Why use iMedisearch for online medical information search

Have you ever wanted to know more about
a medical condition? What do you usually do? If you’re like
most people, you would go straight to one of the popular search engines. But do you know why this would not be a good idea? These search engines are not selective.
They search from everything on the Internet, including sites with misleading
and dangerous medical information. Deciding which websites to trust is not easy, and trusting the wrong
medical information can harm your health. Also these general purpose search
engines have no way of knowing who is doing the search. Someone without medical
training would get the same search results as would a doctor. And we know
that it’s not easy to understand medical information meant for doctors. So this is why we built iMedisearch, to
give you trustworthy and customized search results. iMedisearch is a
dedicated medical search engine that searches only from reliable medical
websites. These sites have been meticulously
screened by medical practitioners. Therefore the search results are of high
quality and reliability. iMedisearch also caters results to who
the searchers are. Before conducting a search, you first select the user type
that fits you. The general public, physician, pharmacist,
nurse or other practitioners. iMedisearch will then deliver
results appropriate for you. Easy to read articles if you are the
general public and sophisticated ones such as the clinical guidelines if you
are a medical practitioner. iMedisearch is used and recommended by major institutions around the world including the National Network of
Libraries of Medicine. When health matters, trust iMedisearch, search engine of reliable medical

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