Why Danielle Busby Is In The ‘Worst Physical Pain’ Of Her Life

Things have been rough for Danielle Busby
lately. The OutDaughtered star is recovering from
a recent surgery, and has a long journey ahead of her. In an Instagram post on November 18th, she
wrote: “What a morning!!! I experienced the worst physical pain I have
ever had in my life at my doctor’s office this morning.” Fortunately, Danielle has a good team on her
side to help her through her recovery. Danielle said that, as she was lying on the
sofa with the family dog, Beaux, she realized that her husband, Adam, had thoughtfully given
her a shirt with a nice message on it after she had asked him for one of his shirts to
wear that morning. The shirt read “have a nice day” and had a
big smiley face on it. She added, quote, “LOL! That’s all I want… a nice day and the pain
to go away!” The Busbys revealed on November 12th that
Danielle was heading to the hospital for a major procedure. The couple provided more details on YouTube. Danielle admitted in a vlog: “I know this isn’t something we haven’t ever
really shared or talked about, but life physically after having quintuplets has been super painful…” Danielle revealed that complications during
her pregnancy with the quints had led to her developing PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome,
a painful condition in which cysts form and then rupture on her ovaries. While Danielle has put on a brave face the
past three years, she’s been going through a lot of pain. She explained: “…the past three years have been really,
really filled with a lot of physical pain…” Danielle also revealed that things have been
getting worse with time, admitting: “This last year has been the top of the scale
with lots of pain and days every month where I’m just not able to get out of bed, and I
have to because, you know, I have six kids. Polyps have now started to form and grow inside
my uterus. There’s a medical term for it, but whatever
it’s called, [in] mom terms, I have cysts, I have polyps, and I have extreme pain 24/7
with my back and my stomach.” Danielle underwent other treatments before
deciding to get a hysterectomy, including birth control and various medications, but
none of them worked. Hopefully, the hysterectomy will alleviate
Danielle’s PCOS symptoms, but she likely has a long recovery ahead of her. According to WebMD, hysterectomy recovery
can take up to eight weeks, depending on what kind of procedure is done. During recovery, patients need to rest at
home and avoid heavy lifting. Danielle is optimistic that the procedure
will help. “Having a hysterectomy should be the fix of
all my pain. It’s a big deal. It’s gonna be kind of hard to recover from
all of this. I’m to the point where I’m just ready to be
done with it.” While having a hysterectomy means that Danielle
won’t be able to conceive another baby if the Busbys decide to have more kids, there’s
still a chance that they might adopt one day. Even before Danielle’s hysterectomy, the couple
had already decided against having more biological children. Danielle told Us Weekly in June: “Shop’s closed. It would be nice to have a little boy and
carry on the Busby name here, but there won’t be any more children unless one day God put
it on our hearts to adopt.” Adam said that the Busbys will, quote, “never
completely shut the door on” adoption and that it’s, quote, “something we’ll always
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31 thoughts on “Why Danielle Busby Is In The ‘Worst Physical Pain’ Of Her Life

  1. She’s getting help & her pain will stop. Thousands of women have the same problem she has ovarian cysts & polyps, fibroid & endometriosis & we have to live each & everyday working, keeping house & kids with no help in sight & in excruciating pain, most insurances will not allow a hysterectomy instead they give meds that don’t help, more meds that don’t help, birth control ( no help at all) & a polypectemy ( most always the polyps come back) but, we have to suffer thru, no other choice. She should be very grateful she has the money & ability to be able to get this procedure done without having to go thru all the red tape like regular people. Best wishes to Danielle for a speedy recovery. I would give my right hand to be able to have a hysterectomy due to the severe pain I go thru each & every month. I didn’t have multiples but, I have the same issues as her & it’s pure hell every month or in my case twice a month every year.

  2. Hope danielle get well soon I had that same problem the only good thing about the surgery is no more period yay…..

  3. We have an online community are so sorry that you were going through this difficult time we all hope that you get better soon best wishes

  4. My mother passed away one day after my abdominal hysterectomy. I almost had to have my intestines re-sectioned because the endometriosis had grown beyond my uterus. I grieved and healed. I pray for her strength. If she has strength, she can heal. God created our bodies to heal themselves, however you must love yourself enough to give your body what it is crying out for….complete and total rest. Eight weeks of rest doesn’t feel like enough time considering what her body has been through. May God Bless her and her family. 🙏🏻💗

  5. Strong painkillers every four hours try and get plenty sleep and drink lots of water you should feel much better in a couple weeks, get well soon xx

  6. Distraction. Thats the best keep your mind occupied. Remember there is someone worse off and know it will improve fairly quickly. I found a hysterectomy to be not too bad to recover.

  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take all the help that's offered and ask too when needed, no one ever got a medal for for putting up with pain and getting on with it. ❤

  8. First you are a good mom and bless your heart that sounds painful. I will pray for u and your family and god bless u guys and take the pain away

  9. That good that thay had talk about adoption there are kids out there thay would love to be a part of your family and that deserve parents like u guys

  10. Praying for complete healing for you, Danielle. Praying that the doctors have the wisdom to make the right decisions during the surgery and that they take great care of Danielle. God, give her family the strength they need to help take care of her, her husband and her sweet babies! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

  11. I had a hysterectomy about 11 months ago! I was in pain everyday also before for almost 2 yrs. Now I feel so much better! I was up and feeling good after about 2 weeks and only out of work for 4 1/2 weeks. I hope the surgery helps you! Love you guys!!!! 💜❤️💜❤️

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