Motu, why have you called us all here? Patlu, look at this yoga book, by doing yoga, our body will always be fit and fine. I will learn Yoga by reading this so that I can always be fit. If you want to learn Yoga, then you should join yoga class, learning from a Yoga teacher will be more beneficial. This book has a lot of simple techniques, I will learn it by myself and then teach others. Tell me who all will learn yoga with me? Motu, learning yoga by reading the book is very difficult. It’s not difficult at all, look at this breathing exercise. Close one nostril from one finger and breathe in air from the other nostril, look, like this. If you learn Yoga this way, you will not be able to breathe at all. Come let’s go home now. No, not at all, I will not stop till I learn yoga, you go home. As you wish. A lot of breathing exercise is done, now exercise to strengthen the legs. H ere it’s written that first pick up the right leg and place it on the right shoulder. And then place the left leg on the left shoulder. Now bring the right leg in front again and. My legs are stuck now, how do I remove this? I think I need to go to Patlu, he is the only one who can remove this leg. Patlu! Help me. Oh my lord! Motu what happened? It’s an exercise to strengthen the hands. Wondering who knocked the door? Look down Patlu, down!! Don’t laugh, pull my legs in front. First let me laugh. Thank you. If you are done with your Yoga craze, then let’s go to the tea stall and eat samosa. You are making fun of me, no problem but I will become a Yoga teacher and show you. I am not making fun of you. But I am just saying that to before becoming a yoga teacher yourself, first go to a guru to learn yoga properly. I don’t need any teacher, bye see you again, bye. I understood, with this exercise, hands legs and stomach are strengthened along with the neck. Shut up, laughing at others is wrong, don’t you feel ashamed. How to remove? I am stuck badly, think I need to go to Patlu again. Motu, eat some samosa go. Who is this? It should be Motu only, it cannot be anyone else, I won’t leave him. Oh my god! Motu, it cannot be anyone else. Where did he go? I won’t leave him. Hey stop, stop in the name of law, you have a swear of law, swear in the name of mother India, stop it. Hey, Patlu!! There is no one here. Oh, look down also at some times. Motu, at least now understand and remove the Yoga fever from your head. First please help me, and stop laughing. Motu, today we both want to teach you something. Give me also, me too. Patlu! Save me! Can’t you carry me in your arms? Sorry! Help, you can’t do this injustice on me. Oh, thank god, you are safe now, now don’t go to learn Yoga again friend. I will learn Yoga. Patlu where is Motu? I have not seen him for a long time. He did not even come home since a few days, don’t know when he will give up his Yoga learning craze Patlu my friend, now I have learnt Yoga properly, I have become a Yoga guru now. Whoever wants to learn yoga can learn from me, you will find me at the Furfuri town ground. Astonishing, he did not even ask for Samosa. I think he has really become a Yoga teacher, now he has full control on his emotions. I am going to learn Yoga from him. Yoga teacher Motu, in order to strengthen my hands which yoga should I do? Whole night, upside down asan, it means stand upside down on your hands whole night. And meet me in the morning. Yoga teacher, power of my eye has increased. Tell me some exercise that will reduce the power of my specks. Whole night eyes open asan, which means whole night, with the help of both your hands, keep the eyes open. Don’t let it close and meet me in the morning. Yoga teacher, in order to catch criminals I need to run hold of a lot. Any exercise that will allow me to run faster than a horse. Whole night I understood, what else after that? Whole night, standing like a horse asan, meaning whole night stand like a horse. On both hands and legs, meet me in the morning. Tell me some exercise to strengthen my memory my friend, my yoga teacher. Whole night standing on head asan, meaning stand on your head the whole night and meet me in the morning. According to me, don’t listen to Motu. How are you my dear disciples? Oh my god! What kind of exercise you gave me, now I cannot even stand straight like a human. The entire way I have walked like this only. My eyes do not close at all now, its always open. How will I sleep now? I am feeling so dizzy within my head that I cannot even stand still. I cannot even lift my hand, how will I do boxing? Motu thank god that Boxer cannot lift his hand or else imagine what would have been your condition. What if I cannot lift my hands, I can use my legs. Come on friends lets teach some exercise to this yoga teacher now. Motu, now I will tell you one exercise whole day running asan, meaning keep running the whole day. Then lets run. Did your Yoga fever disappear or not? My fever has disappeared however please remove the fever these people who want to beat me.

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