Why Wellness Matters: Steve Anderson, Holt of California

You never know if
something’s wrong until you go and
get it checked out. And that’s when I got scared. Is when I actually
got it checked out. But I’m glad I did, or else
I might not be here today. Holt implemented
some activities, such as the Sutter
Health screening. The day of the screening, I came
in the work like any other day. And I didn’t even remember
about the health screening until a fellow employee had
come up and said, hey Steve, are you going to the
health screening today? And I said, oh that’s today. The first thing I did
was go in and they took my blood pressure. And the nurse looked
up at me and asked me if I was feeling OK. I said, I feel great, why? And she goes, well your blood
pressure is extremely high. Why don’t you continue
the health screening and get it rechecked at the
end of the health screen? His blood pressure
was 230 over 120. Steve did not have
any symptoms that would have led him
to believe that he was in fact having
this blood pressure. No headache, no shortness of
breath, no pain in the chest. The reading that
he presented with is something that’s considered
hypertensive crisis. Now a hypertensive crisis can
actually go on to prove fatal. Or at the very least,
cause a stroke. About that time,
the nurse told me I should probably go see
my doctor immediately. And so I did. I took the rest day off work. Went to go see my doctor. And from there, got put
into the emergency room. And got a nice three
day stay in a hospital. Trying to figure out why it was
so high and how to lower it. Now, I’ve lost about 50 pounds. I’ve been going to the
gym almost every day. It all comes back to
my kids, and wanting to live a lot longer for them. Being around for them. I’d like to walk my
daughter down the aisle when she decides to get married. I want to be there for
my son when he graduates. And I just want to maintain a
lifestyle that hopefully they can see, and also do the same. Make healthy choices, and so on.

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