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(upbeat music) A lot of women go to the gym
with the goal of a weight loss but in today’s
motivation to move, we’re gonna find out
why your goal should be gaining strength and
not getting skinny. So today I with
Monica at Club 33 to talk about it some more. Monica, tell us why it’s
so important to focus on weight training
and that weight loss. – Weight training
is so important to make sure you remain healthy
and not only skinny, right? There’s so many great benefits
of gaining muscle mass and getting stronger, one being your
metabolism does speed up, just function throughout
the day being stronger, obviously makes your
life a little bit easier. And it’s all about being
healthy and also looking good. – A lot of misconceptions out
there about strength training, women don’t wanna pick
up those big weights ’cause they think, “Oh,
I’m gonna get bulky, “or I’m gonna gain weight.” – Not at all, a lot of that
has to do with nutrition. That being said, make sure
you’re not over eating. The second you start over
eating your calories, you will bulk up, you
will gain more muscle if you are doing
heavier weights. So there’s a very fine line
between exercising and nutrition and making sure that
the two work together to kind of get the results
that you wanna get. – You’ve got some great
tips on how to help women who are just getting started
in strength training, do you wanna show me them? Okay, Monica, we’ve
got weights in hands and our first tip
is about high reps. What does that mean? – Yes, so when
you’re just starting your weightlifting journey, it’s important to go
for the lighter weights and do more repetitions. So today we’re doing bicep
curls with five pounds, and we’re gonna
do 15 repetitions. So you’ll still
feel a nice burn, you’re still
exhausting that muscle, but you’re not overdoing it. Obviously, as you get stronger,
I’ll definitely say that, “It’s important to
increase your weight “and decrease your reps “so that you’re still
challenging your body “and you challenging your
muscles at the same time.” – Tip number two has
to do with targeting. What does that mean? – So targeting a
particular muscle group. In this case, we’re gonna target our shoulders.
– Okay. – That way, you’ll see
results much faster by exhausting one
particular muscle area and then moving on
to the next one. Let’s say, “You’re
working out on Mondays, “Wednesdays and Fridays.” Mondays should be your
back and shoulder day, on Wednesdays you should target
your legs and your glutes, and on Fridays you
can target your bicep, tricep and your core. – For her final tip,
but Monica says, “It’s important to make
sure you’re including body weight exercises to
challenge your muscles in a different way. – I’m talking push
ups, planks, squats and it’s important
to incorporate that because sometimes working
with your own body weight could be a little
bit more challenging than working with weights. And so today we’re
gonna go into a side plank and we’re gonna
work on our core. You gonna support
yourself on your elbow. – Okay.
– And you gonna hold a plank just like that for about 30
seconds to a minute. – Oh!
(laughs) – If you wanna make this a
little bit more challenging, you can take your left hand and actually go into a
little spin inside and out. – So let’s recap
everything we talked about, and that is, we should really
focus on strength training rather than getting skinny because it’s gonna help
our bodies in the long run. – Absolutely, sure it will. You wanna make sure you
have a comprehensive, have a workout routine. It’s gonna speed
up your metabolism, you’re gonna feel better, but
you also going to look better. – Thank you so much,
great information. – Thank you, thank
you for having me. – We want to see how you
stay strong in the gym. Tag us on Instagram

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