little bit more human and a little bit less robotic. You need to try to get human on this. This is contempt.
This is a complex emotion. This is where you have anger, but it’s almost judgment towards
another person in your anger. All right, I’ve got a real quick one. I hate it when I’m behind
someone in a car at night, and they flick a cigarette butt
out the window. Not only is that littering
or can start a wildfire, but I start to think,
you could explode my car, dude. How likely is it that my car
can be exploded right now? Did you think about that?
Is that even possible? I don’t care. I’m thinking about it, and I’m having
contempt towards you. I have contempt towards people
who say they don’t like beans. Beans are the perfect food. “What do you mean, they give you gas? No, you adjust after a couple days, man. And it’s like everything that
you need in a plant, in a food is in beans. Don’t be up
on your high horse and say you don’t like beans, you jerk.” Okay. Okay, where’s that
happening? Let’s color this in. (Rhett) I feel it right in here. I didn’t mean to cheat,
but I know you’re very human. Okay, I felt it behind my eyeballs
and a little bit down my neck. I feel it in my eyebrows and my bladder. – Ooh, Link. You feel it–
– Yeah. You’re supposed to feel it– that’s cold. – Eyebrows.
– You’re not supposed to feel it – at all in the bladder.
– But I felt it up here too. But look– the eyebrows.
We both do the eyebrows. I’m gonna give myself
the point on this one, because I have a string
coming down my neck. That’s pretty perfect. – That’s amazing.
– You definitely get a point. I am a human! I’m still a human, but you’re
a little bit more human than me. And Link, you know what you win? – No.
– You win a special suit that the crew has made that looks like one of
these heat diagrams. And you get to put it on
in Good Mythical Morning – and wear it for me.
– That’s a prize? – (laughs)
– Okay. Thanks for liking and
commenting on this video. Share where you feel
the feels in the comments below. And remember, you can support the show by checking out lynda.com/rhettandlink, how to thousands
of online video tutorials. Go to rhettandlink–
go to lynda.com/rhettandlink. Go the rhettandlink.com too. Give me this. So I’m gonna wear this.
All right. I’ll figure this out. Lynda.com/rhettandlink for a free trial. You know what time it is. Hi, and Ben from Indiana. It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. If you like to enjoy
your liquids with a handle, look no further than
rhettandlink.com/store, where you can buy the
Good Mythical Morning mug. It really is proven to hold liquids. I’m proving it right now.
There is liquid in here. – You spilled.
– Click through to Good Mythical More. I’m gonna put on this heat-map prize. I don’t know how this is a prize. – Prize.
– Oh, there’s lots of pieces to it. This is gonna be exciting. “Rhett convinces Link to move to Canada.” Hey, hey, there’s something
I’ve really been meaning to bring up. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think we should take flight north. – Uh, okay.
– Listen, there’s a country up there. It borders the whole top
of the United States. They call it Cuh-nah-duh, and, uh– – Cuh-nah-duh?
– They got a leaf on the flag. They got rivers flowing with maple syrup. All the police officers are on horseback. They call them mounties. You can pretty much get away
with anything up there. – Because…
– They’re on horseback. (stammers) Well, a horse
is faster than a human. Yeah, but we get in a car
and we steal things. They have cars in Canada? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Or Cuh-nah-duh?
– We can take– – Where is it?
– Cuh-nah-duh. North. We’ll take our car
and outrun the horse cops. – Sold.
– (chuckles) [Captioned by Sara and Sebastian:
GMM Captioning Team]

100 thoughts on “Where Do We Physically Feel Emotions?

  1. My emotions don't feel real. I know they're there, but it's like I'm not really experiencing them. Like they're just an illusion.

  2. i fell happiness in my mouth, sadness in my heart, anger in my fist ,mouth and my chest, and my contempt is my mouth and arms and fist.

  3. The contempt one I got judgey mad real fast because this girl asked me my opinion on something and then started and argument over it like don't ask me for my honest opinion just so you can start an argument

  4. Very interesting studies. "When man’s soul is rarefied and cleansed, spiritual links are established and from these bonds sensations felt by the heart are produced." ~ Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  5. I'm from Canada, why do all Americans make fun of our country, I've been to America, the only difference is one is more north and the southern one has more crime

  6. I feel happiness and excitement in my lower back.I feel sadness as coldness down my spine.I feel anger across my body as a cold wave.I feel fear (depending on the fear) in the very bottom of my scrotum, but sometimes as a bowling bowl in my sternum. I feel depression as a wave traveling from my neck to the bottom of my back.I feel impatience and tiredness as the colour yellow and like being stabbed by thousands of needles across the entire body.

  7. Whenever i feel any strong emotion I feel the blood squeezing through my vains in my wrist and its the most uncomfortable thing

  8. This episode literally blew my mind, because it had never occurred to me that people feel emotions in different parts of the body, I thought it was all just universal

  9. Emotions are for people.
    Do I need to need to be one?

    Wish i had been born a cat 🙁
    So soft and two emotions: asleep and meh

  10. Emotions are felt through the chakras in n the soul , we can't see the soul because it vibrates at 4th dimension.
    Our eyes only see 3 dinensional form .

    The chakras ae energy centers of be soul. Which recieve energy from God and the angels called emotions .
    Emotions are controlled by God and the angels to teach us about our actions we can't turn them off God controlls them .

    They accompany our actions and deeds on earth so help us learn right from wrong

  11. Link, I always knew you were great at self-expression! There's so much power in channeling that.

    Rhett, just because you can't express emotion live in front of a camera crew of your friends/coworkers doesn't mean you aren't "human"/emotional. Lol

  12. you'd feel a lot of contempt for me since not only do I not like beans, but I think they are evil… like some plants are on the earth to feed us and give us medicine… but beans are the antithesis to that and are pure evil.

  13. I don't know 'bout you . . . but I feel happiness in the crotch area. Don't judge me! I've felt it there since I was a little kid! What did you think I was saying, you dirty minded pervert! (also this is the first comment I've ever made with perfect punctuation)

  14. Informative episode but I couldn't stop thinking of how in the future Rhett will change his mind about Finland and 'prove' that it doesn't exist!!!

  15. for me,

    happiness – head, shoulders, and hands
    sadness – throat and breastbone
    anger – stomach and hands
    contempt – upper chest where neck connects

  16. In fifth grade I won a fire safety poster contest!!! I didn’t get the grand prize, but I at least won in the 5th graders of school

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