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hi this is Lucas with yoga body and the
yoga trapeze and I wanted to unbox a yoga trapeze you can see what’s inside
all the different parts and then I’ll show you how to hang one up as well so
the yoga trapeze comes in this carrying bag it’s just a very simple drawstring
bag and when you open up the bag one of the first things that you’ll find is
that we have black ropes included now these black ropes have a protector on
the end this metal protector and the ropes are designed for hanging your yoga
trapeze and you’ll notice that the ropes are doubled up and we do this for extra
strength these ropes are incredibly strong but we double them up even more
the knots that are on the rope are there for adjusting the height or the level of
your trap use just one thing to keep in mind with the ropes themselves is when
you turn them up you want to make sure that you have at least 10 centimeters on
the end of your rope and so make sure there’s enough space on the end of your
rope and then you can tighten up that knot the knots are they come loose and
you can tighten them up and as we use the rope what we’ll do is we’ll go over
a beam we’ll go over a hook if you’re using our ceiling hooks you go through
the ceiling hook if you’re using our door mount bar you go over the door
mount bar if you’re using a tree you go over the tree branch and hanging you can
connect here now sometimes people want to make the black ropes longer and they
will do that by putting the rope through itself and hanging from a beam or a pole
that’s just fine as well again this rope is incredibly strong and of course you
can use your own ropes to just make sure you buy them from a hardware store and
make sure that there are weight tested the next thing that we find inside the
trapeze bag is your DVD so all of our yoga tree strap pieces come with a DVD
to get you started you can learn some of the basic postures basic traction and
inversion poses and so you have a DVD and also along with the DVD you get a
very simple pose chart as visual reference that you can use when you’re
practicing next up is the trapeze itself and this is a very very simple device
but I’ll walk you through the different parts what we have is an
Maine slang and then we have two handles and every trapeze comes with the exact
same setup so these are my two handles and they go on either side there’s a
carabiner on the top like a rock climbing carabiner and same thing on
this one we have a rock climbing carabiner and there’s handles these go
on either side of my trapeze when it’s hanging and in the middle is what we
call the Maine sling and the Maine sling is a hammock shaped swing that sits in
the middle it’s smaller than a hammock but again has the black carabiners on
top and this is how it hooks in so main parts of your trapeze before we move on
to set up we have the Maine sling we have two sets of handles three handles
on either side we have your two ropes for hanging again we recommend you use
these but you can always get rope high quality weight tested inexpensive rope
from any hardware store if you need to do any kind of creative rigging or if
your ceiling is extremely extremely high no problem at all
and the last but not least you have your pose chart and you have your DVD for
getting started now let’s take a quick break and I’ll show you how to set up
the yoga trapeze so here we are getting ready to hang the trapeze itself as you
can see here I have a ceiling bar this is actually in Yoga body Studios here in
Barcelona at your home this might be our door mount bar you might also have our
ceiling mount hooks this might also just be a tree branch or an exposed beam
maybe it’s a patio maybe it’s a railing and a patio there’s all kinds of
different things but essentially you need something to hang your ropes over
or through we have a whole bunch of different setup options you can check
our site but this is the most common option over some kind of pole or bar or
tree branch or exposed beam so I’m going to show you this setup now I have taken
my black ropes which we prepared before and I have drapes them over the bar here
now we have two different options we can do the double rope which is where I
click in here and I’m clicking through both the rope thimble that metal part on
the bottom and then the last knot and I could hang this way but I’m really
really high here because these ceiling mounts are
very high off the ground so what I’m going to do is option number two which
is very common and it’s important for you to see is I’m going to take that
rope thimble and I’m gonna feed it through the last knot and I’m gonna
slide it down so the Rope hugs the bar on the top what that does is it gives me
quite a bit more height now some people worry oh maybe the single rope is not
strong enough it’s absolutely strong enough it’s
already doubled up and even one rope is strong enough by itself so don’t worry
we have the Rope thimble here I’m gonna take the carabiner on the main sling and
I’m gonna click into that rope thimble now in terms of the trapeze itself there
is an inside and outside it only matters aesthetically you’ll see the Yoga body
label that’s the outside of the trapeze sling but if it were the other way it’s
no problem at all it is actually reversible but technically where the
label is that’s the outside on this particular trapeze it’s this greenish
color that goes on the outside I’m gonna open up my trapeze like a hammock to
make sure it’s not twisted or bunched up and then I’m gonna do the same thing on
the other side I’m gonna feed that rope thimble through the last knot slide it
down and I’m gonna click in and now what I have is a nice hammock shape here in
terms of the distance between the top two ropes the easiest way to do it is
when you’re standing on the ground if you bring your arms out at your side and
bend your arms right where they point up that’s about as wide as you want it it’s
roughly 80 to 90 centimeters depending on the person usually a little bit less
is where people feel comfortable but you can figure out what works for you it’s
not a big deal to adjust afterwards next I’m going to add in the handles there’s
one set that goes on either side let me grab the handles and I’ll show
you how that works so here I have each of the handle sets now there’s three
handles on either side and the only thing you want to do before you hook
them on is to organize them and what I mean by organize them is you should have
the small handle the longest handle and then the medium handle in the same on
both sides it doesn’t really matter what order they are but it does matter that
they’re both the same on both sides what I mean by that is the way these are
organized right now we go shortest handle longest handle medium handle same
thing on this one weirdest longest medium and in that way
we just know we’ll be symmetrical there’s no right or wrong way you can
diet do it either way but if they’re both the same it’ll just be a little bit
easier for practice now I go on the side the outside of the Maine sling and I
hook in my handles I just click into that rope thimble again and then I’m on
the other side and I click through the rope symbol again one thing to keep in
mind is when you put your hands in you want to be able to open the trapeze out
to the side and you want your handles your carabiner for the handles to be
outside the carabiner for the Maine slang and again the simplest way to
check it is you open up the trapeze like this you can open up your entire rig
from here we’re all set to go one thing that I will point out is there’s black
clips on the Maine sling and also on the handles what the black clips are
designed to do is to help you adjust the fabric there’s quite a bit of fabric and
it can get in the way so when we go and we sit down in the trapeze a lot of
times we’ll use the black clip to actually make the seats smaller and to
hug just our bum in other poses we’ll make the seat very large and we’ll use
the pote we use the trapeze more like a cocoon or a hammock the black clips you
find on the handles you want to slide down until they create a nice triangle
shape for the handle itself now the reason we don’t have these fixed is
because there are poses where we’re gonna slide the handle up we’re gonna
move the rubber handle to the side and use the fabric not the hard rubber so it
does have a purpose it’s not just there to irritate you but when you’re first
getting started the good default position is to create a nice small
triangle for your handles and you’ll find a clip on each of the handles so
this is the classic yoga trapeze setup now there are different ways to rig
maybe you have an exposed beam maybe have a tree branch
maybe you’re hanging from our door mount bar or our ceiling hooks it doesn’t
really matter however your mounting you’re gonna have this same setup with
the ropes coming down clicking in with your carabiners and aligning your
handles on the side just like we’ve shown here I hope that’s helpful if you
have any questions or comments please post them down below we’re always happy
to help you

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  1. I got mine today, but im lost on how to set it up. It did not come with anything for setting it up in your home.
    So do I have to purchase the other items?

  2. I'm going to purchase a yoga studio in order to have bars in ceilings already installed. Most people have homes with ceiling trusses that should not be drilled into. Otherwise we have to buy extra components in order to install safely. Rarely anyone has a concrete ceiling.

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