Why Saya Barkdoll Started Her Wellness Studio

My name is Saya Barkdoll and my businesses is Ohana Wellness. When I was 15, my mother was terminal and hospice sent a massage therapist out to work with her. All the drugs, everything that she
was on, it was the first time that we saw light in her eyes. And that’s when I really understood that there was something so incredible about the
power of touch. So as a 15 year old I literally said to myself right then I’m going to do this, I can help people. I went straight to massage school
right after high school and so I’ve been doing it for 18 years now. It’s that same light that I saw
within my mother that we see in these clients everyday and we’re providing that. I mean that gift that honor is is really powerful. We are an all womens-run practice and we have this incredible bond and this wonderful spirit of the place. So every day you know I get to go there and it’s like just this incredible. Everyone always says whoever works
there they say you know they’re so
stressed out and they want to go to work. You know, it’s like the opposite of
what you hear. Everyone feels so grounded and happy at the office. And every once in a while, it’s just like
“Wow. I did this. I created this space” for not only our clients who are coming to get
pampered and feel this relaxation but for the therapists who also are providing so much. I mean it’s humbling.

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