Willie Bloomquist: Diet and Nutrition are Important to Staying Fit

hey I’m Jake of Body by Jacob welcome to
our motivational minute with Willy Bloomquist man and we’re here with Chase
Field really great to see you man you as well 14 years in the bigs started with
the Mariners they did terrific career here with the Arizona Diamondbacks how
did you keep yourself in physical shape it’s pretty grueling man in 14 years of
a career is a long time you know the main thing is is try to establish a good
diet obviously in the offseason especially it’s trying to try to gain
muscle strength and flexibility is a big thing but throughout the year to
maintain that and not let it fall off the cliff so to speak you got to try and
maintain that throughout the year diet as a big thing hot and cold tub and this
is a career man this is our job so you have to put in like I said you get out
what you put in how do you keep yourself a shape today because you look at pretty
tight man well I mean it fear a fear is a big thing because as I’m getting older
you know you can’t exactly eat what you want anymore you kind of got to be
careful about things because you can lose it pretty quickly so for me it’s
just a matter of you know I feel better when I work out and a lot of them I my
lingering injuries from playing feel better when I work out and stay in shape
and if I let it go those things start flaring up and popping up and I don’t
feel as good getting out of bed during you know every day so favorite food
binge food has got to be pizza I love it great good deal
favorite exercise that you do you know I like to do a lot of the the interval
training on elevated incline so I mean that that seems to do me in pretty well
but at the end of it I feel out now you know outstanding once I recover is there
a a message you know when you speak and we’ll go back to this I’m a big believer
in hope you know that when you talk to people you leave them with a final
thought what would that be Willie well it’s look at me I’m an average I’m an
average human being I’m nothing special but I think if you put your mind to
something and are mentally strong enough and willing to to sacrifice you can get
a lot out of life and I was able to fulfill my dream of playing and being a
major league baseball player and there’s guys that are way more talented than me
throughout the years but you know when it comes to beating me you
better pack a lunch so you go into things with that mindset I think you can
you can accomplish great things beautiful well done ma’am Willie hey
remember stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit it’s been things see worst
that you must not quit don’t quit have a great day

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