Yoga For the Winter Blues – Yoga for Depression

– Hey everyone, welcome
to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and today we have a sequence to beat the winter blues. It’s colder than a
witch’s titty most places, even here in Texas, and
a lot of us are cooped up and are not able to get moving in the way that we normally do or that we’d like to. It’s actually hardly very cold here today but they’ve cancelled everything
here in Austin, Texas. So, we’re putting
together a little sequence just to get the body moving,
to get the nervous system and, really, a couple of
systems replenished and happy so that you can beat the winter blues. So put on something comfy,
get your coffee or your tea, light a candle, and let’s
meet each other on the mat. (light playful guitar music) All right, so today we’re going to begin flat on the back, yay. Come to lie flat and we’ll
take a second to just check in with the body by pointing
and flexing the feet. (inhales) Taking a nice deep breath in and out. (inhales and exhales) Then inhale, spread your
fingertips super wide, stretching the hands as we
reach the arms all the way up and overhead. (exhales) And then same thing here,
pointing and flexing the feet, noticing that ripple effect
in the body, and this time stretching the fingertips
wide, and then clenching them into fists, so we’re spreading them wide, and back and forth, back and forth. You can rotate the
wrists a little bit here, you can close the eyes and find your breath. (exhales) Feel supported by the earth here. We’ve decided to take a
little time for ourselves to check in with the body,
check in with the breath and hopefully leave the mat feeling a little stimulated, hello! And a little rejuvenated. One more breath here. And then we exhale, float
the fingertips down, press the palms into the earth and we’ll hug the knees
up towards the chest. Go ahead and kick your
toes up towards your nose, so that the lower back
becomes flush with the mat. Wrap the arms around the
shins and we chill here, rocking a little back and forth, maybe tucking the chin into
the chest just slightly to avoid kind of being here. We’ll finally lift by tucking
the chin into the chest. (exhales) (chuckles) I’m on a rocky place here on
the woodfloor, I can hear it. All right, we’ll flex
the feet here, toes up towards the ceiling. Relax your shoulders down,
you can even tag a little bit of weight in the elbows here, just to remind you to avoid
this clinching and find space. We have the nice support
of the earth here, flat on our backs, so
use it, grounding down, do the elbows. We take a deep breath in and on an exhale, gently lifting the head, peeling
up, nose towards the knees. So it’s really not about the
knees touching the nose here, eskimo kiss! But it’s about the intention, so if you have a nice big chest, or we’re just working towards creating more space in the spine, be here now, enjoy this,
it doesn’t have to be here, just the intention of
nose towards the knees. So it might be here. Or it might be here. A couple more breaths here, let’s do two more breath
cycles, in and out. If you’re feeling yummy here,
you can reach the fingertips towards the outer edges of the feet. You can even grab the outer
edges of the feet here. Again, notice, I’m drawing the
shoulders away from the ears, still keeping this awareness,
this openness in the heart and in the chest. (inhales and exhales) Great, inhale in, lift the chin slightly, lots of space, and on
an exhale, we release. Awesome. Cross the right ankle over
the left, grab the outer edges of the feet here, or, if that is seeming a little bit tight, you
can grab the big toes with the index finger,
middle finger and thumb. Grab the big toes, or the outer
edges, and we’re going to go for a little rock and
roll, massaging the spine. A couple of times here. This is a great massage for the spine, this is also just a really
nice transition for me, to remember my sense of humor and find a little playful vibe. Do it as many times as you feel satisfied, and then together we’ll
meet in a nice cross, a good position, Sukhasana,
where we’ll just take a second, nothing fancy here, just
rolling the shoulders forward, up and back, lubing
up the shoulders a bit, and then the opposite direction, we’re just going to kind
of swim, one at a time. (laughs) Great, and now a gentle
twist, I’m going to turn to face you here. Right palm is going to
come to the left knee, I’m going to lift up through
the crown of the head, left fingertips behind. Again, find that length
up through the crown, heart open here, chest open. Take a deep breath in and on an exhale, we gently move into the twist. This is definitely not about
cranking into a yoga pose, but it’s about maybe closing
the eyes and using your breath to discover a little bit of space. So you can use that inhale
to lift and lengthen, and the exhale to maybe
journey a little bit into your twist. All right, one more nice,
deep breath in here, and on an exhale we gently
melt it back to center and take it to the other side. So, left palm comes to the right knee, right fingertips behind. I can’t stress enough how it’s
really not about the twist or about the look of the twist as it is about the feel, right? So we inhale, roll up through the spine. The tendency here is to kind of do this, lean back. So see if you can tilt
the pelvis, find length, if that means you don’t go all the way, then I say ease up, make
some new discoveries here. Inhale, we lift and lengthen,
and exhale, we journey into the twist. One more deep breath in here, then exhale, we melt it back to center. Awesome, now we’re going
to come onto all fours, so from here you can just
send the palms forward, and come to Tabletop Position. So we’re just going to stimulate
a little bit of that Prana, that Chi that’s been
maybe a little stagnant. We’ve been watching some
Netflix or some movies and we need to get the energy going. The energetic body needs a
little bit of a wake up call. So, wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly underneath the hip-points. Press up and out of your
foundation, draw the shoulders away from the ears. What I mean here is literally
create space between the ears and the shoulders. Let the neck grow long. Inhale and exhale, press
into the tops of the feet and let the knees hover. Notice my gaze is straight
down, not looking forward, I’m drawing my navel up towards my spine, I’m tucking my tailbone just a bit, finding the length in the lower back. And this doesn’t have
to be a big lift, guys, this is just a little hover. Again, it’s not about the
shape or creating the shape, it’s about the experience here. So right away you can
notice maybe a little shake or that Prana, that Chi saying
“Hello [insert your name]!” “Hello, Adriene!” And on an exhale we gently release. Awesome, curl the toes
under, and send sitbones back towards the heels. Great, widen the knees as wide as the mat, and then walk your palms
a little bit forward here. Inhale, look forward, extension, and on an exhale we melt
the heart to the mat. Forehead might kiss the mat here, it might just hover, we can find a little
sway in the shoulders, and this should feel yummy. Opening the shoulders, melting the heart to the earth. Again, counteracting perhaps,
time spent on the couch. Great, draw the navel to
the spine, and rock back up to all fours, walk the knees
underneath the hip-points, wrists underneath the shoulders. We’re going to come onto
the tops of the feet here for Cat Cow. Inhale, scoop your heart, look forward and exhale, tucking the tailbone
in, we travel up the spine, chin into chest, and then finally the crown of the head releases. Inhale, scooping heart, pressing
up and out of the palms, and exhale, release. Do one more cycle. (exhales) (inhales) (exhales) Great, then we’ll come
back to Tabletop Position, curl the toesies under,
walk the palms forward, and keep the knees nice and
bent as you send the sitbones up Downward Facing Dog. So take a second here
to pedal the feet out, I’ll tuck my shirt in here. That would mean a triple
X yoga for the blues, although, you know, might
get a lot of hits on YouTube, but that’s not what we’re
going for here, people! We’re going for yoga,
finding what feels good in the body here as you pedal
the feet, find a little movement, pressing into all ten knuckles strong, particularly the fleshy part
between the index finger and thumb. Great, find stillness here, take a nice, juicy inhale in, and a nice long exhale
out through the mouth. (exhales) Great, slowly lowering back to all fours, we bring the two big toes
together, walk the wrists back underneath the shoulders, and then send the knees
wide, as wide as the mat. Great, Cat Cow variation here. We send the sitbones back,
and if you’re going to only do one pose, if you’re feeling
just a little yucky, or you know, cabin fever, a
little anxious, this is the sweetest Vinyasa, I feel. We start in extended Child’s Pose. We inhale, send the body to
the left side of the mat. Keep the palms rooting down strong again, full body experience, as
we inhale, we come forward, open up through the front body,
and exhale, navel to spine, as we come around. Inhale, come forward, moving in a circle, and exhale, around and back. (exhales) Keep it going, inhale, open your heart, and exhale, massaging the
fronts of the hip creases. If you find a catch, you might
rock a little back and forth there, and then you might
reverse your circle going in the opposite direction. Now, to each his own here,
check in with the neck, check in with the shoulders, if you find that you just need a couple of extra
beats here in Extended Child’s Pose, do that, moving with the breath. (inhales and exhales) And then we’ll come back
to Tabletop Position. Awesome! Knees underneath the hip-points, wrist walking forward. Curl the toes under and we come back to Downward Facing Dog. Take your time, move nice and slow, gently warming up the body,
checking in with those hammies. Again, don’t worry about
the heels touching the earth as much as the experience. Getting there. Often, I’ll start class
with my heels way up high and by the end of class before I know it, my
heels are climbing down towards the mat. So, again, focusing on the
experience is the way to go. Great, we’re going to
go for a little walk, gently walking the feet up towards the front edge of the mat, take your time, and together
we’ll arrive in Uttanasana. Feet hip-width apart today,
toes pointing forward. Just take a second to let the
weight of the head hang over and the knees to bend as
generously as you need. You might grab the elbows here, rock a little side to side. Keep deepening the breath. Inhale in, on an exhale
release the fingertips, press into all four corners of the feet, draw your chin to your
chest, and slowly roll it up, all the way to Mountain. As you roll up, spread your awareness throughout all four corners of the feet, draw energy up from the
arches and then we’ll inhale, reach the fingertips all
the way up towards the sky. Take a second here, right hands
are going to grab the left wrist, we’re just going to do a
nice, easy side body stretch. This doesn’t have to be a big move,
it can be a nice, pulsating move, it can be gentle. Heart stays open, we spread awareness throughout all four corners of the feet, and then take it back to
center, and to the other side. Again, just finding a little space, and then we exhale back to center. Great, inhale, reach it up, spread the fingertips wide, and exhale, dive forward, generous
bend in the knees here as I come into Forward Fold, Uttanasana. Inhale, lift and lengthen, to Flatback Position, and
exhale, softening down. Great, bring the fingertips
to the outer edges, and we’re going to heel-toe
heel-toe the feet together, so the inner arches are touching. Great, bend the knees
generously, and inhale. We’re going to reach the fingertips all the way up to Flatback. Okay, so this is a Chair variation here, sitbones are hovering over the heels, send your weight towards your heels. One more breath here, remember
that hovering Cat here, navel to spine, deep breath in, and exhale where you release. Great, awesome, now we plant the palms and
step or hop it back to plank. Great, one Vinyasa here today,
we shift the weight forward, you can lower the knees
here, hug the elbows in, slowly lower down, Chaturanga,
or all the way to the belly, and then inhale, lift up,
Cobra or Upward Facing Dog. So yogi’s choice here, whether you’re in Up Dog or in Cobra, take a second to experience the posture, to breathe, and then we’ll exhale, curl the toes under, draw the navel up and send
it to Downward Facing Dog. Great, pedal the feet, drop the left heel, inhale, slide the sole
of the right foot up, take your time here as we step that right foot
all the way into our lunge, and then we’re going to slowly
lower the back knee down. Great, take a second here
to find your footing. So, front knee is over the front ankle, we’re going to come onto
the top of that left foot. The root of this pose
really is in that back foot, so I’m going to press on that back foot, draw the hands to the waistline,
and then inhale, lift up, open heart, open chest,
breathing deep here as I loop the shoulders,
maybe draw the elbows together, and back. Now you might just stay here, if you’re feeling like, “Whoah! I want to go
watch Netflix now again”, hang in with me, hug the
inner thighs together. if you’re feeling like you
need a little extra padding, you can double up on the mat here. Or of course a little
blankie or towel is good. Great, tuck the pelvis,
let’s see if we can nip the lower cage in, and again, once again create that experience
we had in hovering Cat. Might just stay here, or you
might take it a step further by reaching the fingertips
forward, up and back. So I’m not sinking in on the hip yet, back it up, right thigh
is parallel to the mat. Great, pull the thumbs
back, shoulderblades in, together and down, breathe, inhale, draw
a line with the nose, look up, just testing our balance here as we hug the inner thighs together and then exhale, gently
release the fingertips, and we’re going interlace
them behind the tail, looping the shoulders, we lift the heart, extension
through the crown of the head, and now we can stay here or
we’re going to pulse for three, inhale in, stay there, or exhale, checking in with that front hip, breathing into the back of that
left hip crease, there’s one and two, and one more, as we pull the right hip
crease back, we sink in again, breathing into the front
of the left hip crease. And three, awesome,
release the fingertips. And we’ll return to Downward Facing Dog, planting the palms, navel to spine, we curl
the back toes under, step the right foot back, Downward Dog, pedal it out. If you want to sneak into
Vinyasa here you can. (exhales) And then we’ll drop the right heel, slide the sole of the left leg up, and step it up into a lunge once again. So we come all the way
here, Runner’s Lunge, find your footing, and then we’ll lower that back knee. Come onto the top of that
right foot, nice and strong. Hug everything into the
midline, hands to the waist, as we inhale, pressing that
back foot, lift your heart, careful not to sink into
the hip here right away, but find that, lift that Mula Bandha, if you’re familiar with that energetic lift through the centerline, from the pelvic floor, and then check in, and again, you might feel like “Whoah!”, so
hug it into the midline, feel free to pad that knee if you need. We breathe here. (inhales and exhales) Tuck the pelvis, draw the navel in, lift your heart, and then we can stay with hands on the hips again, or we can reach the fingertips
forward, up and back. You might consider pulling
the thumbs back just a bit. It doesn’t have to be a narrow reach here, it can be nice and wide if the shoulders are tight. Breathe, strong legs here
again, hugging everything, energetically again towards the midline, inhale, challenge your
balance by looking up, nice and slow, and then exhale, let’s gently release, fingertips interlace behind the tail, and we open the heart, the chest, (exhales and inhales) Now, we can stay here, or
we’re going to pulse for three, just checking in, inhale,
and exhale, sinking forward. Three times. (exhales) And last one, thinking
up through the heart. Great, take a deep breath in, on an exhale release the fingertips and float the palms back down. Great, this time we’re
going to step that left foot back to all fours. Coming to all fours here,
we curl the toes under, and send it back. Take a breather. So we’re breathing into
the soles of the feet here, nothing fancy. (inhales and exhales) Great, draw the navel to the spine, cross the left ankle over the right, and we’re going to slide
on through back to Seated. Great, go ahead and center yourself in the center of your mat, and send the legs out long. Press into the heels, inhale,
reach the fingertips up, and exhale, we’re going
to go to the outer edge of that left foot here. So it might be the outer
edge of the left shin, or the ankle, so just go where the hands
fall naturally, breathing, and if I want, I can swing my left hand
around to either reach towards the back of the mat, or maybe to reach around to bind onto the top of that right thigh. It’s really about the experience, it’s about the sensation in the body so if you’re confused
about what this bind is, don’t worry about it. I’m reaching my left
fingertips around to come to the top of my right hip crease. Just for fun. Deep breath in, and exhale. We release, reach the fingertips up, and we take it to the other side. Reaching towards the outer
edge of that right foot. Maybe it comes to the shin, so just going where it feels comfortable. And then, same thing. I can reach my right hand
back, might just stay here, working on this twist, or it might reach around to
clasp the top of my left thigh. I’m pressing into both heels, I’m finding extension
by drawing the shoulders away from the ears. One more breath, and exhale, we release. Awesome, interlace the fingertips, index finger pointing forward, point the toes, and we’re going to slowly roll it down,
checking with the core here, nice and slow, nice and slow, point the toes, point the toes. And then gently release. (exhales) Awesome, interlace the
fingertips behind the head, so you’re going to go from here to here. Extending the thumbs, give
yourself a little neck massage. (exhales) Close your eyes, imagine yourself chilling on a warm beach. For us here in Austin, Texas, it’s laying on the hill with
a book, at Barton Springs. If you’ve been feeling particularly blue or just anxious, ready to get out, feel like a lot of things
are on the back burner because of the cold weather, just take a second now
to maybe set an intention for the rest of the cold weather days, are there things that you
can focus on here at home? Maybe set an intention to do more yoga, more Pranayama, while
you have the time inside. (exhales) All right, one more breath here, I’m massaging my neck with
my thumbs, stimulating. Ah, feels good. And then we’ll gently release. (exhales) Bring the palms down at your
sides and slide the knees up, soles of the feet on the earth. The final posture today is
Setu Bandhasana, Bridge Pose. I’m going to come onto
the center of my mat. Ok, hiking the heels up
towards the sitbones, toes pointing towards the front edge along with the fingertips. Take a second to tuck
the chin into the chest, take a deep breath in, and on an exhale begin to press into the
palms and rock the pelvis. You can see my pelvis here,
I’m beginning to rock pelvis up by curling the tailbone up and
then slowly I begin to lift, pressing into all four
corners of the feet. Take a deep breath in as
you lift the hip-points, sending the butt cheeks towards the backs of
the knees energetically. Everyone just went “What?!”. Check out “The Foundations
of Yoga: Bridge Pose” if you want to know
more about this posture. Take a deep breath in and exhale, we massage the spine as we release it back down. And, once again, rocking
the pelvis, we inhale. (inhales and exhales) Exhale, press into the
feet and lift it up. This time we might walk. The shoulderblades in and together, to interlace the fingertips once again. Then I press up and out
of the earth, breathing. Don’t look at the video
here, trust your instincts, keep the chin tucked into the
chest, lift your hip-points, breathe into the belly. (inhales and exhales) Awesome, one more breath. And on an exhale, let
the fingertips release, and we slowly lower down. (exhales) Nice. Hugging the knees in towards
the chest just like we did at the beginning of our practice, rocking a little side to side. Little Hedgehog Pose here, nose to knee, I lift the crown of the head, nose comes towards the knees. Again, it’s not about actually touching but just the intention,
finding that counterstretch. (exhales) And then we relax it back down. Great, one thing that I love,
especially when I just need a little pick-me-up, seems so
simple, but it’s so awesome, is releasing the soles
of the feet to the ground with a thud, so it looks like this. (thud) Feels awesome. Where I teach public classes,
we have a pretty hard floor, and so I’ll give this
as an option to students and they do it a lot, feels great. And just let it go. (thud) My whole body just kind
of jiggles with it. Let’s do one more. (inhales and exhales) (thud) Awesome. So much going on in the soles of the feet. If you are interested in
reflexology, then you know what I’m talking about. Sliding the legs down, one at
a time, opening the arms up. If you have a pillow or a
blanket, you might get set up here for a nice, cosy Shavasana. Just taking a couple of breaths
here to notice how you feel. (inhales and exhales) And then you can pause
the video here, stay here as long as you like. Otherwise, we’ll reach the
arms up and overhead now, nice and slow, wiggle
the toes and the fingers, and then hug the knees into the
chest, cross the right ankle over the left, and, once
again, we rock and roll. Rocking and rolling, back and forth, woo! Getting a little Plough
Pose stretch in here, maybe the backs of the
hands touching the mat, doesn’t really matter, just rocking up, and once again finding
your sense of humor, a little lightness in the
body, maybe a little smile. Very good. All right, that was a little sequence to get the energetic body
feeling good during these times of cold winter. Chances are, if you’re home or maybe your work got cancelled today, or school got cancelled, or
you’re just putzing around on the Internet a little more
because you’re not outside, because it’s freezing, you
have time to send us a picture of what you’re doing to
combat the winter blues. You can post it on Twitter, make sure to hashtag “winter blues” and also tag us #yogawithadriene. #yogawithadriene #winterblues Yeah, send us a pic of what you’re doing to fight the winter blues, it can be yoga, it could be anything really. Can’t wait to see what you post. I love you guys, make sure
you’re taking good care of your body in this
time, I’ll post some tips for keeping the body happy
and healthy on the blog, so make sure you check us out. Subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t already, and I will see you next time. Namaste. (light playful acoustic music) Your dog might want to
come do yoga with you, and if he does, just say “Okay,
cool, you can do yoga…” “over there.” So… So we’re good? All right.

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    As in, yesterday I had a job interview and the practice used to be this one with the blues but went for doing the one for the previous day as that was about anxiety and stress. And it was juicy and wholesome as always and thought to myself, I will get back home and do the blues one as well just to keep on schedule. And of course I got back home and got engaged in other chores n then crashed. Today I come to see what the yoga calendar brings aaaaand score! the blues has moved up to specifically today, so my fancy of keeping on schedule is tickled 😀
    I know this is such a detail, but it makes me happy to be alive today :-p and fills me with excitement to fish through previous days n see the new juicy vids added <3
    I notice and I love what is happening with these calendars >:D<

  28. Checking in for #ywahope with my spankin' new yoga mat! Also, taking my time with those twists was a game changer 🙂

  29. It’s December 20th 2018 for me as I practice this today. I’m in west central Illinois on the Mississippi River. It should be 30ish degrees here with snow. It’s going to be 50 today and rainy. I’m not happy about that. I love the 4 seasons that’s why I live here. Winter has been few and far between these days. So my blues are from a lack of snow. However I find solace in knowing winter has only begun, so there will be snow in our future. Just not a white Christmas. I will survive……..Have a Merry Winter my friends. 🎄🎅🏼☃️

  30. Today has been great, and this video made it even better. The weather has also been holding up, we don't have any snow over here in Bowmanville 🙁 I did notice that my hip is still really tight, I pulled a ligament earlier this year and I guess I haven't been taking care of the muscle well enough.

  31. Again, thank you for the lovely practices; reminding me to smile and to keep things fun! Going through some rough stuff this year and this Christmas… and you always have ways of keeping me in love with life and reminding me of the good things I do have. I'm so deeply grateful for all your videos and personality; you bring joy to my life and remind me to find that joy throughout my day.

  32. It felt good and this practice is already a good beginning for winter blues – depression. Great for energetic body and stretch as well as mind, yes. I feel safer and comfortable. I'm high as a cloud. Namaste.

  33. such a perfect flow to weather the lunacy of this month's mercury in retrograde (mar 2019)…thank you adriene!!!

  34. 25:36 – was anyone else also called out for looking at the video hahah?? Adrienne you're an amazing instructor!! <3

  35. I know this is told, but thanks for posting, this was just what I needed. Also thank you for keepong things ad free❤❤❤ lots of love for you and this channel

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