Whole Foods Brand Taste Test

– Can we tell the difference
between Whole Foods 365 and top name brands? – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good mythical morning. – You know, now that
Amazon bought Whole Foods, we’re all gonna be able
to order asparagus water or gluten-free tampons
right from our Alexa. – That’s a good point. – But not everything from Whole Foods is ridiculously organic, or expensive. They actually have a
budget brand called 365, which promises all the
goodness of Whole Foods, but it doesn’t break your bank. – But the question is, how
well does the 365 Whole Foods brand match up to the name brand, can we tell the difference,
and is the Whole Fl-oods brand – Fl-oods.
– Whole Foods brand actually better, let’s find out. It’s time for Don’t Go
Chasing Whole Foods, Please Stick to the
Top Name Brand Products That You’re Used to, or Not. ‘Cause you might switch to
the 365 Whole Foods brand if we find that they’ve
tricked us into thinking they’re superior all across the board, because that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna get the top name
brand, and the 365 Whole Foods brand, taste both of them, and both independently
vote on which one we think is the Whole Foods 365 brand. – And the winner gets
an all-expense paid trip to the olive bar at Whole Foods. – A, I didn’t know they had that. B, I don’t like olives. – Well I hope I win. And if you win, you
can give me your prize, ’cause I love olives, ready? – I’ve been ready. (playful music) Alright, before us, we have
Campbell’s Spaghetti-os, a classic, and then we
have the 365 organic pasta rings in tomato sauce,
which is quite a wordy title. – They cost the same, $1.39 a can, which that’s an everyday value. – They cost the same,
but they’re just supposed to be more whole? – Yeah, and I mean one of ’em’s organic. I mean obviously, this has
gotta be the Spaghetti-os, I mean look at that,
this has got red number, what is it, red number five? – Red number number. – This has the red in it,
supposedly makes the kids hyper. – Dink it.
– Well we don’t have to dink every one of ’em, that’s, – No we don’t, but we
had to dink that one. – I haven’t had these in a couple weeks. – To me, the tell-tale sign,
I predict the difference is gonna be how sweet they are. So this is a thicker, more
autumnal-colored flavor. – Those are so much better. – Oh wow.
– So much more flavor. – Not nearly as sweet,
more whole I would say. – Yeah, they’re very whole. – But they taste a whole lot better. Maybe to a child, they
wouldn’t taste as good, because they’re not as sweet. – Yeah, let’s get this one out of the way, that’s gotta be it. – We’re gonna vote for
the 365 Whole Foods. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Yeah we’re in total lock agreement here. – [Stevie] The 365 Whole Foods brand is on Rhett’s side. – No it’s not! – [Stevie] It is. – Wow guys. – They put the red in there. (playful music) Okay in front of us, we’ve
got the 365 everyday value creamy peanut butter for $2.29 a jar, and Skippy natural peanut
butter, $2.58 for a jar. So this could be a little
bit more expensive. – It says no need to
stir, this one’s oilier, you know, this is my wheelhouse, man. – Yeah, if you get this
wrong, you should just leave. You know what, if you get
this wrong, you are replaced. – I’m totally fine with
that, I am so confident. – Wow okay. – I am the peanut butter master. Alright, so this one’s
settling more, it’s more oily. – It’s like there might be a need to stir, is what you’re saying. – Let’s try it. I just love the ground-up taste of something that came from the ground, the nuttiness of a peanut. – That’s not the only thing
that makes it peanut butter, I mean I could do that
with any number of things that come from the ground, I
don’t think you would like it. I could do it with rocks. I could do it with dead people. You wouldn’t be, oh, I love the creaminess of the dead people that
you took from the ground and ground together. – So this one is, whew,
this one’s thicker man. This one’s so much thicker. – Oh yeah, you may be
the peanut butter king, but I’m 100 percent confident
that I have the right answer. – This one has a more, like
a classic what you would expect from peanut butter taste. This one has kind of a specialness to it. – Alright, I’m ready. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – And we disagree, people. – [Stevie] The 365 brand
is on Rhett’s side. – You gotta leave.
– What? – How did the peanut
butter king get it wrong? That’s obviously the
Whole Foods brand, man. – Man, I’m questioning everything. Who am I? – Alright, I’ll give you
a second chance I gue– Okay, well, alright. (playful music) Okay, before me I have
the 365 sea salt rippled potato chips for $2.99 for a 10-ounce bag versus Ruffles, for $2.50 for one bag, nine-ounce bag, you can
get that at Wal-Mart. And here I go. That smells like a Ruffle. I feel like I can do this. I mean, really, it’s actually
easier when one guy does it, ’cause then it’s just
like his opinion stands, you don’t have to argue with anybody. That’s got a real classic taste to it. Something about this doesn’t feel right. You wanna come back? – [Link] I just don’t feel like I can. – [Rhett] I gotta admit, it’s
going really well without you, but,
– I’ve been watching, I didn’t think it was. – [Rhett] Listen, I’ll
give you another chance. – [Link] Who am I if I don’t know which peanut butter is which? – [Rhett] I admit, I’m
embarrassed for you, but we could edit it out. We could edit all of this
out, this doesn’t have to, you know what, I promise you, right now, shake, let’s shake, none
of this will go in there, we’ll edit the whole round out, just forget it ever happened. – [Link] Okay, yeah, no
one can ever find out. – [Rhett] We’ll just start
like none of that happened. – [Link] Yeah, yeah, come on, that’s good. – Go ahead, sit down. In front of me, I’ve got
the 365 sea salt rippled potato chips, and the Ruffles brand chips. I already know the answer to this one, I figured it out when you weren’t here. – Okay, I’m ready. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. The 365 brand is in front of Link. – That’s right, I’m the
peanut butter master. – You’re back. – But on chips now. (playful music) Okay one of these is the
McCormick black pepper that’s $3.18 and one of them is the 365, which is $1.99. This one is much more finely ground. – What does that tell ya, nothing. – That, I don’t know, more
labor went into making it. – How much pepper do you need? – That’s a lot. – How much pepper do you need to figure out a pepper, you know? – Probably not this much. – Oh my god. – Ah, whew. Don’t breathe in whatever
you do, you’ll choke it man. I’m not gonna swallow all of this. – Such a strong taste. That’s good pepper. – Yeah, that was great pepper. I don’t recommend taking
such a high dosage. Yeah, and when you put this in your mouth, don’t breathe in, because
it’ll choke your lungs. – Oh, I’m not doing that again. – Oh you’re only doing that much? – I learned my lesson, man. – Much finer ground. – Totally different. – Not nearly as strong. – It’s like it’s a different plant. – I mean it’s still pepper, but it’s not nearly as strong. – Who’s doing a better job
with pepper these days? I don’t know what to say. – Alright, I’m ready. – This one’s definitely better, but what does that mean? – Yeah, this one’s better. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. The 365 brand is on Rhett’s side. – Oh, dang, that’s, – Because they,
– Less than a dollar. – They spent less money
grinding, they were like, we’ll just take half as long to grind it, and that’ll save us some money. – That’s the logic. (playful music) Okay, one of these shampoos
is the 365 for $3 a bottle, and one of ’em is Johnson’s
shampoo for $5 a bottle, they’re goth lavender scented. As you can see, we’re gonna
test this on Link’s scalp. So he’s getting it nice
and rinsed up for me. – Okay, here we go. – Now, do you wanna dry
it just a little bit? Or you want me to just do
the business right there? – I’ll just do a little
hand squeegee for you, and then I’m gonna come back down here. – Okay, so I’m gonna just do
one side, and then the other. – Well this is refreshing. – You want a wash and a cut? – I just want a wash. You know, sometimes
when I get my hair cut, I like to get that hair
wash along with it. Like oh yeah, give me that hair wash. – Okay, immediately I
notice that the right side has a significant lather
advantage, you feel that? – I don’t feel a difference actually. – Okay, let me get in for a smell. Lavender. Lavender. Hmm, there’s a lot more soap, there’s a lot more soap, – On this side.
– In this side. – But did you put the same amount on?- – Yeah, definitely. – So I would venture to guess that the one that generates more
lather is the name brand, is the Johnson’s, I mean, – While we’re here, you know. – You’re kinda,
– I know, but my test is done. – Alright, so this is the,
– Now the fun begins. – This is the lather side. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Oh, so you think that
Whole Foods is more lathery? – Yeah, I believe in them, they made me a believer with that pepper. – [Stevie] The 365 brand
is on Link’s left side. – Oh really? – Yeah.
– I am correct, and I take the lead. (playful music) Okay, we got some
all-purpose cleaner here. The 365 costs $3.29, and coming in cheaper at $2.84, we have the Green
Works all-purpose cleaner, so hmm. Let’s see which is which,
and we have a toilet. – Yeah because one of the
purposes under all purpose is cleaning a toilet I guess. You could use toilet cleaner, but not us. Oh gosh.
– Oh guys. – You guys, why?
– What on the earth? – Kevin, I know you spent a
lot of time in the restroom the other day, but, is
this what you were doing? – He was pasting compost onto a toilet. Alright so we’re gonna do half and half. – I’m gonna start up here
just for visualities. – Oh my goodness, we
don’t even know how to, – Open. Oh, that’s the straight one. – Use the one that,
– The spray. – That makes the most. – Oh, one of ’em smells good. Which one is that, that, – Oh my goodness. It just keeps coming,
we just keep finding it. I’m gonna use the spray gun
to actually push that stuff. Where’s this gonna drain into? This is not hooked to plumbing guys. – Okay, so let’s just see if, – Let me smell. – Is there a general
difference with just how it– – I mean the smells are,
the scents of both are, – This is much stronger,
the smell of this– – You think? – Almost fruity, like
almost like a fruit roll-up, like I’m thinking about licking it. Of course this could also be who’s better at cleaning a toilet? The fact that we’re
dividing it up like this. And obviously, neither
of us are very good. Okay, not a lot of difference so far. – I mean we haven’t added any water. – This is the, would you say
this is dissolving it more? – Yeah.
– This is working better, this is smelling better. – This is smearing a lot, and that seems to be
breaking up the grease. – Hmm, smell again. Still smelling really good on your side, which one would smell better, and which one would work better? I’ve got my guess. – Yeah, I don’t even
wanna go down in there. – [Stevie] Okay, you guys ready? – Yeah.
– Yep. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. Uh oh. – So you think Whole Foods cleaned better, ’cause it was more expensive. – Ha ha, but the other one smells better, ’cause Whole Foods ain’t got time to make anything smell good. That’s not what this is about. – [Stevie] The 365
brand is on Link’s side. – Yes! – You took it, hey, you gotta
go to the olive bar now, can I go with you? – You know what, I’d
like for you to have it, because I’m still feeling shame about the peanut butter thing. But I will eat some peanut butter. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hey, my name is Logan,
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