Why boss Kim can never do diet [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.08]

(On a bright and sunny weekend) (CEO Kim’s home under Namsan) (CEO Kim’s home) (When you step foot in her home…) – Is this your home, CEO Kim? / – Yes. It’s like a studio. (There’s a large living room) (And when you follow the long table in the hallway…) Look how big her kitchen is. Wow, it’s clean. (A room that receives a lot of sunlight) Your home is like a painting. – Sook is an expert on homes. / – Yes. Can you tell what the price of the house is? – It’s located in Itaewon. / – Is this place… – Your home? / – Yes. – It’s your home? / – Yes. – It’s her home? / – She’s a rich lady. You frugally saved money. She’s a rich lady. She always talked about revenue but she saved up. (The fashion boss’s dressing room) – It’s so well-organized. / – It is. This is the dressing room of a fashion CEO, so as our female viewers are watching, they’ll probably take a lot of notes in terms of how she organizes things. I’ve been to a lot of women CEOs’ homes. – It’s their distinct feature. / – Oh, really? They tend to match their clothes with their clothes hangers. I think that that’s their distinct feature. In terms of clothes that require support around the shoulders or heavy clothes… – For these clothes… / – Like knitted clothes. – I always use hangers with shoulder support. / – Yes. Women have a lot of blouses but if you hang blouses using those clothes hangers, it takes up too much space, so I use thinner clothes hangers. In terms of knitted clothes, I try to fold them… – Whenever I can. / – Because they stretch out. Yes. (Boss Kim has everything cleanly organized) (All her interior products are all placed neatly as well) She has four rooms and two bathrooms. It’s a really nice house. It’s very nice. (But where is Boss Kim?) (She looks very natural) Let’s wash up now. Time to wash your face. How cute. They look exactly the same. (Our mom has a day off today) (How is Boss Kim at work?) Our boss is a strong boss. Is this it? I can’t feel your sincerity at all. (How is Boss Kim at home?) She changes whenever she puts on her glasses. You should eat. (Rustling) You’re so pretty. Did you sleep well? You should wash your face when you wake up… (First, she washes their faces) And then eat. (Second, she grooms their fur) She’s so kind. Oh, Bono. Did you poop? (Picking up poop in the morning) (Third, she cleans up their poop) (Thank you) (Didi and Bono are 12 years old this year) If they’re both 12 years old… – You’ve been raising them for a while. / – Yes. They’re 12 years old. (She prepared something for her dogs) How cute. – Oh, she did that… / – They have their own door. So that they can move around. They can go up on the bed as well. A doghole. I’ve always wanted to have stairs like that. Did you cut that door yourself? Yes, that’s how I had the door made. – You had it made? / – When I was getting it. That was a good idea. Bono and Didi, time to eat. (She feeds them first as well) I’m going to… Eat breakfast as well. (She starts preparing her breakfast as well) I need to eat apples and bananas to be healthy. Is that your breakfast? – An apple and… / – Yes, a banana. Should I just have one? What are you going to have? Weren’t you going to just eat that? (Boss Kim’s soul food, twisted breadsticks) Twisted breadsticks. She can’t keep away from them. It seems like you always have twisted breadsticks stored away in case of an emergency. You’re eating too much sugar and carbohydrates starting from the morning. Are you one to talk? (Should I start eating now?) (Licks her fingers clean) (This is the taste that I was looking for) Yum. Yum, it tastes so good. When you eat twisted breadsticks, doesn’t that diet become meaningless? Also, it’s not like she’s eating the fruits before eating the twisted breadstick. The apple and banana are just there for decoration. (Avocado, I’m sure she’ll eat that someday) She wanted to seem like a New Yorker. Will! I wanted to show the will to eat the fruits. But she doesn’t even put it near her mouth. (At that moment, her doorbell rings) Who is it? (Who came to her house so early in the morning?) – Oh, you’re here, Hyeonjung. / – Hello. Who is it? Hello, I’ve been a model for 17 years and I also teach yoga. My name is Ji Hyeonjung. About a year after I started modeling, ESteem was established, so I ended up working with them. That’s when I first met Soyeon. From that day, for the past 16 years, we’ve been maintaining our relationship. (Why are you at Boss Kim’s house?) I usually teach yoga to CEO Kim. But today is her day off, so I came to her home. Someone recommended her to me. – When I said I wanted to exercise. / – Yoga? Yes, someone recommended her to me. – She’s a very good teacher. / – Yes. I think that most models at ESteem have a minimum of two or three jobs. – That’s right. / – They have various talents. Yes. Did you eat? – I was just eating right now. / – Yes. (She discovers the twisted breadstick) What is that? A twisted breadstick. How is she going to follow her diet? I spend a lot of time with CEO Kim, so I help her control her impulses at times. By saying, “Stop eating.” Whenever I say I just want to lose 2kg, she nags a lot. I can’t give up eating, so it’s been about 10 years since I haven’t been able to lose 2kg. The way I see it, I think it’s better if she doesn’t lose weight. Why not? Judging by the way she eats, if she were to lose 2kg now, she’d gain 4kg the next day. (She’d gain 4kg once she loses 2kg) She’ll binge-eat because she’ll be hungry. – That’s right. / – I think that… – You’re right. / – Objectively speaking… If she goes to your gym, how fast can she lose 2kg? – 2kg? / – Yes. Immediately. Immediately. (Lacking confidence, she investigates her fridge) (Let’s see) (Introducing Boss Kim’s fridge) It doesn’t look like she has a lot of food. (The side dishes are neatly-stacked) There isn’t anything to eat. What is this? What? That’s bread. Bread? (She disqualifies the bread without hesitation) The bread is out. Hyeonjung takes care of all of that for her. Canned foods are out. What’s wrong with a can of tuna? What’s wrong with it? It has a lot of oil. – Soyeon. / – No, this one… I have to eat. Should we call the girls to see what they’re doing? Should I ask them to have dinner with us? Who? Suim, Sunghee, and Jihye. – The girls you see every day? / – Yes. But you promised to have a class with me later today. Yoga class. It’ll be good to eat together after doing yoga together. – Together? / – Yes. This space is too small for everyone to do it together. Tell them to come to the office. – The office? / – Let’s go to the office. Soyeon, you… It’s your day off. – But you want to go to the office? / – Next door… There’s a really good pork belly restaurant. (Her real goal is the pork belly restaurant) – Why does she exercise? / – Soyeon… She called her over to do yoga but is talking about a pork belly restaurant. – You exercise so that you can eat. / – That’s right. (You want to eat pork belly during your diet?) We’ll just eat two pieces each. Two pieces don’t make any sense. I’ll keep my promise. Call the girls. Aren’t they sleeping? – No way. / – I think that they’re sleeping. They should wake up. Hello. Oh, she’s awake. – Yes, hello. / – Oh, she picked up immediately. Jihye. Hello? – Sunghee. / – Sunghee. You called the models on a Sunday? It’s their day off. Yes, honestly speaking… – They’re not employees. / – Yes. – They’re all living alone. / – Yes. They also aren’t in a relationship… – So they’re not doing anything. / – Even so… It’s their personal day off. They probably have plans for the day. It’s sad enough that they’re not in a relationship but to spend their day off with you… They don’t work every day of the week. I wouldn’t go. Me neither. (The lights are off at the ESteem offices) It’s scary. What is? I’m scared. – What is? / – It’s like a locker room with the lights off. (Today’s location for the yoga studio…) (Seems familiar for some reason) That’s where they had the audition for the models. (Today…) It’s nice. She looks so different to when she’s eating. (She puts on her hairpins…) It’s amazing in itself that she exercises. (And is ready to do some yoga) (But at that moment) (The three single ladies also arrive) They’re here. – Girls. / – What’s this? (You’re here!) They all came on time. They didn’t spend a lot of time getting ready but they still look so pretty. – Anyone can tell that they’re models. / – Yes. (Models Park Jihye and Kim Sunghee) (A model of 17 years, Jang Suim, joins them as well) They’ve all been modeling for over 10 years. And they all live alone. (They probably don’t know that they came to do yoga) Hello. Why did you come so late? I’m hesitant. What time is it? Oh… – That’s not for us. / – No. – I think we came to the wrong place. / – Come. They thought she was going to buy them food. Right, they thought she was going to buy them food but saw that she was exercising. Before we go to eat, let’s do a simple workout. Come here. It’ll end quickly. – This is too hard. / – I’m not dressed to do yoga. I brought extra clothes here. Oh, you brought extra clothes? They were already there. (They forcefully attend a yoga class) – Oh, it’s a training area. / – Yes. What’s going on? What’s wrong with her today? What is this? She told us that we were going to eat. What’s going on? They don’t need to exercise. That’s right. – They take care of themselves. / – They need to. They’re managing their bodies well. No, they’re not at all. Hurry up. Let’s exercise and quickly go to eat. I came expecting to eat pork belly. Hurry up and lay out the yoga mat. Suim, come here and Sunghee, come here. – Are we even going to eat? / – We will. Seriously. Food isn’t the point right now. I thought it was the point when I came. Why are you getting so angry? I know how that feels. When you live alone… – Food is the most important thing. / – It is. I run out if someone says that they’ll buy me food. Should I sit here? Teacher, I don’t know which part is the front. – The smooth part is the top. / – Oh, alright. Goodness, you don’t even know how to lay the mat. You must be very good at yoga. Of course. Haven’t you heard? You’re like a mother-in-law right now. Right? The way that she’s sitting. Kid, do it correctly. – We’ll begin now. / – Alright. If we don’t warm up before we start, we’ll get hurt. Yes, let’s warm up. We’ll be doing some strong movements. What’s that sound? She’s doing it roughly but she’s doing so well. That’s because Sunghee, who’s sitting in front… Yes. Was a professional ballerina. That’s right. (Sunghee’s savage warm-up) – We’re going to do this together. / – Alright. Put both hands next to your hips. Put both hands on top of your thighs. Raise your spine toward the sky and roll your shoulders back and down. Close your eyes comfortably so that your eyes don’t shake. Now take one or two comfortable breaths. We’re going to aim for one hour of training in our minds. Pork belly. (Laughs) (Their meditation is broken by pork belly) Jinx. – She’s so old-fashioned. / – Focus. Should we go around and talk about your intent? Pork belly. Tornado alcohol. Do you still drink tornadoes? Why are you being like this? What are you doing? – I shouldn’t get mad. / – I came to eat. I… They’re not prepared to exercise. – She must be struggling as well. / – Yes. (I need to endure…) I’ll talk about my intent first. I will not get mad. You just got mad. I always get mad but I push down my anger while doing yoga. For example, you can aim for growth. Growth? I’m already done growing. Grow? How can you grow more from here? They shouldn’t grow more from there. They shouldn’t grow. They’re 178cm to 179cm tall. – If I grow more, I’ll hit 190cm. / – Not your height. – You’re done growing. / – She keeps getting mad. I shouldn’t get mad. The students… They’re very difficult students. They don’t focus. Whenever I say something, they talk nonsense or look backward. I kept getting mad here and there but I tried not to get mad. Oh, I didn’t? Raise your upper body halfway. She has the most experience. CEO Kim, that is. Teacher, let’s do something difficult. Why do you keep asking to do difficult things? I want to show off. Why is she shaking? She said that she wanted to show off. Grab the block. Inhale as you raise your upper body halfway. As you exhale, you’re going to put your butt to the floor and sit. We’re finally sitting down. We’re going to strengthen your abs now. – Abs? / – You’re going to pair up. (She’s trying to show an example) Because you’re good. You’re going to pair up. (Tap) (Childish Soyeon) – Focus, Soyeon. / – Yes. – Focus. / – Yes. Looking at this video, CEO Kim is more unfocused than she looks. Right, she doesn’t know how to focus. – She’s unfocused when she’s hungry. / – Right. They need to feed her something. You’re going to clasp both hands with each other. In that position, extend your spine up toward the sky. You’re going to lift one leg first. – Lift one leg. / – Oh, like this? You’re going to stretch it out all the way. Focus. Isn’t this much harder for them because their legs are so long? She’s good for sure. How can she do that? Look at her face, she looks very calm. (The important thing is to straighten out your back) They’re really good. They are. They have such long legs too. She’s only done yoga for a month. You’re going to slowly lower one leg at a time. – Start? / – Let’s start. You’re going to extend your legs all the way. Good. – Oh, Jihye’s not bad. / – The other leg. – My back won’t extend though. / – Lift the other leg. They’re stable. Oh, they’re good. – They made… / – Oh, my. – A perfect “W.” / – She’s so good. You’re going to lift the leg on the outside, first. I’m looking forward to seeing CEO Kim. Right, you’re going to extend it all the way. Good. – Her legs are too long. / – Good. They did it. Oh, they did it. You’re going to take five breaths. Hold on. They’re making a “W.” – They’re doing very well. / – Yes. It’s not bad over here either. – It’s not bad. / – CEO Kim. She didn’t extend her knees all the way. The person on the right. Jang Suim. (Dazed) She’s screaming but she’s still doing it. – Wow, they’re good. / – They extended their legs. They extended it. – Lower your legs. / – She’s pulling too much. Which leg should we lower first? This one? (They fall down) Her legs are too long. – Return to your mat. / – Hey. Return to your mat. You’re going to start from the downward dog. As you inhale, you’re going to lift one leg. As you exhale, you’re going to bend your knee and turn your leg over to the opposite side as you maintain the downward dog. This is the first option. We’re going to do this? (This is easy) We’re going to do this? If you want to go a bit further from here, you can bend your other knee. You’re going to bend the knee of your supporting leg and you’re going to bring the leg that’s in the air to the other side and set it down. Oh, my. Why’s she doing that? (What’s going on here?) Then you’re going to extend your leg… Wow. And flip your body backward as you raise your hips toward the sky. This move is called the “Wild Thing.” If you want to take it one step further, from this position… Isn’t this harder than what Director Dongeun does? – It is. / – Right? That’s a very long arch. She’s a model, so she makes a very big arch. (Level three, bow pose) Isn’t this a bit too much? Do you work at a circus? – From here… / – Isn’t this a bit too much? – Let’s pass through that arch. / – Should we? – Should we go? / – You’re going to pass through? (What are you doing in the middle of class?) These are your three options. (The level of the childish boss and her models) Can you do it? Let’s assume the downward dog position. Really? Oh, no. (Will they be able to do this movement?) Try to remember your intent. Alright. Raise your right leg as you inhale. Raise it as high as your hips. She has really long legs. Her legs aren’t fitting on the screen. – Her foot got cut off. / – It went off the screen. Push the tip of your toe over your left butt. CEO Kim is tall as well. Yes, but I’m the shortest one there. (They easily complete the downward dog pose) Good, make sure your right foot stays on the floor. Good. Oh, you’re doing well. – She is. / – I told you that I’m good. (She tries the next level) Good, now breathe. When your breathing becomes stable, then we’ll do the next movement so that you don’t get injured. (Power) (Power yoga?) Next? – Should I extend this next? / – She’s very strong, so… (Take it easy) You did it too quickly. Should I extend it like this? (Oh, no) Go back. Put your left hand on the floor. (Collapses) (Shaking) My arms are shaking. (Chaos) How can they do this? It’s so difficult. (Her most difficult class to date) It’s so hard to teach you girls. Teacher, I think that you’re mad. – I think she’s very mad. / – Your face… Has gotten very red. She’s mad. I’ve never taught people like you. I succeeded. I don’t think I succeeded. They were having a hard time focusing. (The somewhat unfocused students) It was very difficult. Put your hands together in front of your chest. I love things like this. We’ll finish with a bow. – Meditation. / – Namaste. (Yay, we’re done!) Great job. Great job, let’s go eat pork belly. Hurry up and change so that we can go to eat pork belly. She called us over here but she went to go change first. – Hurry up and move. / – Clean up. Clean up your things. At least clean up your mat. She came out while putting on her socks. (She’s ready to leave with only one sock on) (The tall girls are out) Were you really thinking of pork belly the whole time while you were doing yoga? I think so. How cool. (Boss Kim is walking between the models) I’m going to go first and order pork belly with kimchi stew. She’s running like someone is chasing her. Isn’t that place the restaurant from last time? – No, it’s a different restaurant. / – Oh, it is? It’s a restaurant next to the office. The home-cooked meals there are really good. 4 servings and kimchi stew, please. Alright. – You, come here. / – 4 servings? How many servings did you order? – 4 servings. / – 4 servings? – There are 5 people though. / – We’re a party of 5. I would normally order 5 servings but I’m ordering 4 servings because I’m scared of her. (Good thinking) (Boss Kim cooks the meat as soon as it arrives) Soyeon, I’ll cook it. The pan’s not warm yet. It is. It’s not. – It is. / – No, it isn’t. The pan… – You need to put it when it gets hot. / – Right. (Is this such a big deal?) (Do you hear my beautiful sound?) (Gulps) (The well-cooked pork belly looks delicious) (I’m going insane) Look at her face. (She’s laughing at Boss Kim’s expression) Are you drooling right now? I can’t hear you right now. (I can only hear the sound of the meat cooking) Soyeon. What? You promised to only eat… – One strip of pork belly. / – One strip? – Me? I didn’t promise that. / – No way. Are you talking about pork belly… – As you’re eating this? / – I’ll just eat two pieces. – That’s nonsense. / – Right, she said two pieces. If I just eat two pieces… Two pieces mean everyone will just share one strip. If I eat too little, I’ll end up eating instant noodles. – One strip? / – Me? – I didn’t promise that. / – No way. Are you sure she didn’t say 600g? I didn’t promise her. – I just… / – You promised me. She said to just eat one strip, so I said, “How can I just eat one strip?” (One strip of pork belly vs. 600g of pork belly) Then you can eat the longest strip over here. – Make sure you mix it up as you cut it… / – Okay? So that she doesn’t remember which piece it is. Alright. Make sure that you cut it in a row. Make sure that she can’t see it. (What is Suim’s decision?) (She starts by cutting the meat in a row) She’s mixing it up. I think that she’s mixing it up. – She is. / – She mixed it. (I’m so happy) (Is this funny to you?) Is this good enough? She won’t know, just mix it up. (I’m on Boss Kim’s side) (Golden brown) That looks good. (There are 700 calories in 200g of pork belly) (Goodbye, today’s yoga session) You need to eat this with green onion kimchi. Green onion kimchi. She’s very excited. (Boss Kim’s way to eat pork belly deliciously) (Perilla leaf, lettuce, pork belly) – She’s doing it properly. / – That looks good. It’s best to eat as taught by people who know how to eat deliciously. (The fashion boss who knows how to eat deliciously) I think you put too much green onion kimchi. No, I didn’t. It looks too salty. – No, the sauce… / – No. There’s barely any sauce on here. What do you mean there’s barely any sauce? I’ll add another piece of lettuce. That… You’re going to eat it eventually anyway. I’ll add one more piece of lettuce and… (She puts it directly into her mouth) She’s in a rush. Because she wouldn’t let me eat. It must taste so good after exercising. (Namaste!) (The epicure CEO is eating deliciously) (I’m so happy) She looks so happy. She looks so different from when she’s exercising. (She’s the CEO, so I’ll refrain…) (This time, they cook the green onion kimchi) (And it looks delicious) They say that when you fry green onions… It gets rid of the sodium. Who said that? (Did Boss Yang say that?) Did Boss Yang say that? (Chef Choi?) I did. (Dumbfounded) She’s speaking a lot of nonsense today. Fake news. – That’s my first time hearing that. / – She’s no joke. I heard that you need to eat a lot of protein though to lose fat. Everything that she’s eating today is protein. – Yes. / – Meat is protein. Pork belly is fat. – It’s mixed with fat. / – Right, it’s very oily. She gave us lean meat. (Pork belly is lean meat) I saw so much oil though. (I need to refrain…) Did we exercise for an hour? Since we exercised for an hour, we should eat for an hour. She’s speaking so much nonsense. There’s a reason that she’s not losing 2kg. – It’s amazing that she doesn’t gain weight. / – It is. (That makes perfect sense!) That was very convincing. It was. You haven’t put down your chopsticks even once. (Sigh) They each put down their chopsticks at least once. Like this. Alright, I’ll put them down for a second. – Good? / – You can’t eat right away. Good? Hyeonjung really doesn’t eat though. She might get indigestion, let’s leave her alone. It’s better than not doing yoga. You’re not mad, are you? No, I’m not. I saw your vein pop out before. (Teasing) Soyeon. Just eat as much as you want today. That’s right. (You should’ve said that before) We’ll just exercise for three hours from now on. – I’ll do it. / – You need to lose the weight. She’s yelling at her so much but she’s still eating so much. She’s eating so much but she keeps yelling at her. If you don’t think about gaining weight, you won’t. That’s right. You just need to eat deliciously. I think that she’ll be her customer forever. (CEO, we’ll be together forever trying to lose weight)

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  1. I mean she should do cardio or weight lifting if she wants to solely lose weight, instead of yoga.

    Also, intermittent, works like a charm.

  2. what I like from ceo kim that she seems down to earth eventhough she is the ceo in one of the biggest model agency in south korea

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  4. Yoga isn’t going to do much for weight loss…
    she needs a healthy change in diet, cardio, weight training/resistance training. I used to be very overweight a few years ago, lost 30kg in just over 6 months after I changed my eating habits and lifestyle. Now I’m a personal trainer. I love helping other people on their weight loss journeys. Diet planning, meal prepping, a proper consistent workout regime and DETERMINATION + COMMITMENT is key.

  5. I love this CEO 😂😂😂 even though she's gained so much in her career, the smallest things still excite her. I strive to keep that mentality if I become really successful

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