Windows Virtual Desktop for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. Healthcare providers need a modern workplace that allows them to work more efficiently and effectively. But simply having technology is not enough. A modern workplace in Healthcare must Make technology accessible across teams Consistently safeguard patient information Windows Virtual Desktop brings the modern workplace to life for Healthcare so everyone Is empowered by technology to focus on patient care has secure, reliable access to important patient data anywhere, on any device Is able to meet compliance requirements across networks Can use productivity enhancing tools Windows Virtual Desktop enables you to Access full Windows 10 desktop, Office 365 apps and your native apps in the cloud seamlessly from anywhere so physicians and care teams can work effectively together Integrated container technology enables Office apps in virtual environments to run with native performance and behavior. This helps to ensure consistency of a user's experience for pooled environments. You can also secure highly-confidential patient data across the organization by managing and configuring devices with Windows 10 and Microsoft Intune all with compliance capabilities across Azure and Office 365. You can also select from a wide range of devices add, remove and manage devices easily from a centralized location, and quickly and easily deploy new devices in distributed locations Easy to use, secure, and compliant. Windows Virtual Desktop is designed to meet healthcare needs. To learn more, visit

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